Ableton Live 9 Suite v9.7.2 (Win/Mac)

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Release Name: Ableton Live 9 Suite v9.7.2' q7 ~% {& y* U( V6 r
Release Date: 2016-07-07
6 G2 E/ O$ a$ a" w/ g5 UHomepage:
4 a. ~: A7 L4 w3 f9 LInterface Language: English ! K$ w  n  ]% T" v5 x
Platform: Win/Mac / {3 H6 C9 x. a5 R4 Z
File Size: 685 MB / 715 MB /1.39GB, j) G/ d- O5 G
% ~) @& M0 K+ X% U! w, `! c
Ableton Live 9 Suite - Create, produce and perform. Create ideas, make changes without stopping, and capture everything as you work. If you've used music software before, you're already familiar with one half of Ableton Live. Live's Arrangement View is a familiar working space: time moves from left to right, while tracks are stacked vertically.
% Z1 U7 H4 _$ t1 L7 ~8 V/ ]9 ]
  S# k# f3 d* f  h+ Y, B9 }9 xBut Live also features the revolutionary Session View: a unique sketchpad for improvising, playing and performing with musical ideas, without the constraints of the timeline. Freely and independently start and stop any number of audio or MIDI loops - everything stays in sync. Almost everything in Live works in real-time - add, reorder or remove devices, play with Live's flexible track routing and more - all without interrupting your creative flow. ! ~9 d) ^- p3 _) M5 ~* p
- Y" S; [* p; H( N. _/ g) l
Live 9 comes in three editions: Intro, Standard and Suite. The editions share common features, but Standard and Suite have additional features, Instruments, Packs and Effects.
* c( `( }& a( e3 f2 R0 }; K% u
. a: B$ b5 B+ m  P  [/ u) cFeatures common to all editions of Live 9:
# y2 w& g2 v/ }+ b- Unique Session View for quick, intuitive composition, flexible performance and improvisation
( Q8 M& P' y6 e- h2 k6 t- Multitrack recording up to 32-bit/192 kHz
7 l6 G, {/ C# p) @7 V- Nondestructive editing with unlimited undo3 W$ q4 j; k+ D5 C4 n* K7 }! E9 m% ~
- Powerful MIDI sequencing of software and hardware instruments
( H2 H) c5 q7 F7 R0 t9 Y/ R% t- Advanced warping and real-time time-stretching% V6 H6 \2 H& W+ m: n
- Unlimited Instruments, Audio effects and MIDI effects per project
6 T1 v% {; z8 y, T- m: A- b+ K- Group tracks8 p. J- j0 b* E
- VST and Audio Unit support
+ R/ u7 Q" M1 m- Time signature changes
" w* D6 I2 |# y: F! d8 F  v" y- Multiple automation lanes
5 `. M1 F, s9 ?& W- Track Freeze
7 |2 _( v% \0 b. x1 {- W9 c/ c- Automatic plug-in delay compensation
6 w- \4 |; v+ O- MIDI remote control instant mapping
: \* h3 \* E  g- MIDI output to hardware synths
' u  q: i  ^4 k* H$ F- MIDI Clock/sync8 a3 D$ j# y0 w7 V6 n
- ReWire- S% n. f8 O5 f$ A+ v
- Multicore/multiprocessor support5 o. c7 n+ s* P/ H  B: |' Y8 K7 \
- WAV, AIFF, MP3, Ogg Vorbis, FLAC file support5 v' Y% j6 }6 L/ v) ^
$ x. U) p& R: @3 B, t+ O* x

. o1 A" p$ n$ Z9 e, u' bSystem requirements (Windows):6 B! Z: ^5 F, Q$ M9 t- R
- Windows XP, Vista, 7 or 8
+ x) K: _+ r# y- Mac OS X 10.5 or later8 f) m6 ]! H8 N; |& {+ e2 N3 x
- Multicore processor6 w. a6 m4 d! u- i: I
- 2 GB RAM+ ^( q5 j5 Y+ u$ D6 m- `( d5 a
- 1024x768 display
5 I( F1 A+ ?0 M: n- DVD drive or broadband internet connection for installation;3 Z$ {# }  |5 C% B
- 3GB free disk space.
