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Program Name: MAGIX VEGAS Movie Studio & Platinum 17
$ ^5 v) o8 L  x$ JProgram Type: Video-editing
: ]0 L' V; U, k/ zDeveloper: Sony Creative Software Inc.& c8 `  Y6 ^4 y! x4 j) P
Homepage: http://www.vegascreativesoftware.com/us/vegas-movie-studio-platinum/
' F+ i+ b# y/ I0 _. D+ t' TRelease Date: 10/30/2020- z; H$ T9 k3 k
Interface Language: English0 p3 U8 E* }: Z4 U, S/ Z
Platform: Windows XP, Vista,7,8,8.1
) L7 `) w) f3 Y' B) TFile Size: 532.1 MB / 526 MB( _/ B3 I5 V$ k1 o& r& F

& g4 N  S! G- ]/ ^VEGAS Movie Studio 17 offers our most user-friendly approach ever to creating beautiful videos. Work fast with interactive storyboards. Work confidently with automatic saves. Work smoothly with GPU and hardware acceleration. Powerful and intuitive – nothing helps you create like VEGAS Movie Studio 17!+ t9 C% u" q/ ?3 H: _4 U9 m

+ t4 ^- A, V+ V; lDazzling titles and text
0 a8 ~7 p8 j8 p, n2 @7 F5 GAnimate your titles with the Titles & Text media generator. Fly your text onto the screen. Make your titles shake, rattle and roll! Call up a Bounce, Flip, Float, Pop or even an Earthquake preset to create eye-catching titles and text.
3 C" w' `9 Y/ ~# U5 S# y( D3 |6 @* g( b3 E2 h
Go for maximum effect
4 _# ^5 A4 T1 A/ x5 A, N5 {. W$ tThe built-in audio and video effects offer limitless possibilities. Use these filters and effects to enhance and improve your video and audio clips, or to create something wild and crazy. Ready-made presets make for easy video editing. Or tweak to your heart’s content and build your own presets.
/ _# _$ }% u: G" {& h/ L$ z' [& P, s5 s" [  O, _- a2 K
Sharing Made Easy
5 f3 q) L3 g6 q) }4 Q* GGenerate the optimum quality format for your sharing destination. Upload directly to Vimeo, YouTube and Facebook. Once you decide how you want to share your masterpiece, VEGAS® Movie Studio automates the process.
( Y. ~+ I4 _% `, F  C3 Y
( w; A1 l' D3 j: I1 _Show Me How8 D! t+ q$ {; `- y4 J
Learn as you go with built-in Show Me How interactive tutorials. Have a question? The Show Me How tutorials teach you all you need to know. Follow the on-screen prompts right in your project for step-by-step guidance, and edit your project while you learn the tools. Tutorials explain important features, windows, and editing tools. Whether you are a seasoned pro or a new movie editor, these helpful guides provide easy video editing lessons.
+ M) d; e* x* X1 K1 w* V
) h' m0 H, R( S5 J  d; [What's New in Version 17:4 j6 B6 p4 h& g; n! ?
New Features:+ Q$ I( b. e7 D; h  [
- Color Grading window: Several color-related Video Event FX (including Color Wheels, Color Curves, HSL and many more) are combined in a dedicated screen area that is easily shown or hidden with a toolbar button. To save you a lot of clicks it can stay open to apply the desired color grading to the different events, instead of opening each event's FX chain and loading the color FX separately.
# ^$ X. s" o% d# r* K3 K/ W1 x- Improved Storyboard functionality: You can add the same piece of media to a single Storyboard, and thumbnails reflect the in point of the media that is used in the timeline.
  ^8 e  C1 j1 L- Improved Video FX, Transitions and Media Generator windows: Effects can be filtered by category and provider, you can search for an effect name and mark favorites to quickly find your favorite effect.
5 f1 X" h% _; P& M7 `# a- Black Bar Fill plug-in: Fill the black bars that are created when inserting upright video or images into your movie with a blurred copy of the image.2 b( ]3 H4 w  e8 G
- Warp Flow transition/Smart Split: The Warp Flow transition automatically fixes jump cuts by synthesizing movement. The Smart Split command cuts out parts of an event and applies the Warp Flow transition to conceal the cut.
