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Program Name: ON1 Effects 20201 _# ~/ |7 R7 c( V: p/ D+ q$ q2 z
Program Type: Digital phography, Photoshop Plug-Ins
# \; V( N2 T  {& V2 m  e% sDeveloper: ON1, Inc.7 G! Q- A3 F4 x" r- D
Homepage: https://www.on1.com/products/effects/. F# g$ M7 x# p
Release Date: April 10, 2020
9 S- c* n! M7 n2 M. sInterface Language: English
9 C* o. q7 y4 k5 W7 ?Platform: Windows 7/8/10, 64-bit only
- D7 _& M3 z. Z) D# VFile Size: 1.01 GB / 886 MB! k) d7 m6 M  g0 K, R5 c& c3 a; x6 _4 U

( m, b3 v' {) y7 l! W, DON1 Effects includes hundreds of stackable filters, presets, borders, and textures to help create your style. Whether you’re looking to add an HDR look, convert to B&W, bring out more detail, reduce noise, or enhance a portrait, don’t use five different plug-ins when ON1 Effects 2018 is your one-stop solution
' H6 E- |& J9 M. l  w% R$ _* G: c0 s
$ P  G5 r( d0 J3 TIncludes 23 stackable filters and hundreds of presets, borders, and textures. Everything you need to add any effect to your photos. With live adjustments, stack effects to create your own look, and save your own custom presets
* {$ U( T0 T6 f( }: I+ s
% i$ m: D: b) h. N9 |Features:
1 T) N2 t- x5 }+ \Filters, Presets, & Textures
$ p9 s- P9 o" n8 C- o# o+ y% JIncludes 23 stackable filters and hundreds of presets, borders, and textures. Everything you need to add any effect to your photos. With live adjustments, stack effects to create your own look, and save your own custom presets.
7 i' n2 {+ q0 l1 {; q) o& X* p( J7 l
. r; @. W& l; ^; E( PCustom Presets# ?3 H9 M- O" @2 w% e5 s
Create and save your own custom presets. With the wide variety of filters to add different looks to your photos, its perfect for fine tuning and creating any look you want. Have a preset you use over and over? Customize it and save it as your own.
+ ^* F2 Y& s! r+ A  \7 n* e% [6 l: u
' `- \; Q; R% b5 `Works where you do.% p% J+ c& s. c% [% Q+ P
Effects works as a plug-in with Adobe® Photoshop®, Adobe Lightroom®, Adobe Photoshop Elements, Apple® Aperture®, or as a standalone app. ON1 Effects works where you do.
0 z8 r5 W" f; o$ r8 D5 V: D
0 A! _/ u: g- VLive adjustments and previews* ]7 L1 q$ s3 K2 R3 [( Y
Responsive sliders and tools. We’ve made sure that your tools and slider adjustments won’t stick, giving you a fast and smooth editing experience. Filters respond fast and presets are easy to find and apply.
( Y' V# {) z! w; B. H* b' z3 c
7 ?& Z, G: s( p% vJust the tools you need.
7 ]. ~: S9 @3 n9 X3 d% |  y# N+ fWe’ve designed our collection of tools to solve specific problems, be simple to use, and perform complex tasks – the easy way.
; _; V0 u9 Z0 r+ \! a5 M( ]
0 A- V2 x9 X: W7 j# [% HQuick View Browser
1 p0 Y. E! m# R1 J) S" aGet a full-screen preview of how the look appears on your photo.6 x2 G9 ?; |1 @1 n0 k6 S; D- T( r

* {/ ^# N4 k% S8 A2 @: e) UQuick Mask
$ Y5 h8 v* U8 U7 C4 N7 M) `" cBrush over an area to automatically create a great mask.1 `0 ]1 ]' K$ v0 n, _7 }# Z# ^

. Y3 m" r) W4 g. a4 M3 xPerfect Brush; C6 x; ?; B4 w2 D
Brush your look on an area of your photo using edge detection.
5 Q" j0 T3 ~  P) m8 m( [* m* Y2 ~- F
Refine Brush  I( z# P0 q, l& H
Clean up the edges of your mask.
9 z1 Z0 s2 u  b/ z' O' Z) _9 I) d& l6 z( C" w. y) P; a
: Q: Z) {- ]; r. j* LRemove halos or fringes along the edge of your masks.( i; O. ?# y4 o2 t
* r9 t- Q/ P0 C4 \# B2 t6 g
8 p+ ^, h4 p9 ?' q. KSoften the transition between your mask and the background.
# N" p6 q& j/ ], O4 u+ N: G9 a1 E# [& Z7 v2 Q
Adjustment Brushes6 j1 O$ }+ Z; S. |
Paint-in adjustments to lighten or darken, or add detail, vibrance, and glow.. k3 H+ P; m+ v! k$ F

2 c6 H6 O0 H  W9 f. s  t$ T! V% I" nAdjustable Gradients! Z# W# Y& p' q# J* e( T
Add common adjustments to only a portion of your photo.
  h3 C/ X9 h: P& E6 T- v9 z1 z
" O  n% ~. ^- d: c- ~" KSystem Requirements1 G4 Q! Q. K+ W0 U( |, ]$ I
Windows 7, Windows 8, or Windows 10 (current maintenance releases, 64-bit only). E3 u/ H9 a" e6 l5 S; T. J
Intel Core 2 Duo, Xeon, or better
& y3 {. h9 z% E# N. B8 r/ @5 D. b4 GB (8 GB when used as a Photoshop plug-in)( {* E) \, H$ Q# `( u
1.5 GB for installation
  [7 h8 B1 ?: ]; G3 `0 S% i0 t: V+ [" t/ hOpenGL 3.3-compatible video card with 256 MB video RAM, 1280×720 resolution (at 100% scale factor)
: B: B+ R4 p* {( x
% w" J  r0 y7 b
# ~+ y+ x2 m5 G6 C8 h" ?. L# o9 O2 h, f- T9 z  E
! y9 Y5 f& Y: ~5 R6 r- w* @

4 h) g$ X" {8 X' ^( ?) N6 SDOWNLOAD:+ d9 j7 V8 K% z) z+ a& {
https://ononesoft.cachefly.net/effects_2020/8865/win/ON1_Effects_2020.exe- u0 r5 ]0 x; C
; M6 E5 g  W8 U/ [- |5 Z1 y" l9 g) ~! C2 w7 @% L$ {' r9 K
; @( m8 n$ {* o
: n  U& i& @7 `  ^. P




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