! w5 D4 s8 S. {4 @% ?
+ [2 J& K2 {) o6 Z4 ]: e) ^8 Q; m! r) W" w
Version 9.1.7 Release Notes:- Q$ ]% l& I  Q) x  o
Improvements and feature changes:$ B  S2 D. ^  R1 t0 ?" b
- Added control surface support for M-Audio Oxygen 4th generation controllers.. Q4 f% z5 Z( r7 [! V% C& x! Q. X
Bugfixes:" N- |! q/ T/ d6 O
- When choosing "All Individual Tracks" in the Export Audio/Video dialog, tracks using the External Instrument device would not be exported correctly.
: i: C; k$ c1 S- Fixed a bug which caused modulations for arrangement clips to disappear when undoing and redoing after duplicating a track.
" J2 F6 E  g; p6 _  W+ t7 ?' L7 P- Improved fonts for Retina displays (Mac OS X only).% s/ Q. B* j4 R# e
- Improved graphics for the Track Status Display and the Plug-in browser icon on Retina displays (Mac OS X only)., u# O) J) S+ ?2 ?  |
- Fixed a graphics problem which could occur on OS X 10.10 Yosemite when a Max for Live device was instantiated directly at application launch, e.g. by double-clicking an .als file or by having a template set containing a Max for Live device.: @. ~. h' F6 J& O, {9 }
- Fixed a graphics problem which could occur on OS X 10.10 Yosemite when opening the "Export Audio/Video" dialogue and having the "Zoom Display" preference set to a value higher than 100%.( W0 o+ N) J4 Z1 @
- The Simpler instrument could lose certain macro mappings after converting a Sampler to Simpler and then enabling Simpler's Pitch Envelope.
$ ~2 I8 y* i. O- Fixed the spacing of the "Hz" icon on Simpler's LFO Rate switch on Retina displays0 D7 q2 U( x) k+ y) y5 d
- Under certain conditions, the Tension instrument could produce unwanted noise bursts after loading a preset and then playing the first note.
. b4 u( P9 }& B- Live could crash when undoing and redoing after importing a clip or a track containing automation from the browser. Live would also keep crashing when recovering the Live Set from the undo file.
/ d: @, G! Z5 h& z5 T4 F9 r- Fixed a crash which could occur with the iZotope "Trash 2" VST plug-in on Windows.
! {, |7 s/ j2 T- b' ~+ [* E- Fixed a crash which might occur on Windows while Live scans or loads certain UAD plugins.2 n  j* i6 v+ C- t. `
) r# D& Z! O2 Q1 d6 j
Version 9.1.6 Release Notes:5 B; v* g5 n1 ?' ?) }% f# g* m
Improvements and feature changes:) P, a+ Q& M# m7 L
- Improved graphics for Retina displays. Note that this requires a Mac with OS X 10.7.4 "Lion" or higher.! ]$ \+ D6 i4 X' f4 |7 f2 [
- Added native full screen support for Mac OS X. Note that this requires 10.9 Mavericks or higher and having the option "Displays have separate Spaces" enabled in OS X' Mission Control system preferences (this is the system's default). The keyboard shortcut for toggling full-screen mode has been changed accordingly to CTRL+CMD+F, which is the operating system’s default. Users with older OS X versions and Windows users are not affected by this change.) l$ Y: I' I, _, H5 J
- It’s now possible to export selected tracks by choosing ‘Selected Tracks Only’ in the ‘Export Audio / Video’ dialogue box. The option ‘Individual Tracks’ is still available as well, but has been renamed to ‘All Individual Tracks’.
: p$ h% ~2 D  G- Improved Max application chooser in Live’s ‘File Folder' preferences pane to be compatible with the folder structure of Max 7 application bundles.3 N' m: [1 Q4 L' E2 a
- Updated info texts and manuals./ @# z) [9 n0 |+ @4 \

7 _: i3 y7 U% Q+ m! Y2 v- M& [* CBugfixes:6 V: N2 M4 Z, _( _+ M
- Fixed a bug that could cause memory leaks and an unusually high CPU load when running Live as a ReWire slave on Mac OS X 10.10 Yosemite.
