Avid Media Composer 2021.2.0

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Program Name: Avid Media Composer 20216 Z  p% x3 ?+ V' x& |
Program Type: Vdeo Editing
% r- T6 |5 l% @8 c( o' [Release Date: Feb 9, 2021
; Z9 e2 e3 `) oHomepage: www.avid.com/US/products/media-composer/ OR http://esd.avid.com/ProductInformation.aspx?id=78 A; P3 X- G: J- v4 ^
Interface Language: Multilingual
3 Q8 g0 P0 U+ }8 g3 ZPlatform: Win & Mac# [/ L# p: e+ `/ x9 N% V
File Size: 2.62 GB / 2.29 GB( _) K6 N4 T; a' n

, J( p1 N3 n1 `/ W' E( Y" lAvid Media Composer is an advanced software solution for professional video editing that provides a full range of creative tools and flexibility with a wide variety of video formats. The program includes a huge set of tools: support for tapeless production technologies, work in any formats, multi-camera HD editing and much more. A great combination with the freedom to choose between different Avid Media Composer systems that best suit your project, from a standalone system with software without additional hardware support to an Avid Media Composer / Avid Digirtal Nonlinear Accelerator (Avid DNA) ... The software does not depend on additional external hardware, it is dedicated For editing movies and videos. Media Composer is used in the production of most movies, TV shows, and commercials in the film and video industry today.4 ]3 _9 q" B. p% E

$ E8 o# \3 G) |7 WKey Features:
9 o  W3 c( R. i% A' ]+ ]Editing and Effects for 10-bit SD and HD Videos7 H  G% [- B5 w! W& I- P- h/ v
A universal codec library for simultaneous work with DV, IMX, SD and HD material on the same timeline.
( Z) @' `- R* e( e: Y$ P; WSupport work with DVCPRO HD and DVCPRO 50 without additional metering (capture / output according to IEEE 1394)
" n8 D+ s1 f+ D8 KSupport HDV without additional display! r  D3 O* L9 L
Up to 11 uncompressed SD video streams (more streams can be made with lower resolution)
  O% }! \& d# a) l* z) Z: SPassive digital processing (DI) out The line
+ X7 a. L3 N) J7 lsupport AVX 2
8 M  Q- m1 F$ w. V. Y$ s: Kquality switching mode for maximum performance: p, S. `" F! m( M% q
optimization work on multi-processor terminals; f& U+ C4 f! ~' |% [; X6 s

+ ]' r  q- b8 @8 W$ A) |- z2 X4 XMounting options:
5 t! o$ ?8 E, E! b8 YWork with video materials at different resolutions in the same schedule" C1 @8 a( h, W% K4 q0 y7 F
Real-time multi-camera editing (9 SD sources, 3 HD sources)1 D# |& e2 F& H
SteadyGlide function for motion tracking and stabilization8 c3 ?" a. N3 \' a
Compatible with ABVB AVRs and Meridien JFIF
1 M  `. L8 V1 ^! @! DStandardizing and converting media data into different resolutions
6 y% ]3 ^8 `* U24 video and audio tracks (number Unlimited video layers by the ability to work with multiple sequences simultaneously)( g% c2 p7 [4 I" _& F
24 tracks MetaSync
- ~6 l. u& o5 c8 f6 S6 `Movie Composer Toolkit( z# g/ j: Q$ o
Apply uncompressed effects regardless of the resolution of the same clip
: l3 V9 v6 g: g# ~( n! Yin real time Audio fades; F$ e5 k7 k. R" y6 l
Supports 4: 3 and 16: 9 formats& r5 T8 f4 `2 m. l$ }
split material DV to
% ]3 Q; {( }9 s/ aaction scenes with long GOP sequences" Z" x4 j! N. ^& a" d7 k! f5 r. \
Supports 24p capture in project 24, 25 or 30 frames  o, E' I- E% K
PAL 24P and 25P.
" c) J. v! u+ XVideo archive function7 E0 [" i2 p. v8 v  e. N! E
Editing while capturing (requires Avid Unity MediaManager)
0 a7 _) K( Q/ U3 n2 A. p# e- w23.976, 24 and movie editing with the ability to convert sequences from 24 to 23.976
* D: O6 V  l) m$ pCapable of 24p capture via IEEE-1394 for 24fps projects6 U; K6 Q9 J5 L

