Callout Pack for PowerDirector

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Program Name: Callout Pack for PowerDirector+ N6 Y" T# J% H
Program Type: Cyberlink Plug-Ins
0 _$ `; |# N! BDeveloper: Cyberlink, Inc.
1 Z5 q& h( e6 H- Z5 DHomepage: X9 w$ l3 p+ s0 G& B
Release Date: 13 Mar 2019
: v  U( {6 L9 B% G" K8 U, j7 qInterface Language: English
7 ~& H/ b  M* A2 H# }8 aPlatform: PowerDirector 18 and above: ~6 X+ I; L  J. W
File Size: 9.81 MB/ I3 \  [3 y% X

  u0 `  G( O! V5 n$ K* cThis mega-pack of 160 unique callouts will compliment a range of tutorial footage and photos. With a varied selection of formal and informal styles to choose from, this pack offers a ton of special combinations for your projects.
2 t7 p* ^7 b5 O# u9 G" Z5 C% ?: f. Y6 G4 Q! b4 Q2 y
Callout Pack for PowerDirector includes:" m- T8 O2 z' ~
160 Unique Callout Title Templates! q- Q% V: ?  n, @4 }" P
Designed for: PowerDirector 18, Ultimate, 365, Director Suite 365 and above
& I+ V8 P) y) o$ D7 k. H
, Q- u( z5 O! W. q* y. j$ J
, J5 f# f/ b& A) t+ k3 ~
- f* V/ ]1 a, h+ GDirect Link:
  I6 s3 q/ G* {( p/ ]




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