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Program Name: MAGIX Sound Forge Audio Studio 15  d$ X. F+ R4 K; Z
Program Type: Audio editor: U6 K4 Q" ]6 A  `, G5 O( `1 _
Developer: Sony Creative Software, Inc.0 h8 ]  \+ \6 D1 `& Z# H
Homepage: j6 [! G* R# K+ \( {1 S
Release Date: 25.01.2021
" k: n; ]  \4 u( ZInterface Language: Multilingual9 k! H) V6 n+ m5 M# b' X4 d8 o$ I5 R
Platform: Windows Vista/7/8/8.1
: [! O7 h" |8 I8 {1 N4 yFile Size: 527.4 MB / 347 MB! L8 K1 X, G6 u: o0 c0 |

+ K+ \# p9 P' a) @' v" G; N0 AState-of-the-art recording, editing, recovery and mastering: The new SOUND FORGE Audio Studio 15 delivers absolute versatility in digital audio editing. Record podcasts, edit your recordings with professional effects, digitize your old recordings or tapes, create video soundtracks and design your CDs. SOUND FORGE Audio Studio 15 is the most efficient tool for achieving professional results in no time and with just a few clicks.
$ ]9 t( @; J2 r* l9 R+ E# t
& m" G& |- ^# H) P( V1 d. V$ LSound Forge Audio Studio users can record musical instruments and vocals, edit and restore sound, apply studio quality effects, and convert files to various formats (MP3, WMA, and others) at lightning speed. The Vocal Eraser component allows you to remove the vocal part from the tracks and thus get the recordings for karaoke. The CD recording function is fully integrated into Sound Forge Audio Studio for easy professional CD creation. In addition, finished music tracks can be exported to MP3 players, including PSP, iPhone, iPod, or uploaded to Internet sites.) S/ i5 ?1 B, \: N  F

, q4 g8 l, P- Q; j$ xKey features of Sony Sound Forge Audio Studio:
4 Z3 @0 h3 f! ?* b. Q5 |: N' x" GCapturing live sound
  k  ?3 v" f% ?6 V  u0 c# s. CTo record live sound, the user just needs to connect a musical instrument or microphone to the PC sound card and press the record button. Sound Forge Audio Studio makes it easy to record musical instruments, vocals, and more. The ability to import audio tracks from CDs and MP3 players has been implemented. Vinyl Recording and Restoration component records and restores music from vinyl records and audio cassettes.
- z9 Y) @! D. ]) d+ o
6 F& R6 W, d  ^( Q  p* C# VEditing audio tracks" `3 T/ h0 V2 G/ ?
To get started, you need to drag the required file into the Sound Forge Audio Studio working field. Users can adjust the audio level, trim unwanted parts, sync audio and video. Sound Forge Audio Studio lets you create your own loops and samples if needed in conjunction with ACID Music Studio.
3 Z' R4 o( G7 P# {2 A
4 K& Q  f- p  N2 E: FCreating Karaoke Tracks( K4 G! |5 Z2 Z4 x$ i
The Sound Forge Audio Studio package contains the Vocal Eraser software module, which allows you to remove vocals from a music recording or extract a vocal part for creating remixes.; ?' Z7 F5 v0 v. F

+ w* b  D2 O$ f8 {/ b) p6 j$ W2 }Extended video support
' A# E6 X& Q" d8 [# s8 nThe program is capable of synchronizing an audio track with a video sequence. Supports import of videos in common formats, including Windows Media, QuickTime, etc.+ n3 P! M5 A0 M
* _( X8 w! `4 G3 X( g5 j
Applying effects to audio
$ i0 V$ a; S5 p  VUsers can design audio tracks using more than 30 built-in effects (EQ, delay, chorus, distortion, effects module 1001 Sound Effects). DirectX and VST support increases the ease-of-use of the application and expands the number of effects that can be applied.- Y# z# x. {; a  t) L: i

