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Program Name: MAGIX VEGAS Movie Studio & Platinum 17  z; g, @0 s* V
Program Type: Video-editing" `! y, N6 g* |7 E$ L
Developer: Sony Creative Software Inc.
+ v8 G  b) P9 eHomepage: http://www.vegascreativesoftware.com/us/vegas-movie-studio-platinum/
( H) _1 t; g6 l( tRelease Date: July 15th, 2021/ Q4 V' w. n; C$ d* S
Interface Language: English
, [+ u) o; s/ z& f+ [! E; }Platform: Windows XP, Vista,7,8,8.1  n( g# v2 V5 n% j2 A
File Size:  518.7 MB / 723 MB4 E3 m) k3 ?& C( w" q+ C" l! M) m1 G

4 H  X6 ~% _# b2 S: OMovie Studio:
6 g( Y, P7 V, M: }9 s2 g" iCreate lasting memories from your digital photos and video clips, and create something special for your family and friends. VEGAS Movie Studio makes it easy to edit video and audio into something so special that you can't wait to share it with the world.& K; y, W: U/ v$ z. @5 B$ e
  e+ p* h- \4 E2 \# B6 |. c
From popular streaming formats to 4K ultra high definition1 e2 T3 F7 m0 N  w; H7 G
Import, edit and deliver in standard definition, high definition or beautiful ultra high definition. Vegas Movie Studio allows you to edit files natively. No re-rendering or repackaging. With support for 4K media, your video effects, composites, and text elements will shine with precision.
4 \& `. [4 w! [+ ]( R5 b2 V+ ~! h2 w2 m  l% t. D2 C$ F
Easily Trim Unwanted Videos0 z$ q( ]5 d. |1 K( O
Vegas Movie Studio makes it easy to precisely frame select the portion of video you want to keep and trim the rest. Six different precision editing tools make it easy to get exactly what you want for your final video., V% U' @- O) I. P. F- r( R
1 E' l4 |6 ~* j6 _. |
Get creative with special effects; p6 e6 @8 s/ r: A- {1 A- s# {
Enhance, repair, or create something extraordinary with built-in video effects and filters. Ready-to-use presets make movie making fun. All effects are applied non-destructively, so experiment to your heart's content; its original medium remains intact.
3 F; v3 G1 h7 o" Y2 X0 m* r. X. R; F$ O: c- ~5 U7 ^* e3 a
Add professional-quality titles and text/ Y( {8 f3 I) c# k7 n/ X# N5 K6 s
Dozens of presets let you quickly start animating your titles with the Titles & Text media generator. Create eye-catching titles that move, float and bounce in your productions. The Titles & Text media generator is a fun way to add a professional touch to your movies.' [' P& g" ?1 \; J! z( [
Enhance your audio and add music
/ g3 Z, o6 E; U  s, ]; v5 z. e; T
" D0 n! _8 M1 p+ R4 jDozens of audio effects and filters allow you to repair and enhance dialogue, camera audio, and sound effects to deliver a flawless audio experience. Set the right mood and create the drama with your own original music that you compose with the included Music Maker software. Whether you're a seasoned musician or just starting out, Music Maker makes it easy to create the perfect music track for your video.) b% M. s' i2 @- R5 ^# v
  g5 Y7 @" i7 E( d/ w3 `: S% _
Sharing is easy
6 z; R8 S" w+ [Capture your media from a variety of devices. Generate the optimal quality format for your shared destination. Upload directly to Vimeo, YouTube and Facebook. Once you decide how you want to share your masterpiece, VEGAS Movie Studio automates the process.
  R. E2 B1 ]2 f; `" q$ {; Y
, u$ t$ L& f7 c, LDevices
4 ]% y# {" f1 l: F# |Import from your phone, tablet, video camera, still camera, laptop or desktop PC.
( p6 @  S6 K& _6 |  U' Q' |) {6 y" X( A
Standard or HD video* m6 [2 Y  Z2 t7 O" T
Wide format support including: AVC / AAC, AVI, MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MPEG-4, WMV and more.. d; H8 h6 E' j) q% Y0 M* X% `

0 N" _8 h. R" j! P: |! cOnline+ U5 \$ k0 _# i! _( `8 Z
Upload to Vimeo, YouTube and Facebook directly from the timeline.
! X; n7 B  _9 [" J' Y& l# _0 k( r* e# j2 g# r
; z! `+ r$ `& |Watch it on your HD TV via USB drive, DVD or Blu-ray disc.
4 D% O- \3 b% ~5 y6 [" [4 }* `* \6 a" E; ^" t- x
Hardware acceleration3 T2 E; m, R) W* h
Support for the latest generation of NVIDIA graphics cards and advanced Intel QSV (Quick Sync Video) technology increase real-time playback and dramatically reduce AVC file rendering times.- g* g# ?* P; Q9 B# d8 Y

