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Program Name: MAGIX VEGAS Pro 18+ x/ e  `) f4 m0 o
Program Type: Video Edit
9 v0 r. ]& H9 A0 j6 ~Developer: MAGIX
  w, W5 @2 [( v2 u# O5 qHomepage: http://www.vegascreativesoftware.com/us/vegas-pro
' D  q4 V2 e* g! eRelease Date: 10/30/2020& C/ Y9 f# @2 M9 N$ y" ^0 z
Interface Language: English# v0 \9 Y1 y2 {( q: W
Platform: Windows 7/10, 64-bit ONLY, u5 M* M0 N( L- u
File size: 770.8 MB  & N+ P' e1 Y8 L5 M9 f

. P" l+ \; h: M7 l+ ]VEGAS Pro 18 is here to make your video production more efficient than ever before. Explore multiple nested timelines, industry-leading HDR editing tools, and an easy-to-use, yet powerful color grading workflow. In combination with over 30 new features, VEGAS Pro 17 provides comprehensive workflow improvements that will supercharge your video production.# R7 R; s; K3 a0 ^! ^/ `% g, v1 i0 t
" e: ?7 g& Y1 ~
Editing. Work smarter, not harder.
- k, |6 _2 K5 r7 V4 {Nobody edits faster than a passionate creative with VEGAS Pro at hand. The timeline editing tools make editing fast and easy. But more importantly, they bring out your creativity, because ideas flow freely when you're not preoccupied by clumsy editing tools. No NLE enables you to edit, think and create more effectively than VEGAS Pro.
2 H  t4 U8 j/ P5 s. R
4 Z2 G% M& E  k. A( @Nested timelines5 h% S7 }' F" Q- m% j9 l
Organize projects and speed up your workflow with nested timelines. Move easily between timelines within the master project, or access your nested timelines as stand-alone projects to work on them independently.
: T  @+ T( U# f
. j1 K. d. ^4 R: y4 uSmart Split, c+ v9 y, n3 ]: n" x0 P& T
With Smart Split you can remove whole sections of a video clip and leave behind a virtually undetectable edit with complete flexibility to adjust the results if you need to in order to get it just right. No more ugly jump cuts!6 R3 v5 B8 h; o, Z8 H  e# u& |; l
% S; o/ b# Z4 X. g6 m% t
"Hamburger" menu system
0 G7 q* Z, ^# K- h6 kThis innovative menu system enables you to customize high-traffic areas of the user interface so you can find the tools you need quickly while at the same time keeping the workspace clutter free.: K, o+ b6 [" B0 d6 {3 r8 I
8 H& y3 C  O" X9 P
Color Grading. Simple as a brush.
% Y0 X- D4 D3 a9 j2 gPowerful, professional-level color grading tools empower you to do your best work, and the color grading workflow in VEGAS Pro provides fast, powerful, flexible options for everything you need to do. Provide the final perfect look of your film, even in HDR.' z% `2 J- Y3 i3 x" Y3 J2 Y0 K1 f
9 H, Y+ d( n8 ]; t; u
Unified Color Grading workflow
$ P5 I# x/ t- F. g  }% nTake your color grading and correction to the next level with the new unified workflow in the Color Grading panel. Import and export LUTs, adjust colors with color wheels, curves, and much more. Supports HDR color adjustments beautifully.
5 q* y! d9 G# ~. t6 ?3 W; f$ L$ v
LUT Export1 I) P, R0 w( b/ T' I8 [
Have you created the perfect color look? Want to use it on multiple clips, in other projects, or share it with other VEGAS users? Export your color grading settings as a LUT in .cube format for easy application to other files anywhere LUTs can be imported.
- l# ?+ k8 l' @" ?8 w0 u. i
9 m+ K3 ]7 K( Q; ^HLG HDR Support6 ]! s+ p7 A6 W! v. {9 \
Join the HDR leader on the cutting edge. Work with HLG or HDR10 files in the ACES 1.1 color space. Preview in HDR in the VEGAS Preview window or to an external HDR monitor. Grade colors in HDR with HDR-enabled video scopes. Deliver in full HDR glory–even to YouTube.( j. J; X" M/ Q9 c

! |+ c% K/ i6 z5 n- \Special Effects. Enlighten your viewers.
