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Program Name: CyberLink PowerDirector Ultimate/Ultra 18& [, G$ S& w+ d8 r% Q! V
Program Type: VideoEditor
- u% y, \6 q: [. W& h+ mDeveloper: CyberLink Corp
0 j7 d9 M9 z4 S7 L; `Release Date: 2019-04-22
6 W9 B* B6 e5 p' H  t2 I! EHomepage:
" R, M6 E+ [: g$ d' |Language: Multilingual
( B. H; o# U4 i, b0 ?8 kPlatform: Microsoft Windows 10, 8/8.1, 7 (64 bit OS recommended)
( p7 ?4 X9 S0 }! j3 f& |File Size: 967.77 MB
. k! v- k, X7 T, u7 y3 O, N) R
' G! o# I) t6 f5 z6 LCyberlink PowerDirector software is a software package for working with video files: editing, converting, recording to VideoCD or DVD. Using Cyberlink PowerDirector, you can create files for playback on your Apple iPod or Sony PSP, any portable media device. Cyberlink PowerDirector combines speed, power and simplicity to create complex visual effects of HD video. In addition, Cyberlink PowerDirector provides users with a large number of options for sharing videos directly on the Internet for sharing (for example, YouTube).
/ m; N; f5 e' b" s" K2 |* r0 x) {9 h
CyberLink PowerDirector Features :/ [9 U- G- w; w/ V
- Create high-quality video quickly using the advanced tool for creating Magic Movie. # `; x* @! p1 r8 S- A
- Use Content Aware Editing to quickly find the most exciting parts and correct the bad parts of video clips. & o8 Z" _# E& m* e; h  J) S
- Speed ​​up your computer with TrueVelocity ™ 3 technology.   `: Q% K& Q* B+ z6 ?  L
- Embark on a full-fledged editing journey with AudioDirector, ColorDirector, and PhotoDirector. : I+ u5 i& C9 b9 d
- Import 2K and 4K Ultra HD video, as well as video or audio up to 7.1 channels for editing.6 z# `" T8 c: `9 c0 W* _- b
- Improved design studio PowerDirector (picture-in-picture constructor, particle constructor, title constructor, menu designer) for more accurate, powerful and creative editing when creating films and discs. ! W6 [' k) A: s# Q3 Z
- Create 4 gradient colors for borders and text in the picture-in-picture constructor, caption designer and menu designer. * W  E/ @7 U  B" p
- Import and edit video using 5.1 channel audio without downmixing to channel 2 during preview. 5 P) l5 Y9 d. E, J& |4 ^
- Use the updated Correct / Enhance tools to adjust the lighting and white balance in multimedia or the shake of a rotating camera in a video. + ^# }* p( ?& |- _7 ^; c. f
- View all frames on the timeline of video files with frame rates of 50 or 60 frames per second.
8 m; v# d6 v* @9 Z  P- Release movies as a video file in Matroska (MKV).
8 R6 N6 C  c1 c8 B7 N- Output video in one of the many 2K or 4K Ultra HD formats.
! }; X( \' X" v' ~- Turn off the preview window for an enlarged view of the video and timeline.
& S/ f% o* q$ B( o! D. m- Edit and customize PowerDirector keyboard shortcuts for more personalized editing.
4 s+ {3 Z" B) M" k; w3 }. Y8 y  g4 t% a' _; D2 Y
; s" J! f! ^, l# M4 D* p8 |) w
What's new 18th version:
$ I' e" `+ o$ V$ b+ b1 }Shape Designer
: W: D1 k. u' k( v/ n* f3 F% o0 E8 oApply and edit completely customizable vector shapes to your videos, with auto-fit text and keyframe controls. Perfect for YouTubers and video tutorials. 0 r: n; g; q3 ~9 w% Z1 R
6 l; p+ ]" s2 D4 f+ `# W
Professional Format & Camera Support
2 b8 r% j. ~% ^( N1 c( IImport and edit video shot on professional-grade cameras and in HEVC 10bit HDR10 & HLG, ProRes 10bit 4: 2: 2, XAVC 8bit 4: 2: 0 and MXF AVC 8bit 4: 2: 0 video compatibility.
5 U4 W( d6 K$ S5 Q
4 r# n9 j+ Q+ k6 {4K Video Editing Preview; h( g: B2 e7 H5 u( P6 v
Preview your projects in 4K quality, and see how your video will look like before you produce.
# Q6 o; N7 Y- x* D+ c- H6 Z; S; c6 y' Y) ]3 ?2 @/ D' x1 c% Y7 r6 l
Audio Scrubbing
6 N" L1 k/ E2 m, a6 G: mHear audio while dragging the playhead through a project so that you can quickly find the scene you need.
; p6 Z) M( B% G+ N- r9 ~3 }. k7 s  G2 T
1: 1 Square Video Editing & Production' Z) b- S. O1 C
Create, edit & produce 1: 1 square videos, so you can quickly produce content perfectly fit for social media.
7 D! S( x9 M( f4 t( W) Z3 q  }8 Z/ @4 J( ]0 t: C
Motion Graphic Titles. p+ K7 P3 Y. Q
Combine animated motion title elements with your videos to make your projects stylish and modern. ! g) @7 v- E* G; O, Q
/ C( ]$ k; Z/ d# r9 m' m
Nested Projects as Adjustable PiP Objects0 f6 z/ ~: ?0 C9 `* |* X
Repurpose previous project files in your new ones. Embed them into scenes with keyframe control to scale, skew, rotate & even set opacity.