$ E$ Z+ S2 v5 L" R, x- Some chooser controls would clip the right side of an active entry when closed, e.g. the Auto Filter’s ‘Shape’ chooser would cut off the rightmost line of the square or saw icon.
6 H1 q7 I; m/ w- Clicking on a certain area at the bottom of a track volume slider in Live’s mixer would sometimes cause the slider to move to an unwanted position.: y. l4 }" s' H9 e- y! i8 ]
- Changing the screen resolution while running Live in full-screen mode would not reset Live’s window to the correct size and still show the window’s title bar. This is now fixed.- g! S, H+ F, E" d& C
- Fixed a crash that could occur under certain conditions when loading Live sets containing a large amount of VST plug-ins and Max for Live devices.
& T/ ]: j1 a9 W& `+ a* _- Fixed a crash that could occur when hovering over an automation breakpoint or segment on the first automation lane of an Arrangement track and then forcing another automation to be shown on the same lane, e.g. by tweaking a different parameter using a MIDI controller., W; J3 r7 A; Q5 g: m6 @
- Max for Live devices would not pass an "All Notes Off" message to the subsequent devices in a device chain when the Max for Live device was turned off.
+ U0 k7 x( T! o& p# {# }- VST plug-ins that have a MIDI output would not be able to output a CC 123 MIDI message ("All Notes Off").: ]0 Q  ^" g4 Z4 g% a3 b+ N6 M* D6 B. C9 O
- Max for Live MIDI effect devices would not be correctly latency-compensated when the device was turned off and the device had an additional latency defined in its patcher inspector.+ p/ c8 E. Q5 j- ^+ o. E  t7 H
- The "Session Zoom" feature, which allows to move Live’s Session ring by multiple tracks / scenes at once with certain MIDI control surfaces would stop working under certain conditions.
! K' h$ ~5 w7 o* t" |
- \7 D' n9 b& y* ^Version 9.1.5 Release Notes:
, Z8 Q$ S  s* Z  dImprovements and feature changes:
$ w# H6 H6 `+ k7 C. y( }- Minor improvement to ensure compatibility with Mac OS X’ Gatekeeper for the forthcoming OS X updates 10.9.5 and 10.10.! R9 b" q* G  J2 E! c
- Improved the threshold for inverting text colour of clip names, chains, macros, etc., depending on the background color, for better readability.
  k4 n) o* Z0 T5 C+ eBugfixes:; J, b( }4 Z/ d
- The [live.thisdevice] Max for Live object would no longer send a bang message out its first outlet when adding/removing control surface scripts in the Live preferences.1 C3 ^3 Y& H% ]% G
- Under certain conditions, the MIDI level indicator would not show any activity inside the routing chooser of a MIDI track.9 v8 h4 Q' X6 A, _
- The Send button on the APC40 MKII would not work when pressed for the first time.
# N, l6 f; z: N, T- The Launchpad's Mixer mode would stop working after using the Launchpad's Session Zoom feature in Live sets containing more that 8 tracks.( ?7 j. p5 I6 }8 k
Changes for Push:
1 Q9 y0 m0 m4 |4 n6 l9 u9 N! L- When using a low audio buffer size or high sample rate, Push's buttons would not be backlit after launching Live (Windows only).
. s& c# x( v8 T4 @& P7 n- When entering Scales mode on Push, the Selection and State Control buttons would not light up until one of them is pressed once.
7 ]8 ^9 W, d9 d* C; v# D1 H) _- Push's Duplicate button would not work anymore for clips, tracks and scenes if Clip workflow is selected.+ y5 z) {/ T5 x
  [( f2 Q1 c; b5 `+ F
Version 9.1.3 Release Notes:
  y/ F3 F9 ]) Y- KImprovements and feature changes:% X0 I3 K+ I5 O# j7 U
- Added control surface support for AKAI MPK225, MPK249, MPK261.
