Phase One Capture One Pro 13.14.3

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Program Name: Phase One Capture One Pro 20 $ m, r' |- C9 J! H' }& V" J
Program Type: RAW converter
+ {0 Q( A5 j4 q# sDeveloper: Phase One A / S
( `" j1 r; ]  _0 _Homepage: R' B. U- I) x( w! E( Z
Release Date: 2020-05-188 p* o6 {% Z4 q5 Z2 V& I
Interface Language: Multilingual # y, z) t! ~# j  M( R
Platform: Windows 7/8 / 8.1 / 10, 64-bit ONLY
' z6 r; f# b" N! X5 e8 r+ v+ nFile Size: 157 MB  +  305 MB 1 g8 I% F* x: E9 f

# h" e0 o8 ?3 nCapture One Pro is er 500 high quality cameras. It offers state-of-the-art tethered capture, powerful digital asset management, extensive configuration tools, and flexible workflow in customizable workspaces.: m5 G, m. B" |

, k0 f. K( \, }( W6 {Capture One allows you to use several options for adjusting the same image. The source RAW is used as the template, not the result of previous adjustments. The workspace is divided into several areas. Their number is equal to the number of processing options for the original digital negative. White balance is adjusted using the color temperature and hue controls. In addition, there is a choice of scene programs, traditional for many cameras. You can also use a pipette. The photograph indicates a neutral gray dot, from which the white balance is built.* M# c. \" |. h% A. b6 K& J
$ n% ^( g5 j+ X4 L. x6 C* b' t: n
The program allows you to optimize the dynamic range. If the photo contains too dark or light areas, then they can be manifested by restoring shadows and highlights. You can turn on and off the backlighting of illuminated areas of the image and shadows. Noise removal in photographs is carried out in two directions. You can suppress the graininess and color component of noise. Capture One Pro has always been different from its competitors in a unique algorithm for sharpening images. Photos converted in this RAW converter look a bit sharper than the competition.
+ j4 U+ S6 f' a' ^7 r. n% G( l# c1 g8 [+ M1 @# g, h
Capture One 20 Pro is created on an all-in-one principle, reducing the need for post-processing images, which in practice means that Photoshop is not required to be used for image processing. Simple tools, a simple menu, and easy-to-understand symbols make the complex process of processing RAW files simple, intuitive and easy
) ~$ H" U; ?9 Y# E/ B3 f# |) _
% Y. _+ C% i7 ^$ I7 U: oNew features and improvements
% v: W& ^* B$ s) g- Scrolling Tools
6 |) E5 k3 A- t" D% @+ T7 p% j- New Basic Color Editor
  m/ ]7 A0 K: \# Q9 Y7 Y- Improved Noise Reduction 2 F0 N) ]" b2 q/ ?& d
- High Dynamic Range
/ Z% {$ ~1 B" J2 n. x- New Crop Tool
; p+ Q- V. I' _ - Improved copy/apply of Layers ; O$ ?2 k- J, b. ^, J
- Improved DNG support . H) n& _# U+ O( H
- Select Next When  
& ^4 i* ^* g5 G1 q" ]* L  B
9 {4 _: u# @7 G4 g8 M7 WGeneral User Experience Improvements
" _& k' C4 B' S( w3 S, ?) O5 G- Adjustment Clipboard improvements   K8 X: f( x: `/ l
- Toolbar text and icons/ H- G9 i# @% X' `1 e8 v. z
- Masking cursor tools arrangement
/ j, z# }0 t3 {0 v- Viewer background color
; o* c: M4 R6 ^) {$ E- Browser thumbnail resolution
9 |, n( ^; M5 q' i- White Balance Picker
9 J3 T8 C! l7 l' g5 P3 X; J- Changes to default shortcuts8 c1 |% @' ]# P" L" u
% X6 H" M' g. N' L+ k* H6 l9 x
System requirements:
8 O1 |* R! o  W4 }& q- CPU with 2 cores # |% Q4 N4 R0 `% F. y
- 8 GB of RAM ' ]5 \+ g6 `: {
- 10 GB of free hard disk space 0 u1 C; |. W1 T" z9 C, E9 n
- Calibrated color monitor with 1280x800, 24-bit resolution at 96dpi
  O& E) |( i8 l- OS X 10.12+ 1 t5 C1 G% {. k* C- g* \
; m6 [& @5 K0 U
6 q* D8 U; m; h; A
3 q8 j+ d9 E! r( Y6 o9 \

2 l/ S, L: W) G9 L4 J3 E: P7 t9 U; k2 [" i) Y  {9 H
Download:+ H% j/ [# E& K& g3 [
Phase One Capture One Pro 20 v13.0.0.164 b4.dmg
6 d% w" f( N0 @* tPhase One Capture One Pro 20 v13.0.0.177 b5.dmg6 k& P4 _! J% Y1 f* T
Phase One Capture One Pro 20 v13.0.0.184 b6.dmg
" K7 I! q, x, k, Y/ q" v! I7 xPhase One Capture One Pro 20 v13.0.0.155.exe; F  w, n) ?  G" L" q
Phase One Capture One Pro 20 v13.0.0.186.dmg
1 _1 U% L  [5 E# f) X- M# nPhase One Capture One Pro 20 v13.0.1.19.dmg
( j- F5 |* T( N' dPhase One Capture One Pro 20 v13.0.2.13.exe
2 Y% m! n; H8 j+ CPhase One Capture One Pro 20 v13.0.2.dmg. K; h" P0 i' Z4 [1 }) T. Q
Phase One Capture One Pro 20 v13.0.3.19.exe' s& a" c9 D$ v1 @: j
Phase One Capture One Pro 20 v13.0.3.dmg- D2 N  d2 I) A; k7 @
Phase One Capture One Pro 20 v13.0.4.dmg' u# ~/ I3 f0 Q% E. F2 C4 ?# s
Phase One Capture One Pro 20 v13.0.4.8.exe" B6 P$ D9 Z9 p4 H1 P* m
Phase One Capture One Pro 20 v13.1.0.133 b1.dmg
4 S0 i$ q9 @1 Q$ P7 @/ KPhase One Capture One Pro 20 v13.1.0.140 b2.dmg
0 e% I- D4 J* ^6 k) H! i7 }- kPhase One Capture One 20 Pro b3.dmg
# y! m3 J4 ^% xPhaseOne Capture One 20 Pro @+ A2 W/ n) M" t$ [, W
PhaseOne Capture One 20 Pro  i+ n# ?; f7 G: m
Phase One Capture One 20 Pro A' e1 T' ]$ x7 R7 b; M# q
Phase One Capture One Pro 20
5 F4 ]  i, v; |" [Phase One Capture One 20 Pro Z( w1 F3 ]  k. W5 ~; G0 U
Phase One Capture One 20 Pro
  d% \3 E. c. |: ^4 m5 e# tPhase One Capture One 20 Pro
4 d; C2 }1 ?  S3 O( K% J, JPhase One Capture One 20 Pro, _3 m6 w& K7 |6 h" t
Phase One Capture One 20 Pro
) w2 @. O. G- x4 LPhase One Capture One 30 Pro
( H+ o# E2 U6 @. k- U' A! c
) \0 M/ r  a7 N; {0 q1 y" a N" J9 q; F/ e# f o9 @2 A/ ]$ Y1 g1 \( }$ F7 e- S" A  |6 T6 U! B* U" s9 y( I. s3 @: F" Y& x% V
7 [1 P5 }" x' x- v) g6 P% ?0 n" v; C
9 x5 R2 e5 p# ?! b& `
- ~/ C: S3 Z1 H6 B! P5 z


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