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Release Name: Xara Web Designer Premium 187 [: x8 f  i% b1 W
Program Type: Image editing( s6 `& i2 f( A* v" I2 f8 y/ v+ Q% W
Release Date: March 29th, 20211 y+ c8 w4 \. O- m* E- }
Publisher: MAGIX AG
3 D- o& i. W# a$ T. ]! G+ RHomepage: http://www.xara.com/us/web-designer/7 [* D1 Z* ~6 q3 d; a9 [$ R
Interface Language: English* P& {# B# [  N! g* i  o
Platform: Windows 8/8,1, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows 2000, Windows NT, Windows XP, Windows 10 (32-64 bit)
( u( N+ }4 c! ^% ~; E3 GFile Size: 164 MB
9 t" Z/ b: G5 D2 Z9 c6 o9 K- j5 J6 y- a/ ~
Create your own professional websites. Create your own webpages just the way you want them using a range of professionally-designed templates. And all without any programming knowledge. Create your own website in no time!
. h, g5 k. F% V1 o2 w3 t, O% H- n4 M* _; R" s5 N
Responsive web design7 G; T0 D7 Y* }# H( X( x$ O
Web Designer enables you to create multiple versions of a website, for instance desktop, tablet and mobile versions which you can export as individual HTML files. Display your website correctly on any end device from PC to smartphone and tablet. It's easy and no programming knowledge is required.: A$ S* l# X' }1 }

2 ~0 U( B8 E( G, z" ~  pHigh-quality photo filters6 E- x! |& ^# Q* Q' H" K
Transform your photos into true works of art. Change the structure of an image or modify colors, contrast and brightness to achieve custom, one-of-a-kind effects.4 Y' D5 ~2 N7 v" V
0 l+ n& D/ _+ h" H
SmartShapes & website components
- c- T. r7 c: b$ QCreate exciting design elements for your website. The size, color and shape of each of your tables, layouts, shapes or modern flat designs can be easily modified.2 V2 r' M; f1 w/ m( Y" e; k* D( c

/ N0 H% s- f8 @+ k2 a- ~: _# [7 TStock photos
5 |1 v/ N- D) s4 v$ a7 vStock photos Pictures breathe life into websites. Web Designer offers you more than 900,000 photos to choose from, all of which you can use for free and even commercially.
3 G- q, E! ]- [& [$ ~* _& n; N. @7 y8 S) c
Graphics & illustrations
& L; U' ~. w7 E; uGraphics & illustrations The right presentation for any topic: The Online Content Catalog** contains more than 180,000 graphics and illustrations that you can integrate perfectly into your website.  W$ b& r' K$ g& W1 j, p

7 }4 A; W0 K3 z0 G/ _Parallax scrolling/ S+ L1 G7 [2 C  R
Parallax scrolling brings dynamics and depth to your website. With the help of fades and animations, individual layers move at different speeds.
  k! p) X8 g  P0 l% f/ ^; M! I' ]( b+ ~: F5 O' I( [  k
Reveal effects
. e( @. }; }; b. H5 gUse the object reveal effects to fade in elements as soon as the corresponding area in your browser becomes visible.- Q2 J8 _* E2 [$ d# Y
! _" T+ u: G3 H0 G( S5 S0 L+ a, [
Sticky options5 m% x7 ~& G+ R, D, z" h. V- w
Fix elements such as navigation bars to a position on your website. Sticky objects are unaffected by scrolling and remain visible at the same position. Panorama photo slider with a call-to-action Panorama photo slider with a headline Panorama photo slider Put perfect focus on your pictures and use the entire width of the screen for your photo sliders. Design the slider as you like – with a prominent call-to-action button and customized header that jumps right out.! y. i  W; Z0 _( n6 {' r( `
( {/ P1 L  Z- [' S9 T% G" j
Panorama photo slider1 {2 K5 A3 @- z8 A% O9 r- K4 k
Put perfect focus on your pictures and use the entire width of the screen for your photo sliders. Design the slider as you like – with a prominent call-to-action button and customized header that jumps right out.
( p- Q2 ~0 S9 p3 W; \6 F# W- b' w- K1 T
Advanced image editing
4 s1 y  u- \' u; T) kTransform your photos into visual highlights. Easily customize colors, contrast and brightness directly within the program or apply high-quality photo filters for a brand-new look.4 Y; Y* K& {8 ]) V! d+ Y# k
& i- M5 G3 E, z$ q+ f; ]) y
New Features:
& p& j- ?- o- l5 }* d7 pA website just as unique as your ideas. Make your website stand out even more with Web Designer. In no time at all, create a website that suits you and invites your customers and friends to spend time there. Find the right design for any topic.  H3 E! W% R* z

