ON1 Portrait AI 2021.5 v15.5.0.10403

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Program Name: ON1 Portrait AI  C8 I$ o7 c. |, t
Program Type: Digital phography, Photoshop Plug-Ins# \* ^0 F$ X% a: Y$ K
Developer: ON1, Inc.
; y# {; {- ~6 ZHomepage: https://www.on1.com/products/portrait-ai/! L/ r6 U! B) j, v* H" K. Z
Release Date: May 6th, 2021/ `  X2 \8 v0 D2 `# }, \& _4 z
Interface Language: English! \& c; F8 N" O/ @, ?$ z
Platform: Windows 7/8/10, 64-bit only+ Z( @- s1 W9 x. ]! K
File Size: 385.14 MB
/ Y9 o' ?$ w( U4 b
1 p9 n3 y+ X: Q7 V1 p* R) ~6 E7 QON1 Portrait AI is a powerful tool for processing portraits that uses artificial intelligence technologies, it is able to automatically detect the faces of people in a photograph and immediately process them, and without the need for any settings or even operator intervention.
% P: F* n+ d) J# w* O* N4 \& c' I* g$ }( W6 R2 }4 O
Introducing the program, Vice President of ON1 Dan Harlacher, in particular, said that “portrait photographers spend a lot of time on retouching portraits, and ON1 Portrait AI can easily cope even with processing a volume photo shoot, giving photographers the energy and time to creation".) _* b$ a: ^5 a. g

6 ^" [  L1 v" s% K5 P: d8 oON1 Portrait AI iis a powerful portrait processing tool that uses artificial intelligence technologies, it is able to automatically detect the faces of people in a photo and immediately process them, and without the need for any settings and generally operator intervention. Introducing the program, ON1 Vice President Dan Harlacher, in particular, said that "portrait photographers spend a lot of time retouching portraits, and ON1 Portrait AI will easily cope even with the processing of a voluminous photo shoot, giving photographers strength and time for creativity . "+ E- j, O% m1 e# \, z

- B* i7 q* H2 g. M2 k' l# ]Program features
$ H: I6 c+ c, W0 V& D- iAutomatic AI correction for all faces.
2 p% Q2 _& T, X: \Customize each face individually.
4 G0 q' i% k6 C# ^% HFrequency division based skin correction
' S( G2 k! U9 {( d7 s! tNon-destructive editing
7 h, @) }7 P* D) a% G2 r& mCustomize them individually.1 T' S* U2 Z# d& e0 q4 m" e
Improve face shape and lighting., E$ C: K3 F) ^7 J& ~
Easily removes bruises.
9 {, z: ~6 J2 T4 vThe eyes are automatically detected and enhanced.
. V' N" ]4 }3 S2 R& S2 o% FON1 Portrait AI is ideal for almost any workflow.
0 J1 S" A6 I) z$ b7 J& A4 l0 F2 S  h- N9 s4 a
Program Capabilities3 ^# X2 j3 V2 u
Automatic AI correction for all persons.
  g- X% {( A& Y3 J7 \  M5 mSet up each person individually.
  K5 k+ |  A+ b5 V. G; qSkin correction based on frequency separation
7 w4 l6 D2 n; _, H' rNondestructive editing8 N6 o: z! K  Q% n1 e
Customize them individually.; B7 y, m+ t' N8 b
Improve face shape and lighting.
1 `. C/ w" _) W* r0 GEasily removes bruises.- c9 d( G) o! z$ W, M" S
The eyes are automatically detected and improved.
9 x& w3 s: s, AON1 Portrait AI is ideal for almost any workflow.
/ a& @. s8 t4 ~3 Z, F; }9 x( z& y% i7 N# u: L0 S/ i
ON1 Portrait AI is the perfect fit for almost any workflow. Get amazing retouching results in seconds when using ON1 Portrait AI as a plug-in for:
- ?6 l2 K! b6 l, z2 N( M! y- Adobe Photoshop. R1 d' o6 Z7 v: f
- Adobe Lightroom Classic3 u7 k) f) k7 J
- Adobe Photoshop Elements" q  X3 H3 l  N; x) m- G- ?5 h4 t
- Affinity Photo
. W* i/ H9 Q: S3 z- Capture One (coming soon)# v; m1 Q  `1 L0 C) A- {
- Apple Photos
  ], r# F) R, k2 j( K- Corel Paintshop Pro" b3 @- O. b- x0 q

3 L9 U1 y. {& K) \  h/ fMinimum Requirements:6 @) J9 h  ^. h3 }! s  w, j+ s4 Z
- Windows 7, Windows 8, or Windows 10
( m4 G+ Z4 e! q2 B+ M% R5 F- Intel Core i5, Xeon, or better5 i# `/ s# S9 q3 @
- 8 GB RAM! T/ u! Q, ?' v: c
- 1.5 GB for installation9 M. B( F! P6 J7 {7 Z
- OpenGL 3.3-compatible video card with 512 MB video RAM, 1280x800 resolution (at 100% scale factor)) T4 K" p7 D6 |" g
- Photoshop Lightroom Classic 6 and above3 H/ J* I% k% o

+ c) o- n% E3 x
9 ~, a) @! d) d' U# w8 [1 T# [2 @' x$ [+ A1 }

1 I1 q# ~; {6 y8 G4 \; S/ T( H& c
+ \( u6 ?( W1 y* g1 S# }/ o- X
* \/ k$ W5 C& PDOWNLOAD:$ |9 }& x6 r3 |, k: q% Q. X" E
https://ononesoft.cachefly.net/portrait_ai_2021/win/9518/ON1_Portrait_AI_2021.exe' U, l8 J$ _+ G- p. r+ g, B% x1 Q
https://ononesoft.cachefly.net/portrait_ai_2021/mac/9518/ON1_Portrait_AI_2021.dmg: K- ~5 ^- y5 \
https://ononesoft.cachefly.net/portrait_ai_2021/win/9618/ON1_Portrait_AI_2021.exe2 p+ U5 d! J: _9 Z( x
https://ononesoft.cachefly.net/portrait_ai_2021/mac/9618/ON1_Portrait_AI_2021.dmg$ T9 l/ [, Z( S2 C' g( O
, M0 p& K) E$ {https://ononesoft.cachefly.net/portrait_ai_2021/mac/gm_9783/ON1_Portrait_AI_2021.dmg/ a- ]8 o9 m0 E" [
https://ononesoft.cachefly.net/portrait_ai_2021/win/gm_10035/ON1_Portrait_AI_2021.exe. N% N7 L$ e5 J3 L
0 ~) h8 N) ^% L5 Ihttps://ononesoft.cachefly.net/portrait_ai_2021/win/gm_10100/ON1_Portrait_AI_2021.exe4 [& Z" i) p& ?' g  a6 g  ]
, R7 W; Y# [' x) Jhttps://ononesoft.cachefly.net/portrait_ai_2021/win/gm_10403/ON1_Portrait_AI_2021.exe
& T' L9 M! N5 n) jhttps://ononesoft.cachefly.net/portrait_ai_2021/mac/gm_10403/ON1_Portrait_AI_2021.dmg% }# \( u1 A6 X0 Q* t) t

8 C! T( X2 X; J/ w9 F# Q: u9 J8 U: ]

4 X( H( v9 m8 u. G
3 `. G, {) o" l. h1 y- x% [6 P6 J) V8 S! Y" V, K. e* `6 L
, B3 z& H/ z( M% u1 _5 E' P2 D




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