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Release Name: FXhome HitFilm Pro % W& ]3 s$ \. g) S5 d
Program Type: Video Editing, Compositing
5 P- }9 y+ N( e3 K8 fRelease Date: April 21, 2021
  s# Z* M$ O1 f' @" tVersion: v15.1.10413.07203
# T5 m1 C1 N! g4 i* K, C( s6 y2 C! e2 [Homepage: https://fxhome.com/software-update OR https://www.videohelp.com/softwa ... ersions#downloadold OR https://fxhome.com/hitfilm-pro/whats-new OR https://fxhome.com/express/whats-new6 x3 i9 r5 z0 x5 {0 k
Interface Language: English- S) ^! l  C# d  ?- u
Platform: Windows & Mac+ m$ q' A$ o: [; V" }- D& ?
File Size: 380 MB / 443 MB% r, f( q; I9 m& S1 G

$ L! y" t; b5 |! v/ E" c0 w& N3 y
% k4 a' s7 l# a: x7 fCommands for importing media and recording voiceover have been added to the File menu.
' a* I( M$ c* g, w7 IAdded an option to sync video and audio tracks when scrolling vertically through the editor timeline.
  L3 M9 }$ @/ DBoris FX BCC 3D Objects plugins have been updated to version 2020.5.
2 j' I" h0 Z$ e/ {The keyboard shortcuts for adjusting the scale of the timeline can now also be used on the timeline in the Controls panel.7 k# r1 u" B! p" Z  s
Mocha HitFilm has been upgraded to version 7.0.5.) B5 q! l; {0 C& i5 t8 M
Added a command to remove all empty tracks on the editor timeline at once.- ^: n$ D, O# J. {" a+ g
Added support for decoding of HEVC/H.265 video files in the software and on hardware for systems with supported GPUs." t$ j2 ?7 S; @7 m9 C3 A( V. a
Export Frame functionality has been extensively reworked, with more options and greater control., n8 f, M) l- S" M, o: E5 M
The new Motion Lock effect allows effects to be applied directly to a video layer and tracked to the video’s movement." X, V$ K& v) f
The editor sequence can now be shared with Adobe Premiere Pro by exporting to the AAF format.2 p% o! r+ ~1 \& k1 m3 @; v
Voiceover audio can now be recorded directly in HitFilm, through the Media panel or the File menu.
! G8 [  Q( r7 \. A+ N: kAAF Import allows you to open timelines created in Premiere Pro, DaVinci Resolve, EDIUS, and Avid Media Composer.
& U4 v6 X& R/ e. I+ i( fThe glTF format is now supported for importing 3D models and animation.: x0 P4 V7 F6 `! Z
3D models now support physically-based rendering, using both Metallic-Roughness and Specular-Glossiness materials.
  J( T9 L2 y* ?& v5 IAdded support for hardware decoding on Macs with supported graphics hardware. (Mac)  C  x: s/ R5 G, k+ f
The new Custom Light Flares effect introduces over 60 new presets and a new interface for building your own custom flares.% Q2 t' g/ M  A$ O- a& e& @

. c% c* s5 h' x: q& M, tEnhancements6 e+ k( g2 G2 c9 u" v* d/ }
3D model formats which support animation no longer generate animation files on import unless the model includes animation data.! c& J$ @) ?  z% z; `6 \
Editor tracks can now be renamed by double-clicking on the track name.0 s" s: P( r1 \" w5 K+ k
The GoPro FX Reframe effect has been renamed and is now GoPro Lens Reframe.
' B1 _7 j7 e  G! @! yThe names of imported 3D animation assets are now displayed in the Media panel.8 C4 {3 w! r- o
The motion blur settings now use a default shutter phase of -90.
2 n2 X  Z/ p+ {& xThe default radius for Highpass Sharpen was adjusted, and the blend modes have been reordered based on intensity.+ x4 ]& Y2 Z  \$ L! I
The new Export menu provides access to all export functions in a single location.
, e3 o/ z1 C1 O( |1 g  ^All spinbox values in the interface can now be edited by click-dragging with the mouse.9 D! y- Z4 b9 v7 _! n
The Export Frame feature now names the image based on the timecode of the frame being exported.
  c  z* {, y; S1 dThe new Remove Unused command deletes all unused assets from the Media panel with a single command.1 D% l) j  a+ c1 O
Bug Fixes! {% L2 y5 p2 Q2 E% }/ G
Adding curves to a layer that contains a mask no longer causes stability issues.