" U, J5 Q& M' O% Q0 {! g1 m. T: E# Q
* w0 \9 ^- ]1 y- Fixed an issue which caused CPU spikes when moving a MIDI note in a track containing certain Ableton devices with automated parameters while the transport is not playing.
& I" I$ p& A8 g9 e' h* U- Fixed CPU overloads and audio artifacts which might occur when moving MIDI notes in the MIDI editor, if the track contained certain third-party VST plug-ins." E  X) F  L) A, j: K8 v1 p
- Fixed a bug that caused the active Control Scripts to be loaded again when activating an additional Control Surface." [/ g0 }: E) [$ a
- Enabling multiple tracks for recording and then triggering the Session Record button from the APC40 MKII would only record into the currently selected track instead of all armed tracks.
/ e5 D9 L- Y4 D" t: V! U; e- Fixed a bug which prevented Max for Live devices from grabbing the APC40 Clip Matrix.) h0 [$ {6 z3 h/ Q2 }# ]4 D4 O
- Manual mappings for the APC40’s Device Bank buttons would not work anymore after pressing the device’s Shift button.
( ?' o  J$ B; E' A7 b- Fixed an issue on the Mackie Control Pro where the display would not show the parameter's values correctly, after previously enabling the level meters.
+ T7 {5 ]- d' S# H) W, c- Fixed a graphical glitch which could occur when changing an Arrangement track's vertical zoom level via the Mackie Control or a Max for Live device. Under certain conditions, this could also lead to a crash.
# D2 @# J# ^/ K' n2 i8 P- Importing a Session View clip containing automation for a Max for Live device into another Live Set would create automation breakpoints in the Arrangement View.6 U$ X) x9 h; K! E  V, q
- When loop is activated in the Arrangement View, MIDI sustain messages and other CC# messages would not be recorded reliably after the first loop iteration.
, s( k9 a0 H+ s! U. N- Live would allocate an unusually high amount of RAM when rendering video with the 64-bit version on OSX.: |, d5 u; {5 A6 `: D/ {) ]9 A/ T
- When configuring plug-in parameters, some sliders in Live's plug-in panel would not match the position of the respective parameter in the plug-in GUI.
  i/ b# p9 O1 R, O- After installing a newly purchased Pack, Live would show an error message and the Pack couldn’t be used until Live was authorized manually again.
& r5 L& Z0 H) Q) D; ^7 c- Text in deactivated clips was not readable with certain skins.
( f: u! C. _  l/ m9 d- Fixed a crash that occurred when closing the plug-in window of a UAD Audio Unit by pressing the [ESC] key.* U( V, x" }/ ?$ O0 {- G! A+ a1 L
- Fixed a crash which might occur when renaming a Drum Rack pad while triggering another pad.
0 p' O& ~" J. W& ?- Live could crash under certain conditions when running as a ReWire slave and creating a new Live Set without saving the previous Set., w+ W/ }6 y# a
- Under certain circumstances, Live would delete send automation or modulation envelopes from clips when exporting clips or tracks to the browser. Additionally, Live could crash when using the undo feature after such an export operation., r3 ^# i! r) q  `- o

. r/ E  L+ K1 F6 MVersion 9.1.2 Release Notes:
8 i/ Z5 I% K' }# h  a% YImprovements and feature changes:) H2 k. }& C8 S0 B. I5 N$ [, P
- Added control surface support for Akai APC40 MKII, APC Key 25, APC mini.
: f& t" \' Q& z) c1 I+ c+ Q' z' x- S- Updated control surface documentation.* L3 f/ r& G' j- c% }% w
- Improved readability of text in clips, tracks, chains and macro controls. The text color is now automatically inverted, depending on the background color.1 W6 s. O7 ]7 v- m% ?% f
! |# R) ?0 V; q9 _& K5 g. K+ A7 E
Bugfixes:2 Z. e& F! y: M! k) W3 c
- Live would show cryptic error messages in case it detects and repairs a corrupt database. - - Now it shows something more meaningful." c  d7 e0 V: i% Q$ ~: J( s# |
- Looped clip envelopes could have an incorrect length after unlinking the envelope, linking it again and then moving the clip from Session View to the Arrangement View.0 a$ [' c$ p. `) w1 J
- MIDI data from the computer MIDI keyboard or an external MIDI input could have a huge delay after plugging a cable into the computer’s headphone jack (Mac OS X only).0 U! g+ E8 x- K1 b
- When overdubbing a MIDI clip in the Arrangement View, the resulting clip would not be cropped to the correct content, but would contain all other notes of the track.
