The Foundry Nuke Studio 13.0v2 (Win/Mac/Linux)

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Program Name: The Foundry Nuke Studio 13.0* f+ I+ X; \! K6 Y2 m& v& W
Program Type: VFX, Editorial & Finishing
$ p( F$ I) w6 ]: A& uDeveloper: The Foundry Visionmongers Ltd.
5 m6 w( z8 `  u& wHomepage:
) a6 d% x/ }; m. ?Release Date: 01-05-2021) N; [8 P# G/ o. ?% a: R
Interface Language: English
# b1 R( B5 Z* [# H2 \Platform: Win/Mac/Linux
; r9 J+ |$ S6 j& j) U4 hFile Size: 828 MB /  931 MB / 1.43 GB . R- ?2 n2 a; F& R7 t$ q; y

- F$ f' C  O$ [) kNuke®, NukeX® and Nuke Studio offer cutting-edge toolkits for node compositing, editing and commenting. The unprecedented flexibility of the Nuke family and collaborative workflows help you get the best results - fast and quality.8 w% |3 G' v6 q! U( b+ A# J- l

7 v0 v/ k& `4 h  o9 \Power and Performance
2 X4 J# I: T! H% o$ ~6 mBuilt to meet the needs of modern work production, the Nuke family offers an unrivaled level of power and performance, whether you are a group on a deadline or on a solo project.
& ]% V. ?; ^, D) Q5 e( \+ J- p- |- k# G- E% d# i/ D
Collaborative Workflow+ _3 D2 {5 q& @* L; p- Z% k% y
Effective, collaborative work is at the heart of the nuke series. It is easy to communicate, share information and work together with other people if you are sitting nearby or around the world.
3 i) y5 k8 P" |& d: ^1 L  z2 L& w5 X$ J6 o; y; `- S  @( F3 D+ n- t
The Foundry Nuke Studio
4 m/ W) r6 n1 G
+ K; q- h, g1 ?Speed ​​and efficiency
7 A. w5 |* r( y, s8 n6 o( I" u) k8 FRun fast and interactively with advanced nuclear cannon toolkits, GPU acceleration, and fluid workflows. Everything you need to complete the project on time is built and ready to go.6 \5 h- A  H+ l4 r5 m$ W
! C2 [% H- V$ \6 n; E* l
Perfect for your pipeline
& Y2 b+ f, w. R: i1 [% [  D, Q- y8 tPerfectly open and customizable, the bomb fits into the pipeline with basic operating system support, low hardware requirements, industry standard support for both leisure and alembic, and Python API and Pyside included.
9 W4 {8 M3 \9 o; y# H' l3 z/ [0 ]& K+ ^. g0 V$ t  e$ Y
2D Compositing and# L+ G6 _$ k; t3 ^2 _) a! ?
Nudel visuals by industry Nodel making compositing and commenting toolbox faster and easier than ever before# t  s& r8 C4 J/ ]* B& ~& A! ?
6 J6 {$ X7 W; Z- O8 s
With over 200 creative nodes, Nuke provides everything you need to meet your various digital compositing challenges. This includes standard features, rotoscope and vector drawing tools, color correction and more.
( q6 Y4 P' M- _. q1 I/ O. W% [  Q4 V  Y( Z, O/ A  U' W$ s: Y( v% j
Nodal Toolbox0 s- ?' \, O* I" J
With over 200 creative knots, nyuk provides everything you need to meet your various digital compositing needs. This includes standard features, rotoscope and vector drawing tools, color correction and more.
  N: i& k8 ]  A; n1 `* a: e: _2 R) t& P% S& e7 A! J# A1 A# k
Deep Image Compositing( V1 r* ^; W9 s% b' ~
Deep image compositing tools allow you to create and work with images that contain multiple opacity, color and camera-relative sampling depths per pixel, so there is no need to re-render kgs of elements when content changes./ h3 l/ V7 |& s7 j- v# B) I) q. {
5 n# B  |! G/ u+ i" f0 C& q
3D compositing and visual effects
  m: J7 ~; R& ^- J/ u+ L0 \' H, h4 V( r, t+ P
3D camera tracking The, L1 N. F4 L, p$ M8 L5 T
built-in security camera in NukeX® and Nuke studio repeats camera movements in 2D, with animated 3D cameras or point clouds in an atomic bomb in 3D space, allowing composite 2D and 3D elements, but with reference to the original camera used for shooting. Refinement options, pre-processing 3D preview and lens distortion enhance efficiency and accuracy on demanding tracking tasks.
9 u6 p* f' c5 e
5 s8 c' i# Q' c0 M) ?3 NThe Nuke 3D workspace
5 }6 Y3 r1 G/ \0 W/ eoffers a limitless, built-in 3D environment that allows you to create and render complex scenes consisting of 2D frames, 3D models, maps, elementary geometry, cameras, lights, and meshes. Great for camera projection set for replacement and other tasks where you want to simulate a "real" environment.
6 n9 S: W  y8 X- s2 N9 u
/ |  ^% T- m: d2 }" U8 }* |Collaboration/ v  z  h6 a5 y& J+ A5 E! }
User Presets and Node Tools
" {' H! G. O' L. G/ GTime Saving Nuke custom settings allow you to set and save custom node parameters for effects for use in multiple projects. Node toolboxes let you automate the process by creating grouped configurations of nodes for specific tasks.+ c$ V9 ^0 q  l5 g/ ]4 p! Z
- V1 g7 ~' ?% k$ |) x
Versioning The
. a( P( G1 @* e2 D* ?* J/ V6 Tpowerful functionality of nuclear cannon versions allows you to draw new versions of shots into the Nuke Studio or nodegraph timeline and swap the bomb between them quickly and easily. This feature makes comparing and verifying work at different stages, and work by different artists, simple.' |' X% Y, S' M8 G# v1 u& z
) @$ w4 r3 g! z+ k
; T2 F' E/ Y! RSDI Support Broadcast Monitor; b3 ?8 v/ Z1 {0 }7 j* s
All Nuke Editions provide broadcast monitors for compatibility with Aja and Blackmagic SDI hardware. With this support, you can accurately check the color space and aspect ratio for broadcast content during the review process.2 f9 h$ c' l( q4 x. E! ^4 q  @# `

