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Program Name: MAGIX ACID Pro / Pro Suite 10
  s4 }+ |. }/ U3 H' _Program Type: Audio-editing; U+ @( j  X( p5 Y% f5 c
Developer: Sony Creative Software Inc. ) G7 Z0 D8 B# Y) V
Homepage: 2 ]9 w% m) L; M+ A8 _
Release Date: 6.05.2019
" n8 F9 e# U) i( J; {Interface Language: English6 J/ ~+ T1 o2 a7 b9 f) D
Platform: Windows XP, Vista
- [+ ^, W4 v2 Y( R/ QFile Size: 581.0 MB / 613.9 MB4 R* Q; C$ H! ^2 T. [4 R
- ?9 W' U( s; F. U& S/ `
Made for producers who can tell the difference It’s that magic moment again. You hear a song on the radio and you just can’t wait to sample or remix it. True inspiration. With ACID Pro, you will be able to sketch that idea and turn it into a finished track faster than any other DAW. Its unique workflows, innovative features and professional tools were designed specifically for loop- and sample-based music production. Compose, arrange, record, mix and master. But most importantly: be creative. Experience ACID Pro.
( h) W* |+ b2 _; [/ u6 l
: C7 a  Q! m% ~0 {% z- dzynaptiq STEM MAKER 2
) \( T2 W; N2 \5 E0 uFinally included in ACID Pro 10: extract vocals, drums and music stems from your favorite songs with astonishing sound quality. Take your sampling and remixing to a whole new level: with the new audio separation technology by zynaptiq!
! _, q0 Z1 k0 _. b; k8 f( [  Q6 g+ `  K. e4 Z3 R
MIDI Playable Chopper& q7 Z5 D$ ]9 Z6 N0 A2 p
The updated MIDI Playable Chopper in ACID Pro 10 lets you play samples, ACIDized loops or your own recordings with any MIDI keyboard. Experience a truly playful way of rearranging sample chops and lay down patterns faster than ever before.8 o) o& ]# R; C1 F

" Y6 m/ m; Y  D) D' U0 r( [ACID Morph Pads$ W  P& e( r: |, ?
Assign audio tracks, instruments or busses and play around with the intuitive controls, inspired by legendary hardware audio effects units and shape truly unique and inventive soundscapes. Get creative with the new ACID Morph Pads." a9 ]9 L% p1 R1 o+ X

5 L+ A5 L; S. @% R! bHighlights in ACID Pro 10:
* }* s' W: ]2 K! q; U- The creative DAW for sample- and loop-based music production
5 }! m+ g8 a, Y3 m* S- Incredible, brand-new zynaptiq STEM MAKER 2 NEW! Xfer Serum (exclusively in Suite)! s# a4 |- C8 D
- NEW! ACID Morph Pads! L& L) Q4 N  E; z4 Z
- Celemony Melodyne essential (worth $99)
* {" h  F; J6 g  X' u9 N4 i- NEW! Sidechaining (coming soon)' L/ j, R* f7 _4 k
- NEW! Transient detection in the MIDI Playable Chopper Remix Tool7 z1 g/ j/ P+ `% [6 E
- NEW! Instruments, effects and ACIDized loops worth over $1,000
' e4 c4 _0 d$ q1 W# J0 E: W1 E  B5 S7 n, i: B
New in this version:( \6 e8 |: i! z& `) ?* S
1 I7 [" }" P) n" s$ RIssues with certain 32 bit VST plugins fixed2 [: P- Q/ v; ]0 \" [0 \3 C' a
4 q, }3 ^; u" n/ o% z9 J
  q/ A1 U& I& kSidechaining
- `9 h; F3 a# C. gAdvanced sidechain sender (gain & filter); ]& b# |" E4 _, U5 j8 W- B
Multithreaded VST scan
% Q! t$ V# T: u+ ~: n5 zMore link options for Morph Pads# u9 V' T( R- m' e9 Y8 I+ S& M
WAVES support optimized$ ]8 U. R1 [+ Q! l, Z
  @  D# ^1 F" E8 H3 Y+ Z
System Requirements:' p+ a3 p" ^1 b( _1 `; M
- Windows 10, Windows 8 (64-bit only)' w- N* l+ B0 Q& X( ^. P' ?7 u
- Processor: 1 GHz (multicore or multiprocessor recommended)
) H8 [+ g3 V9 m- RAM: 1 GB (8 GB recommended)
* K# U# M: r1 s4 [' ?- Graphics card: Onboard, min. resolution 1024 x 7688 {4 G* h+ o1 P" p
- Sound card: Onboard
1 U0 U. z# F/ X) s! ^- Hard drive space: 700 MB for program installation, up to 16 GB for included instruments and loops7 x8 H. B- C  \, @/ j7 D2 u
- Program languages: Deutsch, English, Español, Français* k) R( W: p, ~  O9 R8 u% S
6 p4 _% _, V  x
7 R$ J- J; ]3 l' R
$ d3 b2 Q2 u4 }4 M2 |

  ]2 B  L, A* Z* Q3 e& l% S0 |# f6 X' d4 d

$ e; U8 ^  S: B+ u+ b( ADOWNLOAD:" B/ Q+ S7 h5 `# f8 S! J2 }
MAGIX ACID Pro u2 m, U- g9 W7 \+ A
MAGIX ACID Pro Suite Z7 U2 k4 c' H( h
" p2 R- \+ U5 M2 RMAGIX ACID Pro Suite! w! n0 l2 X7 c1 m
MAGIX ACID Pro x64.exe1 a8 E. _: r. |
MAGIX ACID Pro Suite x64.exe3 K/ M! A( S% Z7 ~
MAGIX ACID Pro w* w4 R( ~8 H) Y
MAGIX ACID Pro Suite x64.exe
) u# w6 W; N0 Z# _* s+ S. ~MAGIX ACID Pro ' @5 X* ~  E  r
MAGIX ACID Pro Suite $ q. ~' g5 D% y4 W* k
7 e# k- `& j* D4 P5 @
MAGIX ACID Pro 10 Suite Content.part01.rar
0 r7 [5 r" Z4 @MAGIX ACID Pro 10 Suite Content.part02.rar* r( [% u# j; \; d# u% E% V$ u' ?
MAGIX ACID Pro 10 Suite Content.part03.rar0 ?. h  l' I# E8 t, _& z; z7 a1 A
MAGIX ACID Pro 10 Suite Content.part04.rar; S! R. }# m# i7 [% M6 K
MAGIX ACID Pro 10 Suite Content.part05.rar
5 |( M/ N7 P: ~: n  c. I  S* p: OMAGIX ACID Pro 10 Suite Content.part06.rar
! n7 o4 L6 O+ R; z* VMAGIX ACID Pro 10 Suite Content.part07.rar
4 T( }0 z" D% [MAGIX ACID Pro 10 Suite Content.part08.rar
3 j8 A4 i' f: B3 w8 b" mMAGIX ACID Pro 10 Suite Content.part09.rar& n5 C" |& T2 C$ Z- D9 M/ O4 p7 U
MAGIX ACID Pro 10 Suite Content.part10.rar/ n* O6 U# u) y
0 ^6 k$ S, S* v0 ~0 d3 d# ~
+ L. X" ~: s* Q% g. i
/ g) u. e  s" a$ C


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