: f" x2 N4 w6 L+ F7 [# sWith complete support for Open FX plug-ins, VEGAS Pro features a wide range of built-in effects and can use your third-party effects from the industry's top plug-in Manufactures. With the ability to create effects chains at four different levels that can include up to 32 plug-ins per chain, you have all the room you'll ever need to get as creative as you want.  r6 h% X- O0 t, O7 f
. H" k, R' x2 C* Y" x
Mesh Warp1 G. K4 |, V8 u, K- w, H
Stretch and deform your video in virtually any way imaginable with the Mesh Warp effect. From something as simple as mapping a video to the side of a building in another video, to creating crazy distorted video effects, the possibilities are endless.
; [$ ~$ |# N; \4 q
0 G& h5 O! ~; U9 t/ oOptical-Flow Slow Motion
- Y$ P' ]) j6 S) w# C+ ~! K, SWith carefully-crafted proprietary optical flow technology, VEGAS Pro creates video frames your camera didn't shoot to fill in between actual frames and give you incredibly smooth slow motion.: y' V( [" r% o$ Y" _+ i' ?$ k3 I
' j7 r; G( U* B$ L& n) Q. T
Creative compositing modes
: W% r3 k/ ?0 }0 C  T' p! \* u% jA complete set of compositing mode options makes VEGAS Pro a powerful compositing tool. Add the output of two clips, subtract one from the other, or calculate the difference. Get creative!
' ?$ p8 ^# z9 N3 M* u4 `& \
8 X- Y4 w% {' N# B# t# bAudio Editing. Set the tone.
+ U1 ]) l/ X" BA great film needs great sound to underscore and intensify your visuals and create a moving auditory experience for your audience. VEGAS Pro provides a complete audio environment with tools for professional audio editing. With full VST interface support, dozens of effects and real-time rendering, no other NLE provides a digital audio workstation feature set as robust as the tools in VEGAS Pro.! y% Z% v' r" H" W4 M" j# c& o
" M) [$ h/ U0 C3 A% }3 J9 P$ u6 r
Robust multitrack audio environment
% I7 N0 u" ~" ?0 \- ~VEGAS Pro includes powerful audio recording and editing tools for the most demanding productions. Record audio in a multitrack environment with input buses, professional metering, punch-in recording, unlimited tracks and more.
7 O; \4 U3 z% o: i" a7 p! \  F& g% h6 n: ]7 g9 J
Extensive audio effects
/ m/ E  R8 Y# ^* h$ c5 m* V6 AVEGAS Pro supports standard VST interfaces. Apply effects to tracks, individual events on a track auxiliary audio buses and the Master bus. Choose from more than 40 included signal and effects processing tools and automate effects with real-time envelope control.
: f5 x6 z) S/ f/ g, m3 ~* N* p- K/ E" Y
3 J( H- s$ V: @1 b. k; VAudio synchronization for multicam; S' O6 V/ t" `- Z
Leverage your audio waveforms for automatic synchronization of multiple video files on separate tracks, to make multi-camera event editing quick and efficient.
" ]" E0 m$ J/ e( K
" y6 \! j3 ^$ J/ b% y/ lFinal Delivery. Render, don't surrender.- l% H: `3 S1 J+ d( ^
All your hard work would mean nothing without the ability to deliver it in the formats you need…and as quickly as possible. VEGAS Pro offers tons of delivery options and makes it easy to choose the most common formats and templates, or completely customize your project renders. You'll always hit your target delivery no matter what the final output requirements.
% ?0 m# `( P( h: i# ~- r1 u- F* I
) {  T8 _0 [6 G! ]! zGPU accelerated rendering8 o: V% G# G0 Z" T
With support for cards from the industry's leading manufacturers including NVIDIA, AMD and Intel, VEGAS harnesses the power of GPU processing from the most popular graphics cards to accelerate rendering of popular AVC and HEVC formats to as much as twice the speed.5 N9 m) K- R% L, x1 `  I1 r
. d  o$ X0 n* g& ?2 t/ s& g
Support for up to 8K, m% c" L9 W2 E! x9 l/ d7 L
Modern productions push the limits with higher and higher resolutions. VEGAS Pro supports up to 8K files from beginning to final delivery, so now you can deliver stunningly high resolution files for super-large format projection or any other high-resolution need.