: b7 t. o, _9 q0 J8 [/ i- A playing clip in the last scene would stop playing when deleting a scene above it.
( _: b4 \# Y5 H# e$ Z- Fixed a bug that could occur when recording automation over a loop jump in a Session View clip when the Arrangement View's loop is active.
& K! f7 _/ g% f- Plug-in parameters of certain VST plug-ins would not instantly update on the custom plug-in window after changing presets.3 l1 O& p: n0 J2 W
- The AU versions of UAD powered plug-ins would not release their DSP resources when turning them off in Live, even if the option "Release all UAD DSP resources on AudioUnit bypass" was enabled in the UAD control panel.: {# t% T3 [7 h# [
- Loading a set containing many disabled UAD AU plug-ins may have resulted in a "UAD bandwidth allocation exceeded" error while loading the set.% u+ t4 l& b1 R. [8 _5 l1 M  G; c& c; {: U
- Fixed a crash which could occur when quitting Live via the Mac OS X App Switcher (CMD+TAB).
# `4 E7 Z: g/ k$ Y  j) P) H/ H- Fixed a crash that could occur on Mac OS X when quitting the application while Live is buffering samples.
; x3 [. }6 y6 h* M7 N- Fixed a crash which could occur in the 64-bit version when triggering multiple voices in Sampler and having the Shrink/Expand Envelopes feature enabled.- @4 F% k' p$ \1 p2 W
- Fixed a crash which could occur in the 32-bit version of Live when loading presets containing a very large amount of devices.8 M. f% j$ d1 T2 e1 V1 D  [' x6 w
- Fixed a crash that could occur under certain conditions when moving scenes and then using Undo., b1 W# T/ a; o# t
- Live 9 Intro or Lite would crash when importing an audio clip which uses the Complex or Complex Pro warp mode (Windows only).  p& T  ]4 h; t6 x: i7 p6 s. v

& R+ r2 e; g" c  l" x$ q+ |, X: }4 sVersion 9.1.1 Release Notes:
8 l& K: r& m: fImprovements and feature changes:
+ k& Z) k- Q2 [2 G- Live will now automatically repair its database in case it gets corrupt, e.g. due to a fatal write error or a sudden power outage during a database transaction, etc. & G# P) }1 ^4 l0 L
- Live would always record the last received CC value into a MIDI clip, even if it was received before the actual recording was started. Live now ignores the last value and only records MIDI CC data that are received during the actual clip recording.
6 D" x0 }3 k: U+ D& ]+ Q- t) T( M& s4 U# F+ M, W
6 I; p+ ~( q4 _- Live would allow to trigger changes from notifications via the Python API. This could lead to problems with Live’s Undo history or even to crashes and is no longer allowed. Note that this change might affect compatibility with 3rd party control surface scripts, i.e. scripts that are not natively supported by Ableton. Please contact the manufacturer of the script in case you encounter any problems.
7 Y1 d1 D$ V% H7 [) H# W5 c* A- Live would cut off all currently playing notes on a MIDI clip when engaging overdub recording in the Arrangement View.
( s% @; Y0 n( b2 H8 u- When recording clips on multiple tracks in Session View by triggering a whole scene, clip recording would sometimes be aborted too early in some slots.
5 r4 g! C& C0 b( A- Under certain conditions, the playback of a Session clip would stop when scrubbing outside of the clip’s loop boundaries. ) u( g# A% y/ j0 ^" W4 ^
- Live would freeze when setting the loop length of an unlinked clip envelope to the minimum value.
