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Release Name: MAGIX Movie Edit Pro 2021 Plus/Premium9 M' U- t0 m6 w# V& ^
Program Type: Video editing
2 o' i; y0 p& O5 U* a3 zRelease Date: August 24, 2020
, |$ Q8 U2 G2 _* [Homepage: http://www.magix.com/us/movie-edit-pro/8 k7 c: A! W9 a- x; J& }
Interface Language: English
5 |! ?- z  {& `. b) E6 |Platform: Windows 10 / 8 / 7
3 w4 l# R* h7 L0 sFile size: 784.9 MB5 b% E% S2 J* U9 l. e
) L9 m. d$ Y  l
MAGIX Movie Edit Pro Premium is a representative of a new generation of video editing utilities, more powerful, faster and more high quality. The premium version includes a wide selection of exclusive bonus programs and cinematic special effects. Download the app and turn your PC into a fully equipped video editing studio.: J5 s, e# a) @7 f5 |

9 x. @% K9 q# l  d# b6 j; H' zMain advantages:  C4 k5 o6 p6 m
- High quality special effects, cinematic templates and blanks
" @3 J: ^3 B* e5 T9 q- Full 3D support
- B0 ]- b: T- [" Q5 V! V% j- Extended audio recording: Dolby Digital 5.12 C6 T" {2 Q! I: A) c& C/ l9 Y
- Full HD support: For HDV and AVCHD camcorders
' b, E4 v" }/ N6 Y- 99 tracks, MultiCam editing, travel itinerary, animation, etc.
  U& N; t- p% j+ d0 E* @( L- Editing video TV quality, mobile formats or for the web
! \+ J, t/ Q( |' J- h4 U
, A/ p6 R/ W' z7 X+ b$ r1 W4 PPowerful video engine:
4 U9 D: H2 h/ h* o. S- New DirectX11 features for wider GPU use7 Z: T% H! m0 H
- GPU-ported to numerous effects: auto exposure, auto color, RGB controllers& Q: G6 V3 v! L+ Y; |, [
- Optimization of various rendering effects3 L# Q. \: D% G8 r. m
- New ability to manually select the desired graphics module (DirectX9 and DirectX11) with intelligent preselection3 S- ^- W/ G7 a  F9 k$ c
- Smooth shutter mode changes3 M2 h  ~/ p: U
- Improved switching from video card memory to main memory when using GPU9 ]0 n  F% h3 S* O$ K5 g

: v. i6 e- T# N5 ]Editing improvements:3 G& f! K  K4 N& }
- New mode when entering text to maintain the specified area of ​​placement
8 D0 g) j( c* N+ m5 n( r' h# A- Fast line entry in parameter names% [+ o8 x5 k8 T9 r
- Convenient monitor handles for small and large titles
. K5 P0 \( P* G+ V% C- Powerful positioning processing( C! {! N2 e) D9 G& g4 ?
- Convenient and accurate selection of the font using the mouse wheel when developing templates
# H% e/ g! a1 X8 i- Settings can be applied to the selection of multiple Object Names6 J9 x3 ^) N4 x  ~, ^5 R
- Tab System of films of all open in the project
' d; M6 T; L/ q) ]4 k- Supplement the movie menu in the file management menu and tabs
5 K( A& k5 T3 q) e7 x2 c- Quick access functions for viewing, cropping and importing
! t. U. ~. B' m* a2 N% E+ k- Switch for preview quality on the monitor screen
4 l' Y9 H- L9 T  b  D0 x0 {6 w( W- Preview quality HD material
& `7 D3 H& Y$ V
9 v4 Y+ f9 h* \$ Y9 `- PAdvanced features for render preview:
8 j& y5 V; b& }$ u( ?4 u- Faster rendering
' M+ d' M2 ^, H- Improved detection of changes in pre-rendered areas& j( X) K8 T4 X7 T% P5 W( X% k; \, z
- Support for projects in Stereo3D; ^  I( C5 A: O" Z
- Support for projects in Multicam1 H# K" o; M, s' g+ k" [  d& i* P
- Improved performance when playing on very old systems and more convenient work without manual tuning by switching to MXV format) _( K) t! D; ~; ?8 E# B- s( N
- Quick video import and quick access function
+ s2 Z, m* }4 h& k3 g% v- f3 v4 b- Accelerated preview file sharing for a smoother workflow while sieving material# n- m! y6 ?' k8 P

8 r( B6 I  _: ]/ O4 e' ^Several improvements for H.264 based on variable frame rate formats:, I- V" _) H) K; I* I
- Improved performance! Q8 H' l% w) i
- Playback / Export at standard frame rate0 w2 R  Q* E7 z6 j
- Synchronization of audio objects
- [) T; H- Q4 Y6 n. k1 P- Auto-crop when importing source files
2 R! C/ G( b. z! U* f" E7 {: J6 v3 A4 O5 ~9 S' m
Extension for export to H.264 with hardware acceleration:2 |0 f- S6 s: w0 ~1 c7 E% v
- Support for systems with Intel Quick Sync Video" u/ ^& ]* K* @! C* j  b2 m& `
- Automatic selection of the appropriate encoder module for hardware accelerated export (NVIDIA CUDA, AMD / OpenCL and Intel Quick Sync Video); J: L: e$ d, e( F: u. e8 j
- Support for hardware accelerated export to other profiles
0 g3 f1 I+ G, U# \" }6 o+ c- New version of MainConcept sensor components with various improvements3 B8 i0 }2 _9 V: I
- Interlaced video clips QuickTime& G# p3 v, ]4 B

