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Release Name: CyberLink PowerDVD 21 Ultra 2 i" W# p. G, ?' Q% Y! ?
Program Type: Multimedia, Player
0 b9 J8 C( z( [! k6 `- C% Q- u/ I  ERelease Date: 2018-12-04+ y) i  `6 p' ~3 i" y' [
Home: www.cyberlink.com/products/powerdvd/overview_en_US.html
( ?" C+ {. k2 r+ `* z* lInterface Language: Multilingual 4 k  ?% j& J/ n( l" U; K0 Q, R, C( Z
Platform: Windows 10/8.1/8, 7, Vista.& A. p+ F/ g( v) I& p
File Size: 903.75 MB) e% q* }0 k8 j0 U
* R% n4 `0 n  @1 S# P( R
The Most Versatile Blu-ray, 8K, and 4K HDR Media Player for Windows. Meet the last media player you’ll ever need. PowerDVD is the perfect solution for any media format. From enhanced audio & visual playback to intuitive organizational tools, you can manage your entire media library of photos, videos, music, as well as Blu-ray and DVD movies, all in one application. Play, enhance, and share all of your favorite media with PowerDVD.2 t! O( h. A- R  D4 n5 g

3 D( Y6 D2 I2 g; |/ jReady For Anything - From 8K to Blu-Ray, PowerDVD Can Play It.
) a9 U" q% ]! v3 WPowerDVD is the world’s best performing 4K and 8K Media Player with HDR10 support. Playback Blu-ray discs, ISO files and Ultra HD video files for an unparalleled audiovisual experience. Plus, with support for DTS HD Audio and Dolby True HD Audio, PowerDVD can deliver a cinema-like audio experience wherever you take it.- U7 L4 L/ ]# M5 C. Q/ f
  R7 I) E, s* \! T& F
See YouTube Like Never Before
1 D2 `4 l. v* W# Q0 K1 ^Watch YouTube channels in up to 8K for the ultimate viewing experience. Plus download your favorite videos for offline viewing.2 ?1 _6 a4 h1 K) O6 J1 M

. P: i" V$ K! K9 m( eAll Major Formats Supported* {& P5 g* ]1 o2 o6 u
Upgrade your home cinema experience with stunning 8K video and support for 4K, HDR 10. Get HEVC, AVC & XAVC-S Hi-definition video playback and support for virtually any media format.
0 k2 q+ V2 H2 B% ?# z4 u# x$ O+ M3 [$ B# E$ V8 L& Z8 n$ S! d
Hear the Difference
2 ~9 a- W; z( y* ]9 B/ TBring more detail and realism to movie nights with Dolby Digital Surround, DTS and Hi-Res Audio support up to 7.1 channels.
2 W. y" W. k0 z+ i+ E
& _; R, a# k; G4 F% v8 jA Totally Immersive Experience% a8 ]8 l7 k6 @# ^
Don’t just watch movies, be in them. Put yourself at the center of the action with 360° video, VR video playback and spatial audio.9 o9 d! p( [( p7 m% y7 O, @

6 ]4 [" i7 [( g6 Q! qDon’t Miss a Moment& b* Q8 m/ e5 ]' M" l) K# S2 R/ x
Save time finding your last location. The resume playback feature returns you to exactly where you left off even when switching devices.
1 m5 @) m! t: J. ]+ G) z, a- c+ _0 S5 ], X
Listen Anywhere* L) T* l. b1 n: A! C
Whether you’re the designated DJ for the next road trip or you need a great workout mix for the gym, organize and compose your favorite tracks and take your playlist with you.( j$ a* F  s1 o, n* A
2 I1 I" \# O, |1 e# K
Organize Your Entertainment5 G; F+ j, {7 d" I5 ]
Personalize your media library with customizable thumbnails and poster wall to keep your content organized and searchable.
2 C) ]8 o- O' X7 T& j& b1 h" J4 L! C/ Z0 O& V; E/ V
Photo Management With AI7 Z/ D! A4 `! S! ^/ e
Automatically tag and organize large photo libraries with AI facial recognition, powered by CyberLink’s FaceMe® engine.
. r! F$ b' h# \1 z% H. N5 j3 R  x4 Q' ]( {
Stay up-to-Date6 e3 I6 Z# \9 ^3 M
Access detailed information about movies and TV shows with PowerDVD’s extensive content database.& u. V0 Y( z: u; m