' {) S! t0 |+ @9 ]" ^8 R- Live's MIDI map mode could crash when sending MIDI messages while another chooser or context menu was open.$ Q# q5 A$ G5 `9 Q9 B
- Fixed a crash that could occur when creating audio feedback routings with drum rack sends, for example when routing a return chain to itself.2 S8 S, G! j8 B, R+ y- F* @7 O
- Live could crash under certain conditions when flattening clips containing automation envelopes.9 i  b) ]# N# h8 {+ K
- Live could crash after using 'Capture and Insert Scene' on the last available Session scene and then undoing that action.
3 w8 J- a: t) Z4 g; I2 v- Live could crash under certain conditions when using Japanese text input methods on Mac OS X.+ Y! c  f: e6 {
- Max for Live devices could be out of sync when exporting audio with multiprocessor support enabled.) V3 r0 x1 ?0 G/ v
- When loading a Live set with a MIDI clip that contains modulation for Max for Live parameters of the "live.dial" type, the modulation values would sometimes not be restored correctly.' f" l8 o& x# Q

" c5 [" W$ [/ A' e* A  ?Changes for Push:; n  @& c2 j) s
- Push's display now indicates if you’re editing a clip that is not the currently playing clip. It also allows to quickly move the focus back to the playing clip by pressing the up/down arrow buttons.& i+ r& \5 }/ K0 e' @1 O- p
- Push's display now indicates if a selected track is frozen and cannot be modified.
2 r0 B, s8 X. o( A- o. G4 v- Deleting automation for device on/off switches or track activator buttons would not work from Push.! P- ~9 {, U, E# t5 ?3 g- R
- Push’s auto-arm function would not work with certain track routing settings." d0 m5 w* F5 |
- The playhead could behave erratically or completely disappear when enabling the loop in Live’s Arrangement View and setting it to an odd loop length.
) }. _  w! r% m7 g4 }- Push could freeze when browsing user folders, in case a path name contained certain special characters.9 M/ ?% D3 z" _) D% I/ p" K
- Grabbing individual buttons of Push’s button matrix from Max for Live would not work anymore.
5 r3 `$ o/ _8 W" U2 M' }- Fixed a rounding problem that could sometimes occur with the bar graph that shows up on the display when tweaking an encoder.
4 O8 ?# ~' ^2 u) b7 ^! B* S0 Y: P( j- _# C" |* c
Changes in Version 9.1:
$ t  p) S9 ~/ S8 V1 E/ G• Added dual monitor support.1 o; O8 i7 ^& z, M1 T! f
• When exporting audio, sample-rate conversion is now done using the high-quality SoX Resampler Library, resulting in higher quality exports when rendering to a lower sample rate.
) u: M1 B# j, P9 ^0 @/ f# S+ G* `• Live now uses multiple CPU cores when exporting audio and the normalisation process is faster than before.' I7 J1 R- ?3 ?9 p. b
• When exporting audio files from Live with the option "Create Analysis File" enabled, Live will now save warp markers with the .asd file, so that information about the original tempo and tempo changes are correctly reused when re-importing the audio file into Live later on.
3 X* m& ?; ?3 j, f• The 'Export Audio / Video' export dialog has been improved.* f. i& a& u& ~8 h7 }
    - It shows the same options whether launched from Session or Arrangement View.+ H9 F: a! m$ D7 g. o, T
    - Some of the export settings have been regrouped to provide a better overview.) {/ r% i5 l% C- ^
    - "All Tracks" has been renamed to "Individual Tracks" in the "Rendered Track" chooser.
3 i! {6 S- Y1 Y    - The export dialog now shows information about the source and target sample rate.
9 u4 R( h8 `+ C- n+ {! E7 Z• The "Open Recent Sets" menu now has a "Clear List" and "Remove Unavailable Sets" option.
5 c7 c) k# |- K& o( g• The menu item "Close Live Set" has been renamed to "Close Window". It will now close any secondary window that is open. If no secondary window is open, it does nothing.