1 \, a0 ?& K; W: [2 ?8 YMulti-track editorial timing- Y9 n  h) R. B. [/ D) \
Nuke Studio® comes complete with a multi-track editorial scale that allows you to play, view and edit multi-layer sequences of video, CG, and audio tracks. You can stack an unlimited number of tracks containing as many clips as you need and mix tracks to easily create overlays. Create timeline effects and reflect them in the node graph or edit and render compositions directly from the timeline.& L, W1 o0 r" R& ]& q
$ m& ^6 W3 X# c# E$ N% v( |7 S% `
Performance and Piping
' z: X! @" h$ t1 v& u( [+ f$ d6 {$ uThe Python API and PySide
* Z, P  A8 V" U4 t* H7 i/ sAvailable throughout the Nuuk® family, the Python API can be used to fully integrate, manufacture and automate common tasks and procedures. PySide is also included to allow users to create user interfaces using Python and mechanisms in Qt.
- [. e( q6 i+ Q6 r1 C' L/ C: W( `$ \3 b6 p, ]7 y, N
OpenColorIO Color Management
  J& h+ q& g! YWith OpenColorIO (Rest), an open source color management solution from Sony Imageworks picture, nuke can configure one profile to provide consistent colors for all compatible applications to simplify the color management process.4 }. i4 U6 k* s* O8 z# q

+ b- {+ S+ l6 Q. y& u0 q* \% V4 XRequired System; h* v6 Q! P4 S* z4 V9 P
Operating Systems- k2 k- W' `3 {6 r, V& G6 b2 a
Windows 7 or Windows 10 64-bit only8 j. p5 T( ]: N$ x
macOS Sierra 10.12 or macOS High Sierra 10.13& M9 |. n; B, y6 c' C
CentOS 6 or CentOS 7 64-bit only
3 M5 q, G" i4 b0 L
3 u. ^! h% \: v# d8 x. p  x* L" A; M& f$ d" m# ^$ }
. G" O4 }2 j- B1 B' }7 `) |

7 N1 _8 ^! |" E: v
% m  H- X- g& X+ lDownload:
" a* }9 E$ J7 G! C
$ m# w, L0 k" [5 ]" m m2 W- ^3 l9 u: H
/ i! ~: t# v7 ^) q' p/ \
9 I$ S; B/ o( {. e1 D! _
7 N+ g$ {7 O. H# O9 X% k Q* o% g  v' c1 c$ f- |  a6 q- l0 h, @6 |3 @2 m K9 V, ?9 a% k4 E3 { Z& |# N6 a7 B8 D, A/ K ^+ \% }  P' v% J& O! o1 I
' x, R3 X4 K: w& B0 f/ i
( U" Y! L3 x) g4 p% @6 ? P- v/ t' {: |
' [5 M) _1 L& A# r; y O2 V8 p' P2 z! W  F
* l/ j; p: c9 _/ G! N q8 \  i" ~7 T' x8 n% I




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