( e2 c. Q! ]! L2 R9 r  W- iEnhanced import compatibility:5 U. k' l/ a2 ^# z& L+ ?" n' @. y  M
- Olympus OM-D
! Z% L: B( F/ f% D" K  S9 @& a- Various PCM based import H.264 video formats1 _, P% {3 a2 ^* K
- Expanded support for various color codes in H.264 materials
8 Q4 `/ z/ {# j$ g% m4 J( y2 _
9 j5 l$ q1 ?9 Q2 O3 ?Supported import formats:9 ~. o+ ^, D  P# x
- Video: AVI, DV-AVI, MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MPEG-4, MTS, M2TS, MXV, MJPEG, QuickTime, WMV (HD), VOB, MKV) d  z7 M2 a$ h; N% y
- Audio: WAV, MP3, OGG, WMA, MIDI, Surround-Sound / 5.1
! u. [8 e) `3 X$ a. }- Photo: JPEG, BMP, GIF, TIF, TGA! o3 p. A6 J* v" p( A% |
8 A: w* |  o! s% u) t4 C
Supported export formats:
2 I3 A9 e  H! o  p1 Q& o- Video: AVI, DV-AVI, MJPEG, MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MPEG-4, QuickTime, WMV (HD)
( u0 P" Q! D8 n& O' ~3 Q" `- Audio: WAV, MP3, 5.1 Surround-Sound
3 W: c# v1 a* J8 w* r" v7 p- Photo: JPEG, BMP: s$ n! Q  ?- R3 D9 Z( U) i0 c
0 t; e3 h: F# O! \- X( R
Supported devices:
6 ^7 P5 r, U8 e3 G- FireWire interface for use with DV / HDV camcorders* x, L% q3 Z5 w! \/ B& f; O" }
- USB interface: for use with HD camcorders, hard disk recorders, webcams" z, Y, u7 k3 m
- Video, TV or graphics cards with video input: digitizing analog sources
4 J1 P! V) Q) H) O  b8 B- TV tuner and DVB-T / S-Tuner-Karten: for recording TV streams
- Z3 J  X, \. f# ?& e- Optical drive: Blu-ray, DVD-R / RW, DVD + R / RW-, DVD-RAM or CD-R / RW discs
- ?+ }  g; A& {# v$ P) j# u! K7 E5 E! @! S
Supported File Extensions (Import):
' y: t1 J9 n: x8 A/ j.avi, .dat, .evo, .m2v, .m1v, .h264, .mpv, .mpg, .mpeg, .mpg2, .mps, .mp2, .mpe, .m2s, .vdr, .vob, .mod , .vro, .ts, .trp, .tp, .m2t, .mpt, .mmv, .m2ts, .mts, .tod, .mov, .mp4, .dvr-ms, .asf, .pva, .mp4 , .mpeg4, .mpeg-4, .m4v, .3gp, .3g28 f- D8 Y+ T- f
+ Y, g' b6 ]' A' I
MAGIX Movie Edit Pro Premium Advantages:' H" C$ ?/ b' F0 }4 ]8 V1 P- ?
- Storyboard and Timeline mode; q/ m- [; L8 ]3 ^  T
- More than 1,500 effects, transitions, menus, intros and outros/ ?' ?7 y4 k1 z2 i7 l1 ~
- NEW! Includes soundtrack music
3 a  _7 r- S& t# r; |6 t- H! }- NEW! 200 multimedia tracks6 O7 g, q0 J- i% ^
- Automatic wizards
1 I( H4 U! V/ J6 b6 m- Premium effects package + special effects: |  y0 ?' a/ [5 p* t( ?
- Smooth 4K proxy editing
( n  f$ H2 T% k- NewBlue Elements Overlay + ColorFast 20 d6 _* Z: w4 V. ?, n, H
- iZotope RX Elements + HitFilm Essentials0 h' M% @0 L! U0 `7 s
3 ~% o8 {7 g0 N: K5 X$ \
System Requirements:3 j# d+ T, P3 w9 }* @# W2 ?/ N
- You need a 64-bit version for the following operating systems:; G; J  ^' {( M4 m' h3 [/ I5 v
- Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7
/ o2 P* O3 h2 \, f- Processor: 2.4 GHz (Quad-core processor with 2.8 GHz or better recommended*)
/ b! K4 C/ }- f$ S- RAM: 2 GB or higher (8 GB recommended*)
% B9 E* S  f! m/ d3 e: z- Graphics card: Onboard, minimum resolution 1280x768. (Dedicated, at least 512 MB VRAM recommended); X# j, Z  s3 F* N! W: l
- Hard drive space: 2 GB for program installation4 R# G8 v' r1 j! v& R2 R/ ~

+ K9 b2 d8 v0 x0 o4 D0 I6 }
- C) [& N. I' `$ ]* `9 U8 @# x
9 Z! L- i% H' J" {% Z1 ^+ }, c& |4 Y1 e- b  c, [
  f. [3 C0 p( E8 O
DOWNLOAD:; ]3 W! I; }! V7 @/ f
MAGIX Movie Edit Pro 2021 Premium V20.0.1.65.exe
; y3 X  i2 g7 F% mMAGIX Movie Edit Pro 2021 Premium
/ ^4 ~+ M3 \0 d7 d5 {
7 n; _+ Z) u7 S6 k7 b0 N1 E* ]. q. A) U

" R7 T' T5 J( j; q


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