# E8 p# ^' ^4 ^# ^* ?/ g8 p. F6 m3 {( \Magic Color Match
. ]2 W( s4 l1 J( Y+ XUse the emotional effect of colors to give your website the right image. Select a photo that represents you and your site and transfer a color schema to the entire template.& l! s2 h5 M# `1 j

1 _, X  ?0 ^( `3 v* oOpenType ligatures
8 P! K0 T9 V, r: `* Y/ YCreate optical harmony and aesthetic effects. Using ligatures, combine letters and words in a playful way for a new way to highlight quotes or to create eye-catching captions and social media posts on your website.
! t( J! T, Y7 U
; Q, N3 r& [1 @; gText field filler
  U$ c% {8 W0 J- G8 E+ PYou have a quote that fits your website and want to present it in the best possible way? Then all you need is the right position! Simply paste the desired text into a shape and easily adjust the font and font size.; u/ {) `- b6 F

+ r# B  F9 t: |. E5 bUppercase and lowercase Tool
$ ~- s0 L( G6 Q* F3 O) }Decide for yourself where the focus should be. Convert lowercase letters to uppercase and vice versa in just one click, allowing you to optically highlight important headlines so they are more easily noticed.% k' e: m, h. e3 ~. C' W

2 f# |. ?% H  j" k3 FPage makeup2 }9 I0 F, e0 A3 s8 f8 ~: `; e8 f5 ]7 ?
Page makeup Give your layout a unique design and an appealing aesthetic. Harmonized typography sets the standard for a clear typeface structure and an improved reading flow.
0 C* O& q3 j! p8 ~/ V# \- o9 g5 S
, r! p6 ~' Q7 R' S2 v& C" G% wImproved SmartShapes for tables
4 N0 L8 q* o: ?9 X% YCreate professional tables for your website. Thanks to new and intuitive design elements, you can present content and data quickly and clearly.
9 ]; w' A* y2 c: m+ o4 {& J" L2 P5 I7 O" a% K% c9 B
PDF Editor 3.0
4 \& v0 g4 g6 W+ |( Z5 yWould you like to make a PDF available for download to the visitors of your website? Design price lists, menus, or directions according to your individual needs with PDF Editor 3.0.! {0 P4 T* ^1 F- \7 f8 S

( {3 F( d) x& \/ W5 V9 \CSV Import
! D2 }; [1 C- aCSV Import Import your files even more easily into intelligible pie charts. Display content on your website or present results within presentations in a visually appealing way.7 _2 n) b8 m# K  w0 d
( z. s0 Y$ I9 z
System Requirements:
5 `% d% y' b. G- a3 X- You need a 64-bit version for the following operating systems:! b0 {3 U! ~& p+ o. ]  a: C3 x; U
- Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista
9 B" Z; R" ^' H" [: L- Processor: 700 MHz RAM: 512 MB
2 k% b0 f6 M; E, N* P/ [1 E4 S# ^, l- Graphics card: Onboard, minimum resolution 1280 x 600
6 j( \8 B  k6 A- Hard drive space: 300 MB for program installation# [7 A5 W7 ^; c( Z7 w

9 V( _5 O8 S  |5 e( P7 k- B4 X5 A. ?& t
' T9 j% r9 B3 X0 o, Y- H/ G

) W! W/ Z  b; `+ T# v4 `1 d7 XDOWNLOAD:) o* R  ^% B3 a
MAGIX Xara Web Designer Premium ! ^9 B9 a1 \6 N7 _- \; _
' M0 S- ~( F$ G

4 m% R; P# G3 D2 G; _& |6 @+ V) y% ]/ d
(访问密码:702844)7 P( r6 U1 N7 B; c) }  V

' G  n$ x) T% m; D' n1 {& i) m8 z2 A" @: K! p, r& ?1 r5 a* T/ j




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