& C4 k) r# a3 _- R5 ]- Lens Correction plug-in to compensate distortions from wide-angle lens systems as used in action cams.
/ g2 s. q% T1 E* ^: I2 v$ N- Adjustable Color temperature enhancement to White Balance plug-in.4 ^/ n! B/ D$ Q1 G+ U! F
- Audio synchronization for multicam: Synchronize Multicam footage by analyzing and matching the audio track of the recordings.
3 x  y- M, r* ~' E1 i$ a( Y* N: x9 D9 D  H6 m/ Y
New Formats:
- t! z$ ]1 X7 O; ]+ u. J- Experimental MKV support.9 ?! Z6 s8 `0 h  s1 N' z) h
- 10 bit intermediate format
, |5 [/ b) e( \0 ^& s/ p- NVENC 10-bit HEVC rendering
0 K$ \# |* l0 k4 _- Hardware decoding for AVC and HEVC! S: v+ S8 V, L- e0 `8 s' J, a
8 h0 K- E# q+ X+ F2 w
User Interface improvements:
: D: S6 H3 P  T4 K; Y/ @9 J5 f- You'll get a warning when you delete a track that has events on it.
8 @$ S; D' h' }# N, }& S- Hi-DPI interface improvements: The High DPI mode is now defaulted to on for Movie Studio Platinum174 X7 [3 l; r7 u1 M/ f
- You can display the Event length on the header of timeline events. Find it in the hamburger menu for each event or under the View menu.
' w$ B$ g1 f- D- Temporarily ignore event grouping when moving an event: Hold both the left and right mouse buttons as you drag an event to move it independently from other group members.
0 \( z0 W! I4 E# d+ r( ~7 k- There's a new indicator on an event to show if Media FX have been applied to the media the event holds (find it in the event hamburger menu)7 \) ^1 r3 z& `& a2 M% r, w( j
- You will be asked to confirm if you click cancel in a render process.
0 g5 ]5 t; A$ H( B$ D1 q( G, J- New, task specific, default layouts / Dashboard:Easy editing modes for beginners work with a simplified version of the user interface that show only the most important controls for a step-by-step walk-through from adding media to the final movie, everything put together in the Dashboard window. The Guided Video Creator from the Welcome Screen takes you through these steps.
6 n% U, H$ L( h# k- VEGAS Screen Capture utility: Record video streams from your browser or video game.1 j+ m* b% P& a3 i' W) W+ O) c8 H6 i
- Motion tracking: Track motion in a scene and let other events or text follow the movement.
& e, ^% C1 B0 [. z/ f: v- Super-smooth slow motion (optical flow and morphing) with the VEGAS Slow Motion plug-in
- C) e3 B( l/ i! b/ V" P% s
" ~" \. D% Y/ u% TVEGAS Movie Studio 17 Update 2 (Builds 159 & 204): _, Y- v4 ^" v: Q0 @* |' Q$ \, N
Background transparency is now working for the Picture-in-picture plugin on all AMD GPUs
3 ?3 T: |# l- s7 P: W1 @Fixed crash on startup when initializing the File I/O Manager
, n( @6 R  i9 V; r4 S* X. JMP4 option in the Make Movie dialog now encodes with proper bit rate3 @" n9 P* p$ T% P3 H
Black Bar Fill plugin correctly blurs the background when expanded# X+ ^, v" I/ c% o
Channel Blend plugin now has consistent output with previous version of the application7 d4 C1 h$ U5 D
+ x. A/ M% b) n
VEGAS Movie Studio 17 Update 1 (Builds 137 & 179)
, N) T; D0 m1 {Generated Media window will now show proper presets in all cases
" y8 T4 q4 f8 n$ \) L/ xTest Pattern media generator now generates frames properly