- {5 p$ D- s, h9 j) ~- `  KShow Me How7 d7 C# ]9 @; y- m+ [
Integrated, interactive tutorials Show Me How they teach you everything you need to know. Follow step by step as the tutorials teach you how to add media to your project, edit and enhance your video, add titles and text, mix your audio, finalize and deliver your movie. Show-Me-How tutorials make it easy to learn the software.* _# c* M8 _7 D, K5 ]! J

$ E3 E, ?% C3 E# s' m+ kNew features at a glance:
7 |0 r  G- H" p4 f9 y  [- User interface improvements.
/ z: O$ n4 z" o6 k8 h- Quick launch window
% R7 f9 q+ J6 u; }. B) V3 j+ `/ H- Improved options for adding media+ d9 m% A5 \  n# X& L: G+ t4 D
- Event healing+ Q( H/ X5 T( \0 T* [) ?
- Hardware acceleration improvements - Improved! p) l; \  J  r' a: s
file format support, including iPhone2 W& f; b/ O0 f* i& D8 F
2 l& }& c; P/ A# V4 b( f
Movie Studio Platinum video files :4 e  t. g# k6 j% l% A% d  X6 X
Fast and intuitive cutting and editing tools, highly customizable user interface, creative video effects , filters, and transitions, combined with a wide variety of encoding and delivery options, turn your PC into a powerful movie-making machine.
* I- w+ ~: {, D1 X- R; B
" F+ C+ r0 O: I& W( H- bA truly creative editing environment
0 w0 f; M( l% D3 E5 EDesigned for speedy editing and enhanced creativity, VEGAS Movie Studio Platinum powers your creative process with versatile editing tools and an incredibly powerful feature set. Work in standard definition, high definition or advance to 4K and your video effects, composites and text elements will shine with precision.
. i  u, {+ S# d1 T: w5 n+ B- X5 S+ S7 W  {
Customize, organize and save workspace layouts to match the task at hand and improve efficiency. The new quick start panel makes it easy to get started and work productive.6 J( e; `& P$ B, E2 l

. s/ d& Q4 H% q7 D* _3 @' vAll the creative space you need7 T2 c- A* h7 \, y
With 200 audio tracks and 200 video tracks, you'll never run out of room to satisfy your creativity. Add additional tracks as needed to organize your project and capitalize on your creativity with powerful composition tools, the new Picture-in-Picture plug-in, and much more.7 n$ J* f0 M% S* P2 r  ^  K
) H5 q+ K+ Q' X
Multi-camera production
* r0 u( W9 T: }VEGAS Movie Studio offers a unique workflow for multi-camera production. Switch between four different camera angles, in real time, with a click of the mouse to create compelling multi-camera productions. Just click on one of the camera sequences in the preview window to select the shot you want, as the files play simultaneously. A blue indicator highlights the current camera angle.
4 `& {2 {4 k+ a7 O4 a1 @; w' j! h* t2 J
Floating trimmer window cleaner+ N: s& o2 w# |0 V3 O
Scroll through the trimmer window with your mouse to quickly find the perfect frame in your video clip. The video preview adjusts to how fast or slow you scroll so you can easily search through the video and find the perfect place to start and end the clip and select the part in the middle between them. Then just click and drag the best part of the clip onto the timeline for frame-accurate placement and smooth, easy video editing.
. y5 O2 W3 T1 }; F! F( ]
0 p4 ]1 F2 }' D4 XCorrect or enhance colors0 P* C" \* y. h/ k+ g, f
The Primary Color Corrector plugin gives you full control over the shadows, midtones, and reflections in your video. The easy-to-use three-wheel interface allows you to adjust colors, saturation, and gain. The Secondary Color Corrector allows you to focus and modify a particular color while leaving other colors unchanged. Additional color correction filters help turn boring videos into beautiful, vibrant images.
# @/ V" S1 k* x  `- U# P" a/ _/ }% E; z$ A
Shaky video? No problem
& ~- b2 y& z% ^+ aThings can get a bit shaky when you mount the camera on your bike, boat, sled, or surfboard to capture those exciting fast-action scenes. But that doesn't mean your end product has to be unstable. Advanced image stabilization, powered by ProDAD's industry-leading Mercalli V2 video stabilization technology, turns that shaky performance into smooth video.* t$ n+ F. K* l
0 `4 B% t8 p: J; ?7 W1 d3 U1 H
NEW! OFX Plug-ins9 [4 V/ T& D# E( Y3 _
The new Picture-in-Picture and Crop OFX plug-ins give you real-time control over all parameters directly in the video preview window. Animate settings over time with keyframes. These new plugins offer exciting creative composition possibilities.
  ^3 Y: u# x1 T0 F( c. {4 n0 q( H% C. I: h2 [+ x
NEW! Work faster, render faster& y' m0 j3 g; E+ P
Support for the latest generation of NVIDIA graphics cards and advanced Intel QSV (Quick Sync Video) technology increase real-time playback and dramatically reduce render times for HEVC and AVC files.. k, U7 N4 ?  R# ]9 V
! f* O0 l* a" w3 e" p
Enhance your movie with music- y8 l8 K$ j0 Z/ w
Designed to be easy to use for any movie editor, but with the features the professional musician expects, MAGIX Music Maker software provides exactly what you need to create a custom music track for your video. Build excitement, add romance, and boost the emotional factor with music. Create the basic arrangement with loops, add software instruments, add your voice, and then put it all together with professional effects and mastering tools.0 c* [+ i4 `6 p/ P