/ I* H& n$ V$ v; b9 {- P/ ySelecting a point layer in the controls for Video Copilot’s Optical Flares no longer causes stability issues.1 }  O* K7 s3 @% w3 s5 q0 j- P
Adding a preset to a layer that does not support certain types of effects no longer causes stability issues.6 _  i7 O! ]& N% @7 L3 ]
Opening a new project after creating a text object on the editor no longer causes stability issues." T! F2 \3 B+ y' b- ]6 o- I
Textures for 3D models support linear color once again.
. z0 A! r3 V( D7 W7 M5 _. pIf a timeline is shortened to a timecode that precedes the Out point, the Out point is clamped to fit the new duration.
! j) q4 H9 t. i8 U6 o; F9 iBehavior effects are now added at the bottom of the effects list when applied to editor sequence objects.
! p$ F0 J% f* b" ]9 o+ zClicking the Reset Master button in Trapcode Particular no longer causes stability issues.
1 b" |* e* g" a8 Q$ p: ZThe Ignite version of the GoPro FX Reframe no longer loads into HitFilm.5 f7 b1 u5 i* l/ Z) v7 t* Y5 ]
Searching for “4 point” in the Effects panel now returns the 4-point gradient in the results.
" }0 Y( |; Q$ D1 T+ x" S$ w* _, @The Ignite version of Gunfire no longer loads into HitFilm.
+ \; W0 D: B, }8 i! {Parenting a camera to a 2D layer that is parented to a 3D layer no longer causes stability issues.
4 w/ ]( }  Z5 c/ h3 [Saving a project no longer prevents the font in the Text effect from being changed.
) {& z! }% a6 A, H; D5 z( zScopes are now only calculated when the Scopes panel is visible.
9 k7 _* \* ]/ `7 w3 S; n9 m; fExporting a project no longer stops the Text effect from updating in the viewer.
% m% k# j$ W0 M: q, e# ^The Controls panel now updates properly for pasted objects.9 s$ ?8 U: A9 t1 l. B1 s' [
Making a composite shot from a clip with curves applied no longer causes stability issues.7 U  |+ U2 H. ]8 S& T+ _
The GoPro Lens Reframe interface is now resized to fit the selected Projection preset.2 J' L! z* H2 r7 |  d3 E; B# r
Dragging to reposition the view in GoPro Lens Reframe now moves the view in the expected direction.6 n9 H. ?: c( R7 }
Eliminated an artifact at the center of the GoPro Lens Reframe effect when running on Intel 600-series graphics.
6 Q% u& z/ u7 h* `; gExporting a timeline that contains the Auto Stabilize effect no longer causes stability issues.
6 I8 n: B0 N$ b6 T8 e" XClarified the wording of some error messages.
3 |8 d- d5 Y9 K: f. Z: h. pMPEG-1 .ts video files now import correctly.
$ P/ k. t5 A8 c0 m7 q- DThe export preview now properly renders when the Export panel is re-opened during an ongoing export task.& B4 j6 R4 ~3 p; W  H2 ?$ x
Improved the handling of audio files containing floating-point PCM values.# C9 x: l" {# Z; O( D  `
360° effects can now be searched for in the Effects panel without including the degrees symbol.# @! b) z. a% i; z  \4 A( k
Media files containing pre-multiplied alpha channels now render correctly in the Trimmer, the Media panel, and the editor thumbnails.
9 A' r- P0 ~2 P) y! ~Playback in the trimmer now includes the last frame of the video.$ S& n' N8 e5 m+ {# c
Editing the border color for a mask is now processed on the viewer immediately.6 ^. W, P, P; W: }- j
Reduced the bitrates for Instagram export presets.
, k+ }# F# N4 S% P6 B* B0 gMerging audio from two recordings of the same event with noticeable variations has been improved.2 p& ~' P4 {: t
The Export Now > Contents command now creates a folder at the chosen location if it doesn’t already exist.
: t2 @5 K7 _7 L; a3D models using the Override Texture option now properly respect the viewer’s downsample mode.9 i2 p+ r- V7 d8 r" ?& Y
The export button is now correctly disabled when there is nothing to export.