# q, S( [# D$ f, @8 l# AA TrueTheater™ Experience# g2 n! Z( J$ Y8 }9 A8 L5 r
Bring your favorite movies and videos to life with TrueTheater™ enhancements. Enhance the quality of any media format with our proprietary playback technology that is designed to sharpen, deepen color, and audio fidelity of any file type.
3 ~! Q* j7 \3 q! P
& [* o5 W. J' D- ]  xYour Movies – Upscaled4 K  Z5 s* l4 Z9 {0 {
TrueTheater™ brings the cinematic experience to your living room. Enjoy richer, more detailed colors with crisper, more balanced sound on any media type.% m/ L) k+ D$ _

* r% j$ W4 m& T+ T) Y" kWatch Anywhere, Anytime With On-Demand Access
0 ~& U, z: b0 Z: i0 I& JStream to any device at home or on-the-go. Enjoy or share movies and TV shows on-demand from any device with the app or from any web browser.
  c. A5 n7 ]6 I* a/ ?7 E8 @+ M5 m- M1 m2 J" m' Z
Operating System:; N5 W" }, U; u+ ~
- Microsoft Windows 10, 8.1, 7 (64 bit OS only)3 v$ d9 G* @/ X6 `
- Ultra HD Blu-ray: Microsoft Windows 10 (64-bit with Fall Creators Update 2017 Oct. updates)2 s6 A' m; }2 h: m- X
- HDR10: Windows 10 (64-bit with October 2018 Update)
; J4 b# m6 G  _, a) S  I- 8K Video Playback: Microsoft Windows 10 (64-bit with Fall Creators Update 2017 Oct. updates)
  H4 Y; J6 N7 W) E+ I4 N5 L" \5 P. k1 D- 4K Video Playback with TrueTheater: Microsoft Windows 10 (64-bit with Fall Creators Update 2017 Oct. updates)# z% q8 r2 _+ [! o4 j4 r0 ~
- Blu-ray Disc and DVD: Microsoft Windows 10, 8.1, 7 with Service Pack 1
0 e- j2 q3 m, |# t7 ]7 ]- VR Mode: Windows 10/8.1/7 with Service Pack 1! {: g4 m) C  z- h
/ Q1 I4 v2 H& k  h$ [+ a3 N
Language Support:
! B# u2 z, v9 j: Z  f2 |2 {- English
9 V: ~% i1 X! h& R& ~- French
, Q' g( L' [- ^- German
' G- r4 z) ]) l. B$ k5 N- Italian
% z7 g. x7 e, m6 e/ }& V- Spanish (European)0 P0 n  C4 Q8 h2 _9 ~4 e9 B. ]& f5 K
- Chinese Simplified, u6 a7 I3 {& E& b  _  `
- Chinese Traditional
/ u# r- r% V: m7 d% i- w- Japanese
5 Z# _& n$ Z: \0 }, d- Korean
7 L1 R4 }  z* R4 |3 u4 |3 z0 T- G- Russian  Z) I) {0 a# ^8 e$ u
- Portugese (Brasil)
/ I0 _3 S& V2 A8 G5 R/ d5 D- x, R6 a9 M- u) }; _( N* H% ^3 V

8 y4 h7 n  I8 e, a! X. k6 t$ I" c3 r- ~0 Z  E4 a. `  V4 i0 [

+ K  f5 q8 Q9 r1 @* N: [! w2 K

5 _+ P) R# C0 W; B0 g( T: i" B0 ~- I, T

8 P  ~, c5 d. a! \# @: W+ f
. g( m# N8 n+ `: |; `+ D9 \- _7 S6 ^0 @
& X: o) V1 C- b; [CyberLink PowerDVD Ultra 21.0.1519.62.exe
# M  E# M2 [, k6 Y, [2 \' W3 c" N2 |$ a
# z" y/ b; ~% S/ M1 \% }$ e
(访问密码:702844)5 p/ x9 c; U' P6 L5 q* U, h; g6 E6 {

) z6 W) S4 p+ ?& b7 y) m9 W




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