8 v  ?' @8 `8 \# y8 X' N8 ZDigital Video Effects and Composition:
. W3 L# q: x& Y8 IBoris Continuum Complete 10-bit effects and filters" n2 e8 X. G, K
customizable 3D effects in real time: wrapping, picture-in-picture, angle stabilization, shapes, video titles and
+ L) H* l9 ?5 |% B0 i/ Walso in real time: dissolve, overlay, resize, flip, flip, wipe, hide, Squeezes, masks, and picture-in-picture
2 F4 c4 ^( w1 B1 L  }( m* SPanasonic Varicam support off-speed Chromakey and Lumakey
# g/ I6 V$ q* `5 u, Mreal-time material transfer in real time Alpha channel switch Configure unlimited layers Configurable speed-change effects including FluidMotion FluidFilm effect for making 50i and 60i footage looks Like cine shots, AVX 1.5 and AVX 2.0 plugins support, including third-party real-time additions  z! ?( s! W% A5 P0 w6 P

( f  u5 z% j& o; ?7 b( U, `ExpertRender to view the effects
# Z1 o4 ^1 g! q6 _9 ?7 I3 NFeatures Paint, AniMatte, Scratch Removal for single frame processing0 h' f" X. D0 ?, u5 ?
The Pan and Zoom feature creates a video from still images in high resolution2 H( d$ D3 H7 U
Deep Defocus , Blur, Mosaic
6 ^) u: U- y& P5 e$ a4 @3 y1 ETools for changing aspect ratio2 g9 f- r6 a4 C5 r5 F# a
High-quality SpectraMatte key tool with SpectraGraph capability
" r1 Q6 A) h; x: _# t  Y' S
0 ^3 F* l, j0 J: eNew features include:* F5 o0 l; A5 H8 L0 }- J! T9 n
QuickTime codec support, incl. Apple ProRes and H.264
! i( U& u$ O) m# P4 _& PSupport RED R3D format without transcoding
  u" w) F. l! v# ~! l" j. h4 d% {' mRGB 4-4-4 digitization (via Dual Link SDI on NitrisDX) and post editing in this format
- @- b) w7 l/ M# |  d! D5 F# ]Support Matrox MXO2 Mini for monitoring/ x9 I- i( u7 z+ F% Q0 O1 k
Work with stereo sound on the timeline as with the master clip One
& c, O7 ^( X8 H3 ^: BRTAS audio plugin support
! M) Z8 N+ Q( b6 W9 o& rMore interface improvements
6 N7 ~8 L/ ?7 @) t' d0 ?0 N& Z1 {" HXDCAM agent support( e5 X, f; g, F, F$ p. n2 Z% C
) j  t( F, ?6 t
5 x+ L: ~5 r4 m' kSystem Requirements:
' y8 u7 ~8 v; U/ e$ ^9 K+ a1 h, BMemory: 16 GB or more recommended; 32 GB or more when working with UHD or high frame rate media; 8 GB minimum.' ~, @; I; z: w/ s" {2 ?
Media Composer | First requires a 64-bit Windows operating systems
) t7 `0 a0 S5 U2 ]$ {Windows 10 Professional and Enterprise
1 @7 x' i1 K# {( yWindows 8.1 Professional and Enterprise4 b! z- c; o4 w* {
Windows 7 Professional (Service Pack 1 only)
/ f) Z/ F  w) i2 [5 R4 V
4 M+ x. ]6 s8 B8 y- |+ m# K% c+ i$ R$ v* a' ^5 r$ w: }
8 k6 p9 [1 K. n
. K6 S' L' K0 O: B

( L  o8 S/ h) V0 Y* ~# L$ @% g$ K. J! a0 i3 h5 P( S; e; p
DOWNLOAD:8 p7 `: q0 d" u6 X
+ S6 l3 E. x& t4 C) ^7 y' whttps://cdn.avid.com/Media_Composer/2021.2/4F67B7A5/Media_Composer_21.2.0_Mac.dmg" d0 o; h( z0 j# S5 g  r

; ^5 L( U3 h/ W3 g. H; Q/ _
  g" @5 F' U' A2 y




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