+ [# w, x% x3 f$ \5 RCreate a high definition DVD or Blu-ray disc
: `8 y" u* D$ `* {Create stunning high definition DVDs and Blu-ray discs with play buttons, menu navigation controls, surround sound audio, and Hollywood-style titles. Select from over 100 high resolution widescreen templates. Add chapter markers to locate specific scenes. Add subtitles and parental controls. Preview and test all your movies and controls before burning your disc. A high definition DVD or Blu-ray disc is a perfect gift for friends and family.
& q+ O" {3 ~" D+ j1 b5 B4 W8 e! E6 m
New Features at a Glance:
! A5 Z7 x/ m- o3 [- Two-Choice Selectable Background Tone
2 h& R$ E6 ~; i) d6 u- Modern Logical Docking Window Controls and Behaviors
* C  p' I: [3 q9 J& {- PinP OFX Plugin
# c# C0 R8 G# A' [/ c, l- Crop OFX Plugin% T! w7 F6 o# c. _
- Instant freeze frame video creation
% i8 \' T" M3 T- HEVC support
1 C: u$ _3 n, b3 r; v
% A, \% A3 @; Z: Z" g! SSystem Requirements:
/ C0 Y* S3 O& m4 W& ~' p2 W- You need a 64-Bit-Version for Microsoft Windows 10 or Windows 82 W$ I, k, o+ p9 E" e# g' T
- Processor: 2.4 GHz (Quad-core processor with 2.8 GHz or better)
0 H; Y  r& G- T4 n, P- Available drive space: 2 GB for program installation3 ~7 N8 T( R, r) r5 {; Q+ F
- RAM: 4 GB or higher (8 GB recommended for 8K)7 y: r2 x) T" n# K: V% D$ U0 Z( V
- Graphics card: Onboard, min. resolution 1280 x 1024, 512 MB VRAM and DirectX 11 support (recommended: Intel Graphics HD 520 or better for MPEG2/AVC/HEVC) INFUSION Engine 2 supports video acceleration for AVC and HEVC on Intel, NVIDIA or AMD GPUs with 1GB VRAM or higher
8 S' R1 e: u& }: D- Example: Intel Graphics HD 630, NVIDIA Geforce GTX 1050, AMD Radeon RX470. @1 T# @( s1 t/ T
- Program language: English (International, United Kingdom, USA)
/ i6 t( s8 I- }4 B( q6 @" [3 X3 k1 Z- C, i% q4 \

- }0 z9 J  C" o* f/ [! E# n( T# \" H2 b! l+ e6 V( R
0 i# ~) y( d2 d2 ~* }$ \
+ G. O6 h# u% Z8 _' C9 b" P

% _1 o5 T0 {8 I+ F8 F* J& B* O6 V
+ ]0 o. p/ m. ^0 y! o- S1 yDOWNLOAD:0 b' S1 r$ K7 a" \3 R' |8 |
MAGIX Movie Studio 18 Platinum
! r5 c5 W8 G$ J3 N2 T% b0 Q- q( h9 _+ N( q
! l! n, Z" a. A9 E- ^9 S
; ?5 r: d2 |; B) g
(访问密码:702844)8 q9 b0 Y  V8 d# F( u) G2 z% L

  s. k# R0 V* n1 X  Y9 |  w/ j8 x. d5 K

/ ?3 g2 k3 h6 H2 V




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