6 `. y, J  t% @& k3 QRepositioning masks now registers correctly, so the mask does not move again when the mouse is clicked.4 i! V6 w, [! \# p, q$ N- P
Clicking the Favorite button with multiple effects selected now favorites all selected effects.4 _6 m2 [5 N4 R) q4 N3 k8 f
The large curves interface in the Controls panel now displays correctly when enabled.3 k& a! ^) o: t, x" U  N  B
The selection of a folder in the Export panel presets list is now clearly indicated.
; a5 |1 T' V/ U% w! M+ sRounded rectangle mask controls now update properly based on the size of the mask.
* r  E4 F& {+ c  lSelecting a foreground layer in Video Copilot’s Optical Flares no longer causes stability issues.
6 M8 Y; ]6 P/ g" G. ?Double-clicking a mask shape now finalizes the mask after adding it.
0 r! @, ~' t/ c! A) @- lResetting an orthographic view now updates to display all objects correctly.
3 X% }8 @. {) Y. m# f7 H5 `Copy-paste now behaves more consistently on the Editor and composite shot timelines.4 y. `5 @. @3 W! _
Adding an effect that does not include any controls no longer switches focus to the Controls panel.5 D6 l. }2 Z+ q
Video Copilot’s Element 3D no longer gives an error when you create a group null.
5 s# L) u5 N) D2 I0 i% LSelecting a custom texture map in Video Copilot’s Element 3D no longer causes stability issues.) m8 Q$ q; F" q
Added the option to Convert to Point Text/Paragraph Text to the contextual menu on the editor.
$ J1 {1 f% c# E. |Switching projects while an export task is ongoing now stops the export.
5 c. j0 I$ f- bThe Apply Matte option in Mocha HitFilm now functions correctly on Mac systems. (Mac)
  K+ w- _1 [# [+ H  _; X* w( N6 w; \Clicking the Master System button in Trapcode Particular no longer causes stability issues.6 j4 A' Z( _) K
The Scene Setup in Video Copilot’s Element 3D can now be edited in saved and reloaded projects.5 w' k" x: x! n, Z
The editor timeline will now offer to match the resolution of non-media assets, such as a plane, when they are the first object added to the timeline.2 @. y* [! R( r: v* U3 {8 S
Improved the styling of properties containing non-editable text to make it more apparent which properties are read-only.
" \# |9 W+ y5 r/ N+ XAdding an effect now consistently opens the control panel’s effect controls and selects the object on the timeline.
) w" R  [* I! q2 dCreating a null in Video Copilot’s Element 3D no longer causes stability issues.
# R( E1 @/ p9 g  ^  qCreating a composite shot from an audio-only asset now uses the project resolution rather than a resolution of 1×1. The controls for the Atomic Particles now update correctly when the effect is applied to a 3D model.
8 B/ c6 M, }5 @/ E( B) t* FThe controls for the Atomic Particles now update correctly when the effect is applied to a 3D model.
5 f1 r( U7 w! J8 JDeleting a layer after cut/pasting the layer and source asset no longer causes stability issues.
: P6 t0 j- r3 qThe histogram for the Levels Histogram effect is no longer calculated unless the histogram is visible." B% t0 A$ d/ c$ m8 O
Improved the styling for the names of video files, which were being elided unnecessarily on Mac systems. (Mac)
% s7 x2 y8 @9 s* E0 QThe interface now renders correctly when interface tabs are repositioned. (Mac)6 r. M$ m6 m0 h# X1 K$ f3 ~6 F
Zooming the viewer with the mouse wheel is now disabled while creating a mask.
) Q7 A/ M# @1 p' B2 m7 W7 J7 a3 k7 D4 O8 W
Version 2021.1
6 b1 K) s' l; T. h$ T1 x( [The stability and consistency of floating and docking containers has been improved. (Mac)# K+ O6 R! `& M4 S- p
The positioning accuracy of keyframed cameras has been improved.
+ A. a# ?/ ]) a$ k+ J- xOpening the options of the Custom Light Flares effect no longer causes stability issues.4 E, N' x% Y8 R0 X" J6 \* _5 K6 t
Improved the handling of importing GLTF 3D model animation., W7 W- j! V$ H" R& G. P8 u( |
Improved OpenCL compatibility for some low-end Windows machines. (PC); u  B) t7 g# L" M
The illumination property of the sphere effect no longer shows as invalid in the Controls panel.+ \; ]9 D7 b- V6 s# _- }5 r" t
Deleting the Custom Light Flares effect no longer causes stability issues.
