PreSonus Studio One 5 Professional

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Program Name: PreSonus Studio One Pro 5
% [8 A  d& F. [  J0 m, ZProgram Type: Audio Restoration Tool3 c/ G. p: f1 q% x1 D
Developer: Presonus Productions, Inc.% n  ]: X" \+ l  b0 ~% C; h# b$ t- y
, z" `; X5 c* l% o" H5 R, DRelease Date: August 11, 2020! b' b* Y" y& ?% G6 b$ g/ D
Interface Language: English9 L  i. s7 i# B! U! [
Platform: Windows XP SP3/Vista/7/8/10' k' P8 a2 E3 \# c( ~
File Size: 147.8 MB1 l; ?  e) f( T1 X

* G2 ]- A, K4 N4 L% pPreSonus has presented a new version of the Studio One 5 sequencer, timed to coincide with the 10th anniversary of the music recording software. According to the developers, the fifth version of the popular program "brings together the needs of users and our sense of innovation."
7 k: t5 a' O3 H8 e( |2 C& P$ B% r: m
; }, b3 }! H! K" w. ?Among the new features of the program, there are new functions that will be useful to performers, composers and producers. For example, performers will receive a new Show Page, and composers will receive an updated Score Editor. In addition, all stock plugins in Studio One 5 will receive a completely new interface designed to make interacting with them easier and more efficient. It will not do without new treatments and effects.0 k6 p9 _( V) b
, o/ \& }( ^9 m$ x" a( Q
The program will also include synchronization with MIDI timecodes, a special bus for listening to the Listen Bus and new AUX channels. The developers promise to add envelopes for clips, Keyswitch articulations and extended scenes in the mixer.$ u6 g! ?" a7 r
8 u  H0 Y2 W& D) r. L; w" b0 A
Additional Information:
( y6 K" Y) S- T8 }: D/ iWHERE YOU WERE - SOUND WITH YOU.0 V( q8 t9 o" e
Record, produce, mix, master all from one intuitive application.
7 Q" _% i2 E0 Y
2 K1 p# ]  {6 W1 Y' p- Z' UDesigned for ease of use, Studio One 5 is your creative partner from studio to stage. The start page provides everything you need to get started with your creative process, including a dashboard with all your songs, projects, and show projects, plus the option to personalize your user profile so you can get more creative.
9 m( d! V  Z6 T5 e5 {$ [- F5 W3 k( a( Z: o6 K
Studio One develops a drag-and-drop workspace that continues to be the guiding principle of PreSonus' inventive philosophy. Loops, virtual instruments, plug-in effects, and many more presets that can be dragged and dropped into a session thanks to the innovative Studio One browser. Copy FX settings by simply dragging and dropping from one channel to another, convert MIDI to audio and audio to MIDI, also with drag and drop function. The new Clip Gain development will allow you to prepare for performances or fix bugs by adding a plugin to the effect chain. Studio One is built on ease of use so you can work faster than ever.
9 t' o7 @1 U  f& t
7 ?6 d8 z: c9 `4 GTHE COMPOSITION WILL BE WRITTEN CORRECTLY.: M$ k$ J4 j9 Z, z, {3 J& G$ x% B5 d
Today's composers need solutions that allow them to use electronic elements alongside traditional sound. The new Score Editor in Studio One 5 is an award-winning and best-performing Score Editor - Notion. Use a variety of symbols to change the dynamics of a song, add tremolo and more while playing. You can choose your View of the Music Editor on separate tracks, and switch between viewing scores, drums and piano. Studio One 5 offers rare flexibility not often found in the digital audio world.( @% K- ~- D- q) T, }3 |. Q  I
# V% D- U( U7 Y  S: h& M
CREATIONS WITHOUT LIMITS.5 f0 b* E; \) |- j  m% P3 O
You can forget about difficult moving, cutting and pasting. It's much easier with Scratch Pads to check arrangements, and Track Arranger, which make moving parts of songs as easy as moving individual parts. Also, you will discover a revolutionary way to edit harmony. No other program can provide such a simple and understandable environment for creating arrangements and writing songs that are present in Studio One 5.
- w& d0 J, m4 k! y( n" K$ x8 U( w5 E$ \0 J) V) x& o
Inspirational virtual instruments and multi-instruments let you create your own unique sound libraries. With the new AUX inputs, your synthesizers, drum machines and groove boxes can easily become part of your music production.
9 U  N  L7 c2 d7 u
, {! {+ m+ ?" `+ y7 c$ f( O* ~5 k2 W& G2 _ANALOGUE MIXING WITH ELECTRONIC EASY.
$ i! V$ X0 M  O' Y6 HWith a completely redesigned suite of plugins, Studio One 5 literally charges your mix. Any plug-in driver input now has State Space - an analog input to add just the right contrast and warmth when you need it. Studio One Professional includes the Pipeline XT plugin that lets you use your favorite collection of vintage and classic analog signal processors. Together with the Channel Editor, you get a comprehensive effects chain, including Splitter, which allows you to run multiple plugins on the same channel.- G( p/ }2 P6 A! K8 g

& k7 s  p, L- ^. C3 K% \The FX processor supports the State Space model of a classic analog console. This is not a stereo bus plugin, it is multi-functional processing that creates vintage artifacts such as real console crosstalk, analog noise, and rich input gain.
3 k2 J; o; D  U8 L3 r$ E3 L( s3 @# L% \  U/ u4 z3 @1 \
- g! H% Z. v6 p+ @; r( V) PStudio One 5 will go with you from studio to stage, or stream with the new Overview Page. Create a setlist using songs already in your Studio One, including mixes of live instruments, pre-recorded tracks, and virtual instruments.* N/ _- h* ^* ^# _4 J