! T' f( p$ J' F* y, E$ `) _! B/ k9 H; T1 c' W
VEGAS Pro 18 Highlights:! x& a9 I% L1 B; D! z7 T* K1 s
- NEW: Nested Timelines
7 }: @9 q# T$ J5 Z* [4 ?: n5 r- NEW: Complete HDR Color Support
, O5 x+ g+ Q9 V6 w) r0 |5 E- NEW: Optical-Flow Slow Motion
5 r3 Q  L- i6 N6 T  p% d, O3 [- NEW: Planar Motion Tracking
. h+ ^, s1 R; u- NEW: GPU accelerated decoding for AVC/HEVC! r1 e) D6 K' D
- World-class Video stabilization: o5 F/ g( z4 j3 _
& U( h, P, l; T- r: H2 H, ~  K
VEGAS Pro 18 Update 3 (Build 434)
6 k3 _3 |) r" Y  v* R  R) c8 M1 [$ S9 IFixed Crash when using Style Transfer plugin. c* n% i( {, w  q
Color Curves plugin now handles HDR values properly
9 C( G* T$ ]$ C9 h0 R! kAnchor points are now handled properly in the Titles and Text media generator$ r8 h# V2 ^+ L! K" L1 l
The directory field in the Organize Layouts dialog now persists properly
. S; T4 |- y1 I2 PImproved functionality for drag-and-drop in the Motion Tracking panel
% X: }  ~; N  F2 p: E: l; o; dOpen folder button now works properly in the Render Progress window after rendering an image sequence
" Z" b6 Y, f- NFixed a crash while editing the Crop plugin' R+ h0 s( Q! t  l
360 mode is now properly retained when you open a new VEGAS session
1 z0 m# Z+ w! j0 VAdded a new option to deactivate GPU acceleration for the UI when conflicts exist! S' v" N( o% w" S4 r
Hamburger menu configuration dialog will no longer clip options in high DPI environments
* i1 {: [; u/ L( SExpanded the slider range for the Cookie Cutter plugin
* K+ ^  K& ~7 q, U3 g$ ~Vimeo upload now works
4 y9 R& G2 [4 X2 ?. oVideoFX, Media Generators and Transitions plugin windows now retain focus properly
: Z. r5 d7 d1 x% sRenderAs dialog sizes properly in high DPI environments9 l+ f6 ~( Q4 e: n
Long load times have been reduced in projects containing a Warp Flow transition! R; j  }- M8 }1 Q6 K& r
The track buttons in the Motion Tracking panel are now disabled when no region is selected" x3 A& D& z4 \* B
Changing the opacity of a track on the timeline no longer affects event selection
  @0 r  M; _0 E6 ~3 mPerforming an undo when the envelope tool is selected no longer causes a crash
+ U. }: d0 u9 k! X- |7 i% wFixed crash when the current user has changed in Windows+ m" _6 J  i; ]+ i8 f" M
View transform selection is now retained between launches of VEGAS& y( _3 _5 a6 R: f
The motion tracking panel no longer causes a crash when selecting an empty event
$ @* r7 @) s9 B+ {/ }, ^Fixed a crash the could occur when events are drawn on the timeline
% a( D( }! @/ C; z7 ?Color grading panel will no longer produce large numbers of undo events1 I' Y6 H3 M7 y' d9 t  t% c) \; j
Drawing of the color wheels in the Color Grading panel has been improved
* z8 b# m7 E. E  DZoom level in the Video Stabilization plugin is new set properly when loading a project" ]5 U! O: w# Q5 L/ M
Fixed problem when reading in some MPEG files with AC-3 audio! I$ n$ e; g( Q7 T& S
Media Effects will no longer be removed from media that is renamed in the Project Media window  w8 l$ C2 n, m3 t3 y# U( `
Favorites will now properly update in the Explorer window
8 X- ]) f. H8 Y; i: [- ~Improved functionality of GPU detection
# [, p! m5 U" b3 P7 e9 WVideo Stabilization no longer crashes when applied as a Media Effect to a still image5 g4 S+ }  V* X8 A* t9 Q% @9 ^. A
Better handling of the position parameter for some plugins when using the Motion Tracking panel
2 v: D; ]2 x- a- Z- L0 NFixed issue where some transitions were not able to be added to the timeline1 l! Y/ F# J7 N
Double clicking on an FX name will now properly add it to a plugin chain with the default preset$ c8 X  F6 A9 t  }3 h