9 H. h0 z5 a* T5 a' zGLTF models with the metallic and roughness channels combined in a single image now interpret those channels correctly.
! \4 s. l0 E" CEnvironment maps now work correctly on timelines containing multiple 3D models with different illumination models.
. ^1 Z7 w0 P, \: L4 G- E7 b% SThe 360 Viewer panel now updates correctly after being repositioned./ v1 |: \  m+ V: w  I, H( b0 a
Improved the handling of cast shadows on Macs with Intel graphics. (Mac)1 C9 P9 Y4 c) E9 y- Q/ l
Videos exported from Macs with Intel graphics no longer contain unwanted flickering. (Mac)3 r( ]( }# `5 ?' ]
Improved the rendering of lighting on GLTF models.
  T. U! `! ~% O% |2 IImproved the styling of the Home Screen when loading projects.
/ p& z2 p9 F1 Z3D Models containing multiple groups using different illumination models now render correctly.
7 S7 X( [& `) C* M0 A* KRecently used effects no longer get added to the Recents category more than once.
4 i9 C0 I+ g! Y7 Q5 D- d0 L  ODeleting an effect no longer adds it to the Recents category.+ `* V( F# X& O! w: p3 d9 T
Improved handling of hardware decoding to prevent stability issues with certain ProRes files. (PC)
9 w, W0 s% A7 _1 [; O. uApplying multiple effects from an effects panel search no longer clears the current search.
6 |" D" D( E7 t, w, C7 t, y& mCompositing clips with motion tracking no longer causes frame corruption on Macs with AMD graphics. (Mac)" \8 D1 u) I. S! s7 K
The built-in particle system textures no longer show as invalid in the Controls panel.
( l! c  r" T* n2 |3 g
6 r7 o7 I& I5 F+ j, u6 e3 H# G/ H, X8 m0 S, r
, \3 [' r0 N3 M0 h3 h- h, f3 W

2 q4 O8 k2 L2 t; e: s7 q* O# Q
8 g) \0 \& R4 A. e
: e! U8 `- M. y- x
4 H7 M4 X# p( a  p+ |5 P$ z- {6 I. \+ }0 l" s- O
DOWNLOAD:  H3 \$ l9 r8 i* R- _  j
- _) s! g/ X  y3 D9 v( E% n6 ?4 R
https://installers.fxhome.com/hitfilm-pro/HitFilmPro_2021.1_(16.1.11108.07206).msi- Q; ]7 w- a, s8 e6 o
+ R7 g' \- A& B0 J* _  b( K- Rhttps://installers.fxhome.com/hitfilm-pro/HitFilmPro_2021.1_(16.1.2599).pkg
# p* }) k) y5 n0 \( K* n1 [3 yhttps://installers.fxhome.com/hitfilm-pro/HitFilmPro_x64_16.0.10807.58344.msi
& E; z' E* H/ X1 z) W; Mhttps://installers.fxhome.com/hitfilm-pro/HitFilmPro_16.0.2522.pkg
5 c8 U6 }3 f4 @' g0 A. F$ t  _8 m
  g8 u9 U4 C0 B9 s/ [. I  y% v, Q' Z) u1 [) F0 h
https://installers.fxhome.com/hitfilm-express/HitFilmExpress_2021.1_(16.1.11108.07206).msi$ Z# K# u% M8 }2 `( P$ J
% b6 t: X3 G3 ]https://installers.fxhome.com/hitfilm-express/HitFilmExpress_2021.1_(16.1.1265).pkg! j. R+ S$ J4 R8 m/ d" K. T/ ?
https://installers.fxhome.com/hitfilm-express/HitFilmExpress_x64_16.0.10807.58344.msi3 I" n! t+ U2 f5 B8 C( N
https://installers.fxhome.com/hitfilm-express/HitFilmExpress_16.0.1192.pkg* X4 {" t* l5 J  P0 y) v' O" b- W! {

: @3 y7 c  L  l( J) s+ b& }- M- P& e  V% B

+ b0 b) W5 Q' Y+ ]7 U




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