- p- w# S" F4 tEach song on the set list can have its own unique instrumental. Songs in your setlist can be rearranged thanks to drag-and-drop functionality, and some individual elements from your songs can become part of a live show using a simple copy-and-paste function or direct export. When it's time to perform, turn on complete freedom of performance with a wide range of personalization and control settings in real time.
. @* \+ c+ n2 G/ i2 h. s( i. f5 }
( S) U& Q! L' D$ y7 @8 i2 b* GWhat's new in PreSonus Studio One 5:
/ g$ @1 i4 c! J1 ~. ]The new Show Page performers workspace combines the ability to play back tracks and work with virtual instruments in a single window. Channel Strips, mixdowns and virtual instruments can be exported directly to the Show Page. Setlists with the ability to change the order and skip files will also appear here.7 K, y! ~& V' H% v& e: `( c

; X- q( }9 k0 P' |9 d1 Q) XShow Page will get its own full-screen window with a responsive interface and controls that change the scene in real time. According to the developers, live sets in the new mode will become simple and flexible, regardless of what you are working with - with backing tracks, effects or virtual instruments./ E3 a: I0 Z2 ~4 ^

* q# y) E7 V& T5 k7 GEspecially for composers and arrangers, the developers have created a new Score View in the music editor. The mode repeats the one in the PreSonus Notion score editor. Score View can work in a separate window or in split screen mode with Piano View and Drum View modes. This allows users to use Score View on one track and Piano / Drum View on another to independently edit the score. Score View is equipped with basic musical symbols. According to the press release, notes can be entered manually, in real time or in step recording mode.
, d# C! z; I" S& q6 m! E, Z: e. _* T1 b* b+ T  X- ~  m
In terms of native stock effects and plugins, PreSonus Studio One 5 will offer an updated interface for all treatments. Externally, the plugins will become cleaner, and will also receive a light and dark theme, which you can switch between independently. In addition, all plugins will acquire a number of new features.& D0 m$ J& [9 L4 @

" i5 l& d7 m& eSo, for example, dynamic effects in Studio One 5 received sidechain inputs. Filter plugins have learned to filter the signal at the sidechain inputs, which gives more control over the sidechain signal. Drive treatments now have a State Space Modeled section for natural analog signal saturation. Equalizer Pro EQ received a linear-phase cut filter, a new option for displaying signal information, as well as input and output signal level meters with additional settings.3 S) a2 X3 o; w
" M6 r+ {: d  L0 [7 i
Especially for producers, the developers have expanded the functionality of the scenes in the mixer. The DAW now allows you to save snapshots of all mixer settings at any time, and there are several options for recalling snapshots. For example, producers can pull the settings of only individual tracks from each shot, and combine them with the current parameters of the tracks in the project.
" r% z6 R7 E! ~% F2 ^* @, n% |$ ?# u  c6 @
Also, a special Listen Bus appeared in the mixer, allowing you to monitor the signal through an independent output channel. The same bus can be used for A / B-checking the mix: users can place any plug-ins on it without worrying about critical changes in the sound of the composition.% E* a8 t! `+ ^9 m  w+ P% S; C# {
* E) o) M9 V/ F& D4 e% t8 C/ r. S
Other interesting innovations include the Clip Gain Envelopes function, which provides an additional layer of gain control for the audio clip. According to the developers, the function is useful for correcting too loud or weak sections of audio files without using dynamic processors.0 U/ a9 `. x- e( y
6 r2 z& h6 K+ l( ?1 d' s1 m, \
In the fifth version of DAW, the AUX inputs will be able to accept external audio sources. Thanks to this, third-party real instruments will work without a separate channel in the project, and interacting with them in DAW will resemble working with virtual instruments. The developers also note that Studio One 5 will learn to record audio in 64-bit WAV, will receive full support for MIDI MPE and MIDI Poly Pressure, MIDI timecodes. The program will add cross-platform support for hardware graphics acceleration.
0 O: D3 n/ C/ ?
$ I4 ~$ P5 o# d  v9 V7 Y* B" ^5 @7 }7 XSystem requirements:
. f  v5 \( F! m7 O. ]5 [- Windows 10 ( 64-bit only )
$ y$ [! f  p) q, K  }" A) ~- Intel® Core ™ i3 / AMD A10 processor or better
# w  w8 o4 p. h% h) z- Minimum 4GB RAM / Recommended 8GB or more
; |& W' k& R2 y. `- Internet connection (needed for installation, activation, and Cloud, Shop, and Exchange integration)
6 S0 r0 S) C& _5 O) t6 P- Monitor with 1366 x768 resolution (high-dpi monitor recommended)8 {- X# P# e4 i- A+ ~0 Q
- Multi-touch enabled monitor is required for touch operation
1 p7 y6 ~2 y/ \+ g  t
6 s( F: J0 C: H7 A3 z  h% Q" A! ]# p. ?  p% M
& h' g2 S( y' N  F& C6 O

, `( t+ R) r) F& b7 ~2 g0 {
0 h. ?$ B( G. N, ~( L1 |! U
9 k0 \& a1 h0 g& s; X' {Download:) u! R! a6 p6 _" F/ s
PreSonus Studio One 5 Professional
0 L! a' m( Y# d' m) zPreSonus Studio One 5 Professional
7 f2 K0 n- P' \  b8 ]* |PreSonus Studio One 5 Professional
3 R* _! S" m* c+ rPreSonus Studio One 5 Professional
6 q0 \6 L3 {$ T4 Q$ N




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