Steinberg SpectraLayers Pro 7.0.20 Build 249

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Program Name: Steinberg SpectraLayers Pro v7- N2 P! n; c4 p5 x& a
Program Type: Advanced Audio Spectrum Editor! w9 A1 t- d. t/ a; H' b
Developer: Avid Software Inc.4 P" D8 t) n7 v
Homepage:, L& s) N8 h0 T8 L
Release Date: 29 July 2019
6 H4 f6 C9 C/ _, [Interface Language: English
& r0 g8 [2 G0 l# s2 v$ R& iPlatform: MacOSX/ O7 e1 `: @' b( z) ?7 f& a& z
File Size: 444.3 MB
+ z4 h; f8 d9 E0 B' Q$ E6 }; f( B* K7 \8 m- d. M( D" V
SpectraLayers is a new approach to audio editing, with new concepts to transform the way you work. For the first time you can directly edit spectral data, opening advanced sonic worlds, and use innovative enhancements to traditional techniques. Visualize audio in astonishing new ways, including 3D. Work with mixes like they were tracks. Integrate these abilities into your DAW and other tools. And all in a familiar interface that you didn’t realize you already knew.
& g6 @2 w% a6 T( ]9 X3 C8 X3 t9 @* R7 q# M7 K) K2 W- k
Major features:
% I# I/ f* {! N& h) f( oYour new AI partner: i5 Y: H  {3 R5 d6 w. w/ i
Just as audio engineers focus on separating increasingly fine details in sound, the new AI in SpectraLayers Pro 7 uses algorithms to learn from the data flowing through its built-in neural network. In the same way that these algorithms can now accurately determine how to apply color to a black and white photograph, the AI in SpectraLayers Pro can sense discrete events in a sound field and isolate them on independent, colorful layers for processing. AI is changing faster than its history can be written — be at the leading edge with SpectraLayers Pro 7.
* f0 U8 ~$ |9 n: o
. T1 x$ Q4 Q+ p; Y, T0 gUnmix - Tracks to stems
" M, s! v0 N' j' UThis AI-assisted process in SpectraLayers Pro scans the finished file of a song, allowing you to “unmix” it and extract the different instruments to separate layers, with default settings for vocals, piano, bass, drums, and more. (SpectraLayers Elements allows extraction of vocals only.)
! ]9 j" q' Z0 m; z6 s. A2 u) X" i
Unmix - Components
/ _# f; ?! x2 E; R; v) z# \Unmix stems into tone, noise and transient component layers. Reconstruct missing noise hidden by tones and transients. Comprehensive learning algorithms clear the path to clean extraction.4 u% ^7 q" C" \5 Q$ U( R. b
* U% N  P) P/ c, L+ |
Pattern finder
7 f8 H- D* v" t+ tSignificant advances in pattern recognition are a hallmark of today’s rapidly evolving AI technology. SpectraLayers Pro 7 allows you to select a target sound and then trigger a search to automatically locate and select every other similar sound in the spectrum.
) s7 N, t3 Q0 u0 d* `9 y  y7 {6 ]/ T: L) j3 _$ m* J5 I
Voice Denoiser
' g3 R% {& f- v; c/ }Perfect for cleaning up location interview recordings, the Voice Denoiser algorithm is trained to recognize and isolate the human voice. You can automatically attenuate everything but the voice for maximum intelligibility.2 u: v* g9 v* \3 e

5 L/ k# q8 C3 h" q) V/ m" y+ cDe-esser! \5 }9 g# n; P
Spectral de-essing is the most precise and least invasive way to tame and shape vocal sibilants. Manual de-essing in SpectraLayers Pro has always been quick and easy. Now, the new automatic de-essing feature makes it even easier. Manual or automatic — either approach is far more accurate than typical waveform-based plug-in processing.
  n8 M) J! U: Y" e0 b% D: S" ~0 q# B/ f. w+ v1 s+ R

* f; M+ K* N9 H2 Z7 y, J& F& k% L" O

9 g5 z2 J& o+ s: X
/ l) q6 t" ^1 w1 Y% B
8 h' k8 h) Y! Y! n& L3 L0 y: ^
8 M: f* W3 j. d5 o* X  N# J" ~! m9 E( w) a; X+ O

5 ^4 [- j' ^: D8 Q: K7 iDOWNLOAD:
( Q* M2 r' A4 N1 l, }; T3 VSteinberg SpectraLayers Pro v7.0.pkg
' k6 {9 W/ H8 I& w, fSteinberg SpectraLayers v7.0.0.217.exe9 ?; q7 V8 o5 N) @0 i4 c

; o" ~$ Z2 j) K' q+ I0 |8 X$ _
/ ~3 e( B' v0 T1 p9 a. t




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