Fixed issue where drag-and-drop did not work with compositors on an empty video track
* N. l( c+ w2 x9 ]4 {7 M$ [6 GAdded support for Quadro and 3000 series Nvidia GPUs in the Driver Update window& O) S5 R. z8 Y9 H
Fixed memory error the may occur when using NVENC templates
3 g$ Z  l/ q$ m; mFixed crash that can occur when the user is editing clips without trim handles on
( ~9 M5 u6 y4 N4 u+ h2 AIssue with some 3rd party Media Generators causing the Media Generator window not to open has been fixed
. p; D4 T7 {- `% L% qHEVC 4:2:0 media will no longer cause a crash0 L0 ?6 y& P4 f3 Q/ V6 O
Better support of HEVC 4:2:2 media on Intel processors
  {& q5 J$ G; ?: {. O
& R! O. r( S6 t# q+ e* nVEGAS Pro 18 Update 2 (Build 373)
! L9 d- d" D# x; h6 qFixed crash that could occur in while using the Crop plugin- _( `% M4 u. B& F4 ^
Masking plugins properly handle alpha value in both 8 bit and 32 bit pixel formats
; o7 j( z5 [$ f* E  qRegion of Interest in the Video Stabilization plugin now does not resize during a mouse move
: E' s) D6 s) j# u: SDefault project and render settings have been changed to a more commonly used properties8 k9 u+ E! M" N3 a' {' M6 N- ~
Turn off GPU acceleration of some of the UI components if an application is running that conflicts with the GPU resources) L4 b. g0 O+ S* `1 @: K
The Premiere export functionality completes successfully now without an error stating a component is missing& b+ f+ G( i% }! P6 E0 K& U4 Q
Bezier Mask overlay now rotates as expected0 T4 k: X+ n/ A3 |& l( R! `) J: H
Color curve adjustments in the color grading panel no longer reset when multiple events are selected) d/ O( A9 e0 M9 h# `/ H
A failure of proxy generation will no longer affect normal video reading: z& q$ `- ^8 Z: J  Q; V- x
Bezier Mask oval mask no longer deforms when rotated' \7 v5 T& U* d0 b
Transparency for the Picture-in-picture plugin now works as expected on all AMD GPUs
3 R9 r( U+ ^1 B9 w, D; FIf a user resets the Video Stabilization effect, instructions reappear to notify the user how to use the plugin
1 s0 p  q4 N' t/ T4 gFixed issue in Driver Update dialog which caused the application to hang on some AMD GPUs
) e. ~7 L. k' WStyle Transfer plugin now works properly in 32 bit projects
: a* \6 y$ C9 @( ]; z% W# V; y. ]The render progress dialog will always show the proper text when the render has completed2 D4 K* L8 j8 p9 e+ Q, p. v* \9 t
Crash on startup while initializing the File I/O manager has been fixed
; ^8 j6 m7 z) y2 u' _: q2 HBlack Bar Fill plugin correctly blurs the background when expanded: |3 P* W$ y9 c( f* u2 i7 ]0 B* I
Color Curves FX no longer clips the scopes if placed after the Levels plugin
) o4 a/ f5 @1 k& Q6 o/ P% W- mChannel Blend plugin now has consistent output with version in VEGAS Pro 174 T$ a5 h: u5 @, B& i- J
Corrected the limited range conversion during render when using 32-bit video levels6 q7 ~: J3 n" e* Y. v
Support for newer, higher performing models for Style Transfer and Colorize plugins
) V& v" a) `. Q5 U* jUser interface no longer refreshes unnecessarily when the Motion Tracking panel is reopened
, _9 q( ~3 p0 FFixed problem where the render progress dialog will not appears on some systems6 T/ F7 T: D5 _* p& [( _1 Y
Restoration of older proxy generation mechanism to fix performance problems
, D4 f) e9 v  x/ G: f  Z. }Now filtering out unsupported 4:2:2 10 bit HEVC that are decoded with the Intel HEVC decoder files which may cause a crash or result in artifacts being displayed
8 F1 V0 \8 N* T% z6 A& b$ g2 c! d7 k
VEGAS Pro 18 Update 1 (Build 334)
, Q. X# X- }+ O( WBetter handling GPU auto selection4 y8 S% }, M6 S' e$ ?3 v, ?