$ l! B3 ]4 k, u0 D& eFixed problem where some media was being read by incorrect plugin' [3 M' Y3 Z& \1 `  C
Names in the Generated Media window was display properly8 z, |, z3 P  \$ ^
All preset names in the plugin windows are no longer clipped
1 X. ]9 e8 u. ~* C5 }# lProper default setting for Color Curves plugin is now set (Platinum only)  e- j  N9 G( s9 S
Freeze Mode in the Video Stabilization plugin no longer results in black frames
3 r: l, S! I- [Playing back an event with Video Stabilization applied will no longer hang on new AMD GPUs. j+ `8 u# C4 X& l
Added floating window in the Welcome Screen to display project names which have been cut off
1 w: J* n* ?! G4 F$ q: E4 }Clicking the Preview button in the Color Match plugin will no longer crash if the Preview Window is closed (Platinum only)* m: O1 c, K$ ~2 E; J% c0 w
Thumbnails for some iPhone files are now properly rotated at all times
1 D5 Q- p2 W4 @, k8 CDocking instructions for floating windows are more clearly displayed1 J2 F& \: _) z6 d4 i& Q  _
Fixed a crash that may occur when adding some .mp4 files to a project
( r; I$ w2 u2 Y% h# r# GFixed issue when the Third Party tab is being displayed in the plugin windows when it should not be there
3 ^/ q: l4 A5 D- P7 [" g! OAnimations in the plugin windows now work correctly# u, N* g' h& s% _
Movie Studio now recognizes new versions of the SOUND FORGE products.: N9 A+ _7 \$ A% l
+ N+ e2 y$ ~; B4 L' c$ e9 \- \4 c' [9 K
System Requirements:) ?+ Z& V' f% R- j+ X) s
- You need a 64-bit version of one the following operating systems:( v  H4 Y# @; l- |1 x, w
- Windows 8 or Windows 10 (64-bit)0 y! M9 J1 P" ?; O% P/ O# m
- 2 GHz processor (multicore or multiprocessor CPU recommended for HD or stereoscopic 3D)  z. c/ Q8 E( A- `; \
- 1.5 GB hard-disk space for program installation! n* {1 _) p% U- b- t! S) a- |7 C6 m! A
- 4 GB RAM (8 GB recommended; 16 GB recommended for 4K)
: L4 l- L) ]8 f- D* Q# D- USB 2.0 connection (for importing from AVCHD, XDCAM EX, NXCAM, or DVD camcorders); H2 w' [. o# _  R0 ^
- 512 MB GPU memory; T' _5 j/ o  H& H. U& Z
- Supported NVIDIA, AMD or Intel GPU) {2 s1 J1 \9 H  E
: m/ ~3 g  ?' g& q8 t! |8 D

; Q; c1 u& Q$ o1 g8 E. o# m( M4 R( s/ V& t6 x1 I& P
, t1 z0 n' i' p* J. Z& y& a
* x" n0 g' ~* y3 X% D+ DMAGIX VEGAS Movie Studio
  e, f; g$ e0 L. `& u2 vMAGIX VEGAS Movie Studio Platinum
( N0 d0 R7 t& I; HMAGIX VEGAS Movie Studio w" l% r! E9 F4 C0 w+ s
MAGIX VEGAS Movie Studio Platinum }9 s+ |; p9 q" E: H& L7 z4 n
MAGIX VEGAS Movie Studio d- o' W0 K/ }/ S9 H
MAGIX VEGAS Movie Studio Platinum
0 X3 u; n6 K3 i* I- F* B  U
. B8 ~" K9 N/ d" @: l- ~& _! Thttp://dl-nl04.magix.net//2020/VEGASMovieStudio17/Update/VEGAS_Movie_Studio_17.0.0.103_INT.exe+ G$ p3 ~+ {3 [/ `. X! W6 }
http://dl-nl04.magix.net//2020/VEGASMovieStudio17/Update/VEGAS_Movie_Studio_17.0.0.143_Platinum_INT.exe) q, c6 [- {4 i6 ?) _! H7 W
5 d1 R$ u; }7 khttp://dl-nl04.magix.net//2020/VEGASMovieStudio17/Update/VEGAS_Movie_Studio_17.0.0.179_Platinum_INT.exe0 q$ @' n( [6 h$ G$ {7 {2 x
http://dl-nl04.magix.net//2020/VEGASMovieStudio17/Update/VEGAS_Movie_Studio_17.0.0.159_INT.exe0 d5 s% }. Y5 X" e" a9 X


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