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Program Name: TMPGEnc MPEG Smart Renderer 6 v6.0.6.7
; H9 w& m+ \- u9 q7 dProgram Type: Media Authoring
% G/ p" \7 r  O* {' S2 k7 N: n% BDeveloper: PEGASYS Inc.( Z& \  |2 g" w0 k1 `# f
Homepage: http://tmpgenc.pegasys-inc.com/en/product/tmsr5.html
# Y, P9 l( V7 c& o; ]& RRelease Date: November 4, 2020
5 Q- |. ]" x5 ]! f2 ZInterface Language: English2 y% h% S1 V* I
Platform: Windows 8.1 / 8 / 7 / Vista SP1 / XP SP3* J, _+ H" ~6 G1 S7 h
File Size: 119 MB
. ~( B7 }/ r7 O0 D$ b6 c/ x- s# u5 c8 l8 y* s
TMPGEnc MPEG Smart Renderer is a high-speed video cutting tool focusing on MPEG video file formats. It alows you to cut videos with great speed and detail, and also incorporates the “Smart Rendering” function which makes super-fast output with practically no loss in quality.9 u" k. a  J3 |" x& V

' @1 W7 d/ E3 p% H7 @" K1 S$ GIn addition to MPEG-1/2 and H.264/AVC, this version newly supports H.265/HEVC – a new format for the 4K video and 8K video generation.
3 C& U, l0 d- h, J# @% k1 ^
2 |3 e# W7 m8 a& v7 SWith an aim on increased Smart Rendering support, this tool takes a “back to basics” approach, focusing on faster and smoother video editing. It not only reconsiders the internal processing but also pursues to optimize elements other than programming such as the seeking procedure, the cutting order and other functions.
' v5 N' n' z% J5 [# c
6 S# ]! [- q& g& ^4 i- g! kTMPGEnc MPEG Smart Renderer features the “Smart Rendering” output function. Smart rendering has the ability to analyze a video file and re-encode only the parts that have been changed, such as cut/split/join points and sections where transitions or other effects have been added. Parts of the video that have not changed are not re-encoded.
; G9 [6 W7 t$ y+ B5 T
4 q$ ^, ^& m1 {$ _3 r& o+ U( T% V( \TMPGEnc MPEG Smart Renderer is designed only for 64-bit architecture environments and does not support 32-bit OS environments. Along with this enhancement, the application is capable of using an outstandingly large memory size. Therefore, editing operations that contain ultra HD editing, complex filtering, file importation, video rendering, clip copying, etc. become much easier and lighter to handle.
6 f5 y6 g- S& ?) y5 A. `; @6 ]. R; H! `9 t6 }3 E6 c/ ~
One new feature, the Production Tool for your advanced preparation for editing. It allows you to perform the Commercial Candidate Detector and Indexing for Seeking functions automatically. Also including a Blu-ray BDAV authoring function, this new product can grant amazingly high-speed, high quality cut-editing and outputting.
8 E3 ~: L( h5 e6 e& }7 d. w
6 ]$ d) U1 g$ R3 _+ ?/ TTMPGEnc MPEG Smart Renderer main features:( d8 C- F- K7 e
MPEG-1/2, H.264/AVC and H.265/HEVC Smart Rendering.* t& W+ S, r! D8 K+ [2 T1 v
XAVC S Output Support.
/ S& q" O$ U4 X+ ]5 t5 K. MFrame Level Editing.8 B  e& ?7 h$ I6 u2 U- L- d  l
Easy and Intuitive.
0 B6 t  q: Q' d( k  BDiverse Container Support.5 F  x! J7 w8 K; s. a( ]5 h6 u8 _; i( t
H.264 and H.265 Blu-ray Authoring.
9 E2 N* [" J% N$ q3 k( w# CFLAC Input and Output Support.! x: L  Z- S( [+ c1 e
Dolby Digital Plus Input Support.
9 G9 K& G" I2 V7 z3 p1 xInput/Output Up To 8 Audio Streams.
$ `9 P+ L& U( C  bQuality Encoding When You Need It.
( [, C/ l5 O0 i  c  ~# yHigh Quality AAC Audio Encoding.
- T6 E) s5 T! j$ p* O0 E: vCUDA and Intel Media SDK (QSV) Support.
2 x9 f6 f+ `, }( l$ P5 m" \! hBlu-Ray, AVCHD, And MPEG-TS Importation.
/ }8 i* U7 t0 g2 z5 D$ QInstant Clip Preview.7 B) g! j; ^4 d$ C
Add Transition Effects.9 w, B- u) V9 a& _$ G7 n
Apply Audio Filters.. Z  j# x, N5 p& d: h; W
Xbox 360 Controller For Windows Support.4 n. M" ^! c5 G1 a0 C% x
New Output Features.
* Q$ s# n4 d( k4 w- eAuto Form Output Function.9 a) D3 s3 x# W; F
Sequential TS File Binding.
, j, z% X8 f1 V
$ f$ v, f* b  t( _TMPGEnc MPEG Smart Renderer supports the smart-rendering of the MPEG-2 Video format (for DVD-Video), the H.264/AVC format (for websites such as YouTube), and the “H.265/HEVC” format.
% [  C2 [( Q$ [% m2 x6 ]
) s2 j3 M+ B) `' d6 kMPGEnc MPEG Smart Renderer is great for editing AVCHD or XAVC camcorder recoding videos, Blu-ray disc videos, web videos, and more., o$ U, C5 K# w5 r

2 {1 g# P7 j$ q$ o! K2 PRequirements
7 s6 B9 D9 M& W0 I- Windows 10
- B, s2 e$ w& I3 z3 k# f9 NIntel Core 2 / Core i or newer, AMD FX or newer9 h# o7 C/ U. w+ m9 e
RAM        2 GB or higher (2 GB or higher including the memory page file)*2 i0 d1 e8 [: u+ v
530 MB for the application + movie source file size or more for working space (recommended 10 GB and more)9 g# `# I+ i: n1 P9 G& ?
NTFS recommended *6 Q( s3 S- o7 i9 J4 Z; s
1024 x 768 pixels or more
1 L# ?  ?% F6 r+ F1 RRequires the adopted resolution when the DPI settings of the Windows Display is other than 100%.
' [( w) J6 M  `2 R- [(Required for periodic online validation and updates1 \' u/ ~2 Z+ B, ]# F$ `
.NET Framework 4.6.2 or later
' L2 p1 [5 S6 R. v! M* H' r1 ~5 k- H: E% s8 \9 ~
/ R; ]: P8 r6 c5 r' l

$ P0 E9 l( _2 U! f; _" l) K& I: D0 h' a: t; m) h

3 X. |5 t$ ]; E) U9 P+ IDOWNLOADl6 O- x% s6 t$ y2 ]# |1 V* S
https://download1.pegasys-inc.com/download_files/tmsr6_en/TMSR6_6.0.6.7_setup_en.exe7 ]7 H; R8 C7 S6 f) ?5 R: T

; R% g: F! ~2 L! n& P, N& W& Q' R3 x& ~" H
. U+ ?  S" m# I5 Y  a




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