, c5 l' P" W/ q9 Y• The audio buffer size is now restricted to power-of-two values. Windows users should note that not all ASIO drivers support this and may still allow to use non power-of-two values. This can lead to a higher CPU load and higher latencies. Ableton recommends to always use power-of-two buffer sizes, i.e. 64, 128, 256, 512,... samples.9 S1 N- V* b! z/ f' g
• Optimised default presets for Auto Filter, EQ Eight, Saturator, Tension, Simpler, Sampler, Analog, Operator, Electric." r! |- {0 O3 O" G( X+ f' t
• Added 10 new Simpler presets to the Core Library.
" c( B; _7 O% f& q- T• Updated manuals, lessons, info texts and translations.7 u8 l) }* o5 ^5 s% `" q7 \
• Minor improvements for usage data reporting.
' C# C& ], c9 ?, l+ _• When creating a new track by dragging an instrument to the clip/device drop area, Live would keep the last selected clip stand-by-selected. Now it moves the selection to the clip slot that matches the Session View's crosshair.. r( f: ~3 E5 j# L- w5 B
' |. U. r) s/ I/ q& t0 r6 |5 ]
Changes in Version 9.0.1:
' i& N( w4 y9 O1 \- Improved support for Ableton Push.
' [) e3 O0 w( H- Improved Browser usability and performance.( R: I; b( ?1 f% g, N
- Added Live 8 library import option and support for legacy 3rd party content packs.. a- D) m6 b  S/ s
- Improved transport bar and per-track Back to Arrangement buttons.
5 ?% Z5 b9 A5 _" |+ }- Several lessons and info texts have been updated and translated.8 u! C) G/ I+ u1 j) `- D# Y& v
- Numerous bugs and crashes have been fixed.
* V9 Y( N, a) t6 @; r/ i
4 d$ |0 X. f3 F+ P" Y# ~; w# ^, s4 N) D' R9 H
Download:: ~7 {# e" J  S2 p. q: [9 v+ C. z ]  k8 ?# I; J- r  w
) ^) }* T& j4 U8 K2 W( a" o, `  p# S9 j( i' C6 B
4 j8 {8 m5 m0 f* g+ S7 i5 }! _3 c* g2 R4 ?2 S  o6 V6 _/ f% g' w" |7 O$ h$ S K) z) a4 ?, } ]' }7 n$ U  ?4 o. x U8 C' L; q) s( r2 M, n5 b/ }! w ]1 X: u( b: G% u
7 [/ b5 B7 {8 a7 ]+ G8 s+ |6 }
5 r' g# O7 N4 Y5 ]4 o
+ i: A/ P$ v/ u2 |4 j( F/ v ^3 {* w  s. l) G3 {# L9 H3 Z9 q
- p' \: q: v3 `. k
* H3 @. x' |9 N2 ?/ P- J6 k
7 F$ E# n/ C2 {- g6 Y
$ i, \+ {) G- j/ v% K" U( W) k( l2 R7 L, e
" p4 b% Y3 T. V5 P
" k! `8 l0 D3 W7 y9 Z) `. t  W b, T3 P3 C2 u$ Y! V3 l
& H4 w' A1 h  a  n2 g ?3 z$ {) ^$ |* p" h: h* u! f* y4 u4 {, k, v9 [0 H# f7 b8 g# r+ j' n( F" r
$ s. E- ^: l. i5 t. t9 f" N
) ]  `0 k8 r0 i) U7 [ A1 u8 l+ o& y o# e) |' g; i1 d3 }
/ G) @+ N8 F- p) `% }8 y o4 H& M; P0 _
7 K: U; P9 Z0 k8 J" s: O
. m4 W5 c5 X$ Y$ g+ X9 T
+ E8 s. e, P' ]$ k6 ~: m& A/ _ `8 r+ A0 N4 |
% Y+ {: e7 [3 ]3 ?' `& e5 g c7 t0 G. n) Q% \3 w, s. k5 f  U9 o" A) V- J4 _
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( O9 |* F; ]7 x6 t' P# @* x: u
0 I/ P3 D" K1 o  ~


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