8 p, V& k  k7 T! E% n( G% n, dHelping Users
8 N0 b! C- v) I4 B" V$ C$ HLearn The Show Me How tutorials are designed to guide the user through the entire creative process. Whenever you need help, you need to click the Show Me How button and select a guide on the topic.
% |, Y. ]6 t. V  h) e/ s4 p& ?& w  V
Recording, exporting and loading
0 i6 p9 _- R2 P2 O2 mThe program offers support for the function of recording CDs with high quality sound. Various recording methods are available - Track-at-Once (tracks are recorded sequentially, separated by a pause) or Disc-At-Once (flexible control of the intervals between tracks). Audio recordings can be converted to MP3, WMA and others. In addition, there are options for creating podcasts, exporting audio to MP3 players (PSP, iPod, iPhone, etc.) or uploading tracks to the Internet.5 l! S' F0 s- \5 X- w4 m. I+ s

- j6 S4 G; j9 C  {What's new:
" @7 N9 k$ s5 M1 t& P9 d- NEW! Remote Recording
, c% M0 P, V3 `- NEW! Instant Action & Windows context menu extensions
& y: c0 M! E/ F5 e# q- NEW! wizardFX Suite with professional effects plug-ins
- o: ]5 W* K! B( \' K# O- NEW! Truncate Silence option for removing pauses1 Z: ^# {8 x3 N% I5 Z' x" z: _) B4 X
- NEW! ACX Export Wizard
$ n- w# Y, e! x: f1 @- NEW! Redesigned Visualization Meter
+ K" D" N. f  n7 ?+ n& |- Customizable user interface with four shade settings: Dark, Medium, Light and White) U9 w9 u+ M& d- X* ^4 V& I( y
- Event Editing tool for professional, versatile and dynamic editing of audio files0 \" \! \0 c7 n" I" L+ c/ C1 v
- Edit 5.1 Surround files with up to six channels6 o1 }7 M2 u' g: T, [+ O& P$ v1 U
1 e8 e! k, }/ N% n+ i. x0 @0 i
System requirements:
. g1 b+ j) E) m  K- OS: Windows 10, Windows 85 s) m9 O+ E# s: t% @( k( |; U$ s
- Processor: 1.4 GHz
5 T2 f8 P( P% u+ u6 k1 ~- RAM: 512 MB
2 V1 [8 x+ h) \  O' x9 n* d0 Q- Graphics card: Built-in, supporting min. 1024x768
  x/ S( X+ m7 b  y4 q: x- Hard disk: 500 MB of free disk space for installing the program/ H4 _$ M/ q! {
- Sound card: built-in+ c$ c% I1 G) B3 y, M9 {; L# e; X
- Program languages: Deutsch, English, Espanol, Francais, Polski
, _1 p) g; m9 R" l3 W: d0 D& e- Q% |  M$ V+ d
1 [* i4 ~+ N  U9 R/ U& r2 b

: C9 c: u: e( l2 H/ Z! ~7 K) D& W5 I6 |6 i0 h$ Z8 _

9 G- i$ l" q; L7 o9 Y+ O' W+ q1 P; y5 B  ^0 ^

+ ?. D0 ^8 e: ?7 d$ m5 i
4 }0 {, a1 u* j7 o4 M# CDOWNLOAD:
2 o3 U8 T; a# _! @: HMAGIX SOUND FORGE Audio Studio x64.exe& M  B2 w/ i1 S! e
MAGIX SOUND FORGE Audio Studio x86.exe
5 h: i4 e. v' t. S! B9 BMAGIX SOUND FORGE Audio Studio x64.exe
: I' v" S5 g; j0 N; G% H/ L' D. b, nMAGIX SOUND FORGE Audio Studio x64.exe( B1 c2 K# i/ n3 E1 E
MAGIX SOUND FORGE Audio Studio x86.exe
. D( G- J: T% v0 d5 _( P
8 [, X' f- a9 H  c
! E( \* Z! N& Y" X& R( r. c; o( O6 _( J. M: z8 A& d




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