Fixed crash on startup related to some Intel GPU drivers
  m, a# t& x5 |  q) q& BFlicker Control FX thumbnail now displays properly in Plugin window
# @1 @/ y- ^1 l( _' \9 z  z  oColorization FX thumbnail now displays properly in the Plugin Window
% B7 ^" D5 d5 j+ r+ ~0 |Auto update for VEGAS Image and VEGAS Effects now functions9 W  ?. a* \+ ~; e3 T
VEGAS Pro 17 projects that have the Slow Motion FX will no longer cause a crash9 T& d! b0 _2 T  q1 k( \. ^: z
Grids in Expert mode on the Video Stabilization FX now work properly
0 t& Z8 |6 b' w2 m$ ?' Y+ `Style Transfer and Colorization plugins now work on all supported hardware  U: C1 v- C- f
Motion Tracking icon in the timeline toolbar correctly opens the Motion Tracking panel
4 k+ X0 L' V, b; ?. \) Y0 ^% vRender progress dialog now remains in focus when open! J! {/ X  z9 ?6 Y/ S/ ?' j/ C9 T
VEGAS no longer freezes when clicking into another application while the Render Progress dialog is open
9 y% k. ]1 H* A0 ~2 W3 F4 I: OProxy generation and use of Proxy files now work as expected
, C7 g6 p4 f+ K5 X0 Q" aMotion data now properly applied to 2D parameters% ]6 e+ E# R% x
Fixed problem where some Notebook GPUs are not detected by the Driver Update dialog  q, L2 A' Z0 F9 d" e5 {
Exposure control in the Color Grading panel no longer clips in full-range projects
0 _, T7 r: Q7 r* g# n5 W/ oFixed crash when reading in a file that was rendered from a 360 project with a non-hardware accelerated template
& ]4 x& P6 F1 {$ PImproved performance of Plugin window thumbnail generation
/ r: A3 i; m* e2 z  ~Some iPhone files will no longer appear inverted in the Explorer window* \' \! X) V% Q) r/ f( ]/ }
Clicking on a Panasonic P2 template in the Render As dialog and then clicking a different format now allows editing of the file name+ [5 ~1 U1 D( H- ?) p8 k7 P9 B
Fixed crash on shutdown( j& i  O& w( M
Adding Motion Tracking to a Lens Flare FX will no longer cause a crash" u' D7 I+ n5 M* n
Picture in Picture FX now works properly in Free Form mode2 b2 }! [; u; s' d1 P6 w
Pan and Crop will no longer crash if "Collapse loop region" option is enabled in preferences1 Y* Q. d, Z$ h
Hide the Third Party tab in the plugin window if no third party plugins are installed
. m. r# V! R3 a* b- iDefault format for Save Snapshot feature is now PNG
! h5 F0 v, v0 J, o  lHDR templates now displayed when they should be available in the Render As dialog1 C- d9 G. O' o1 Y
Change the default render format in the Render As dialog( n9 C9 K. s' c; k" k
Video Stabilization no longer causes VEGAS to hang on playback with some AMD GPUs3 ?: H  w2 A) X4 c: u4 v
Interlaced templates now available in the MAGIX AVC/AAC render plugin
2 p+ H! x! p- @2 B- A' @+ o1 KFixed problem with selection of animation keyframes that are not aligned with frame boundaries# G' H) `! `: m; `, Y* i4 _8 o
Crash when clicking on the Creative Tab in the Video FX plugin window is fixed
& ^, ~9 w/ b. Y; D0 m4 g$ oSaving and loading of Favorites in the Plugin Windows now works as expected! D8 h' I! g6 _% j+ M
Collapsing track groups with a fade applied to events no longer results in crash/ i3 s9 p' L, G
