MAGIX SOUND FORGE Audio Studio 14.0.86

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Program Name: MAGIX Sound Forge Audio Studio 14
6 k1 }  Z! s7 q$ \; f# q& zProgram Type: Audio editor
+ a+ t+ B$ R: `2 b6 e6 Y, DDeveloper: Sony Creative Software, Inc.
" c- j& C. d  G5 g: N' s9 wHomepage: j2 J  X5 D& {: U, D! V9 k
Release Date: 15.01.2018
$ t, V% D/ l# \# s# sInterface Language: Multilingual5 l9 ^( P! N# P+ P% y5 v; o
Platform: Windows Vista/7/8/8.1: Z' k  d7 K) [2 Y( G: E
File Size: 393 MB / 347 MB1 W! b$ ?1 V5 M1 t: X8 h9 r- `6 V
) v9 x$ d- M2 e3 u/ X; G! c
Recording, editing, restoration and mastering at the latest level of technology: SOUND FORGE Audio Studio 14 offers comprehensive tools and functions for all digital audio editing requirements. Record podcasts, edit your projects using professional effects, convert vinyls and cassettes to digital, produce soundtracks for videos and create and burn CDs. Discover SOUND FORGE Audio Studio 14, the audio tool that offers professional results in no time at all and with just a few clicks..
2 F: X& `0 L7 ~% F0 j. L
7 d# p( ~1 k2 i( tSOUND FORGE Audio Studio 14
0 c7 o/ D2 c6 H+ j- The home of audio editing
9 h8 V7 [: y, z' i$ R( x. F: ~- NEW! Faster workflow with Instant Action window6 h* f5 b% `3 Z% f8 r
- NEW! Professional quick FX plug-ins
: z+ ?, W# ]' |* r/ X- NEW! Oscilloscope for signal visualization
$ e4 y0 O0 I& t+ x3 l- NEW! Easy task assignment in the Windows context menu: S; G0 v- ]/ `
- Editing for audio files with up to 6 channels' F7 B6 u! H1 G+ g
- Digitization, restoration and audio conversion
  A$ G3 p$ I( [* J7 Q' \* ~- Audio recording at up to 32-bit/384 kHz
* ~: ~1 |: E0 L( t- CD authoring. |( L1 R4 O, I  D' w4 x, s
- Video sound optimization6 W; l1 I/ q  N- e! r5 }
7 M1 P  e2 J) U$ f* @' b0 Y
Recording/ F4 z* g1 c9 J- H- D8 F, t
Professional recording made easy: Record vocals, sounds and podcasts in excellent quality at up to 32-bit/384 kHz with this fast, uncomplicated and reliable audio editor.9 z% _1 {+ a1 [, F& y  g( z# m
0 j: M+ B5 D3 J1 r2 I
Audio editing4 q4 [0 I" c; `; S9 x
Cut, move and edit audio files easily and in a matter of clicks. Achieve perfect results for the project you're editing in no time at all with professional effects and 64-bit power on up to 6 channels.
" W" ]  G, Q) D" c6 m# W" l( S" D$ F+ b
Restoration and mastering
# w& ^: t% n9 V$ kConvert old vinyls and tapes to digital audio files and clean up the recordings using professional restoration tools. High-quality mastering effects can also be used to achieve crystal-clear sound.
; d' M0 R9 N/ Q+ _% {' w; \
/ u& R/ ?+ r' [0 C2 B. {; [) d& I* S5 {New in SOUND FORGE Audio Studio 14:
; [, G0 ~! l! U+ ]& b: V& C% X9 W$ p5 e, S
Instant Action
9 O1 X. }9 U1 V0 Y% f7 x+ `) _The Instant Action window lets you access tasks and projects quickly and easily. This interface offers a clear overview and you have all essential tools and functions to hand, which saves you even more time and lets you focus on editing.
7 e8 a4 l+ @% I$ |& Z# J' I
) k) e! q5 o. R  ]+ hquickFX plug-ins8 m& l$ \# [6 U( ?2 W
Captivating effects for any sound: quickFX offers a wide range of plug-ins that can be easily applied to your own sounds. Select from a collection of creative effects including delay, chorus and flanger and control effect levels using a slider.
9 M8 o' ?: L/ `8 Y$ ^( s# E8 j% M- Z: j2 X' `
Windows context menu
% Q) j3 q! |2 g3 sPerform common tasks by right-clicking on the system button in the Windows context menu without even needing to open SOUND FORGE Audio Studio. This helps you save a ton of time and simplifies your workflow.; {7 E4 B1 Q6 a& t5 V

& t. g4 w  j; B6 j+ t6 w2 h1 K0 F* AImproved VST
  w4 P8 ~6 ]. b* X: ]Thanks to the new VST engine, VST scan speed has been significantly improved. This allows VST plug-ins to be loaded a whole lot faster. A number of new bug fixes prevent potential system crashes from occurring.( P$ n" x+ Q# u2 V! K* Y3 v
2 Q( }. \' F  l
4 v" I0 c% x4 a4 p5 o! U' GVisualize periodic oscillations in audio signal or have effect chain manipulations display in realtime. The new oscilloscope offers impressive new options for visualizing waveforms.
& k5 c$ r9 I4 c1 E0 V* N; Y- Q
) y3 E5 S5 O2 g$ }$ i9 H8 F: bSystem Requirements:' U0 F1 C, c! X3 K, _
- Windows 10, Windows 8
4 K  S; ?" q% U9 `+ O+ [/ g- Processor: 1.4 GHz+ ]$ T# ?5 R; |# w
- Graphics card: Onboard, minimum resolution 1024 x 768
5 H7 h9 ^3 n6 W$ b9 ?9 v* f- Program languages: English, Deutsch, Español, Français, Polski
: a) _# x. t. ?3 p3 [3 q
0 s6 Z! `" y5 H; Z: z, G0 Q) m; s- D4 K! `2 A9 Q( k; n* ^

$ W* {( R/ ~5 Y) W' X1 ^
" `9 ?. j/ Q, }5 J' c7 m+ U/ X4 u
7 H# H$ i5 V$ dDownload:
. d- O: P3 |3 X2 _0 D- ]' s  VMAGIX SOUND FORGE Audio Studio 14.0.56 x64.exe. B& f, h% i3 z6 Z) @. M% i+ y! e
MAGIX SOUND FORGE Audio Studio 14.0.56 x86.exe5 H: R5 r, u# P' D" T$ T
MAGIX SOUND FORGE Audio Studio 14.0.75 x64.exe" h% R2 w! L- O! `( d
MAGIX SOUND FORGE Audio Studio 14.0.75 x86.exe
: n& {2 Y; E* hMAGIX SOUND FORGE Audio Studio 14.0.84 x64.exe6 o$ V6 F+ V0 g6 g" s- K- Q
MAGIX SOUND FORGE Audio Studio 14.0.84 x86.exe0 A$ c4 b4 S& j( A- L5 r$ A1 H
MAGIX SOUND FORGE Audio Studio 14.0.86 x64.exe
0 Y# y8 r1 a  T" V1 VMAGIX SOUND FORGE Audio Studio 14.0.86 x86.exe8 A* J! E6 C2 \! I2 Q3 k

: Y0 W, V+ s( H; ]# Y4 x# r/ t
3 W5 H/ s; |; h! b" C8 h' j2 T


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