Opening the Motion Tracking panel from an event's burger menu now properly selects the event0 h: ]! V. v; Y* \. O, d6 b0 h
Fixed a crash when reading some MP4 files with an unusual AAC format- F+ U5 k- G4 Y0 T1 U4 s6 e0 Q
! K- L4 L: j5 |, }. G2 ~
System Requirements:
5 ^9 K) l* M/ d2 D8 z- Operating system: Microsoft® Windows 10 (64-bit)
. C, ]- n  S3 E3 y1 u1 x- Processor: 6th Generation Intel Core i5 (or AMD equivalent) or better. 2.5 Ghz and 4 Core minimum. For 4k, 7th Generation Intel Core i7 (or AMD equivalent) or better. 3.0 Ghz and 8 Core minimum/ P" ?- R0 ~4 j; M$ m7 {; i
- RAM: 8 GB RAM minimum (16 GB recommended; 32 GB recommended for 4K); K0 I3 ^, b2 `! u6 c
- Hard drive space: 1.5 GB hard-disk space for program installation; Solid-state disk (SSD) or high-speed multi-disk RAID for 4K media2 M& x5 f0 Z6 V5 A: @- q
- Other: Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0 SP1 (included on application disc)
( K' K/ M+ t6 i" Y- Program languages: English, Deutsch, Español, Francais  H! s- U  \& X" @/ R

9 Q. A) f8 i$ O! y7 ^1 M) Z% c- Y

5 O0 O+ s1 D2 }3 Z: u' o% n0 R& f+ Y! I. B: U4 Q& T1 I6 |7 v

) f: ~! k4 n" ^5 o, o; f' q8 }- o- m6 B
; h! I% J( T: D; r
$ i6 O. g5 \" x2 i* B8 D1 g. kMAGIX VEGAS Pro  p6 p( O# X( Q9 @' j$ O% L9 T
7 S* N0 S; b( W9 u* S0 h8 n: LMAGIX VEGAS Pro R" @: X2 C# q: j" _
; t) W& e3 c1 Y$ c7 u% @MAGIX VEGAS Pro
$ t- t- z* N, S; g: Y; S' T) q. s# u  r
0 v) B2 r7 I* i* u+ L: Lhttp://dl05.magix.net/2020/VEGASPro18/VEGAS_Pro_18.0.0.284_DE-EN-FR-ES.exe9 Y5 r, b; g; h  J
# K5 A; O9 }) y* fhttp://dl05.magix.net/2020/VEGASPro18/Update/VEGAS_Pro_18.0.0.284_DE-EN-FR-ES.exe
, h/ K  g* d2 v6 f* c* j: Rhttp://dl-nl04.magix.net//2020/VEGASPro18/Update/VEGAS_Pro_18.0.0.284_DE-EN-FR-ES.exe2 c- s. q( W) v! ^8 y' m/ A% ~8 t
http://dl05.magix.net/2020/VEGASPro18/Update/VEGAS_Pro_18.0.0.334_DE-EN-FR-ES.exe& R9 g+ h# F9 k( \
( D6 C* C1 F! B5 Z$ ]http://dl-nl04.magix.net//2020/VEGASPro18/Update/VEGAS_Post_Suite_18.0.0.334_DE-EN-FR-ES.exe5 q" g2 p/ g4 F) `8 N" s' h: ^$ [
- V# A+ K( q6 y. p3 o3 o1 hhttp://dl05.magix.net/2020/VEGASPro18/Update/VEGAS_Pro_18.0.0.373_DE-EN-FR-ES.exe
/ \' B( |0 Z/ u5 c9 i: O' D4 Yhttp://dl-nl04.magix.net//2020/VEGASPro18/Update/VEGAS_Pro_18.0.0.373_DE-EN-FR-ES.exe
. J) b0 b! h2 j! X( P4 Thttp://dl-nl04.magix.net//2020/VEGASPro18/Update/VEGAS_POST_Suite_18.0.0.373_DE-EN-FR-ES.exe+ L! _$ c: r( {% V1 Y
9 b; q) c2 \$ M6 A) n5 ohttp://dl-nl04.magix.net//2020/VEGASPro18/Update/VEGAS_Pro_18.0.0.434_DE-EN-FR-ES_nVUsnks40.exe
' d" {& d+ r! z# g. S) e7 S
% B; I1 D- U6 x. \) zhttp://dl-de01.magix.net//2020/FXhome/Update/VEGAS_Image_2.0.3.exe& W, N% n  F5 o$ {1 a. A( L
http://dl-de01.magix.net//2020/FXhome/Update/VEGAS_Effects_x64_2.0.10327.53304.msi3 k- S, N+ w5 x% P
http://dl-nl04.magix.net//2020/FXhome/Update/VEGAS_Effects_x64_2.1.10413.14401.msi+ H! l3 `9 o. V* f: X- @4 M

1 C  p! q& R4 [; N" |' bVEGAS_Deep_Learning_Models_INT_200729_10-19_18_0_0_0.exe+ t: D2 y; w; B4 j9 K9 K; r+ D

' H( Y1 i1 _/ L% @- |https://ssl-update.magix.com/download/b084e12d59d68032fe96e4388a2317d8
! l! v/ O0 f/ c) D& ]; O+ P3 G7 f. s. n

7 X! k8 F7 T0 J! H4 Z(访问密码:702844)


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