6 O8 |0 d% K$ @$ V& K/ U
, a  h! S2 K/ O( S  m* E( RReversible Timeline Track Order/ Q* k* M, I% V/ R, p
Switch timeline track order between top-down and bottom-up orientations to suit your workflow.
9 \* Q+ o/ n* b+ b9 X& j( P0 u/ G' U6 M  |, H7 k5 b
CPU & GPU Performance Boosts
6 S3 x( R* }* G2 M: [" qSupports transcoding of non-full frame video clips in a single timeline track. Enjoy better performance on 8+ core processors with improved multi-threading.
0 M. x- p0 G+ V! j$ i4 c% q& Y: X* }2 }  a. h" W# {4 c
Improved Paint Designer& }6 H% g7 z9 @
Move, resize and rotate painted objects within your video frame for total control. ) s5 O  t! X5 c3 r  [4 j9 I
0 E9 h1 G. Z0 {3 o* f0 r
JPG / PNG Image Sequence
/ o" k" [4 ~+ @5 S9 N! WSave your image sequences in widely supported JPG or PNG formats. / |% N* [) `9 y7 P
& D# P) U- M% @# ~* F/ t
Improved Title Designer* r$ k8 T( u7 s8 i
Crop imported images in Title Designer for even more creative options.
5 m- D$ d4 P# d' x$ J' U) c4 L9 o, W) a; x' Q' S
Enhanced Crop, Zoom & Pan Tools
2 k7 D  S; [0 F$ ^Improved crop, zoom, and pan tools give you more control over your video production process.
) ~8 B( O7 T* a- J2 C, h2 O0 [  B
: D' S+ Q) e$ w2 Q! q; w" iExtra-Large Thumbnail Option0 d6 s8 \% u1 S
Find content in your library faster with extra large thumbnail previews. 5 ?: c8 M! D8 n& z- l; r
# r* H7 ^4 o3 T! p( y0 s6 Y. U
Undock Media Library & Timeline
. n7 W2 v2 Y4 X0 l1 i9 f6 jControl the look and feel of PowerDirector's interface for an enhanced video editing experience.
; k! F/ S4 G7 `7 q5 R; F6 v  J; o" E; H& S3 f. N
Volume meter display
  u7 p; A. x9 _1 \5 WPreview the audio volume in your final video with increased accuracy.
4 G) l% @6 ]3 L1 O. Y
; I9 [# |& D& k* ]% G9 ~PowerDirector Benefits:7 _5 M4 S) Y; ?$ t( E8 G1 Q- f' C
- amazingly high speed video editing; - G/ ]& m) S4 h& ~
- powerful editing tools;
* ^8 S1 n& j( l+ B8 y' h/ L3 V- maximum creativity;
2 W; |* M# X) m8 G$ g: g- the ability to upload video directly to social networks in full HD quality; 4 B' G8 g# \5 w3 U% c
- Download video to iPad, iPhone, iPod, BlackBerry, PSP, Zune and many other mobile devices. 6 F) q5 N5 @6 H8 [% {/ n' o8 A' ]
& J& v. g$ G) R1 I6 l8 ]. J
Import multimedia
5 B& P6 l8 k4 T. X- 3D-video (MVC, horizontal stereo pair) 2 g6 W4 B2 s6 \2 F" t
- 3D-photos (MPO, JPS) 5 P# k) c! d' e- }. Q- U' T- C
- MPEG-1, MPEG-2
" v, K! v6 B  @$ X- n* i- T- FLV, MKV, DSLR
5 P8 f0 d) T+ x, @, d5 k9 C" j- AVCHD file with audio DDCD file (.M2T / .M2TS) " Z" M4 \# X4 @6 ?. J, o, Q  x
- File AVCHD with LPCM audio file (.M2T / .M2TS)
% l- C# f4 |( q% c- Apple / PSP MPEG-4 device
9 G9 U: T. ^8 C( O- 4K video (over 1920 * 1080)
4 b8 w( q$ O, t; i% \8 k- Clip with Dolby Digital 2
4 ?, t) c# c; B6 U- Clip with WAV 7.1 support
) Y5 Y) z- `+ R) `- MOD, TOD
: d9 }/ w, B+ ?0 R- R6 S; z- WTV clip (MPEG2 video)
7 d6 P# m: P% d! E& X2 n. d  @- WTV clip (H.264) 2 h' |3 g2 p& c: l: V
1 H& G$ w! w5 W/ Z, Q
1 v# A8 A% T* Y. ?Capture Functions
- {7 g. P2 g1 q' C9 }0 k- Capturing from an HDV camcorder ! k2 Q' |& O0 Z0 t
- Capturing from a DVB-T tuner * {" y" D% l) N; `
- Capturing an analog TV tuner ; g  W3 @; M/ Y+ V
- Capturing from an external or optical device 8 H, _! L" f; l# M
- Capturing from an AVCHD camcorder
; J* ~+ V* G$ B; O, V  O/ z- QuickScan
2 [& N- H' I5 y$ Y1 y) K- SmartCaption 5 o$ ~4 j! p, j8 A/ o' q
- Copy DV Editing 4 c# b7 \  `3 @6 j, d; G3 }

+ b- }8 r' T6 y4 `- ?Functions
! `  Q! D6 R, s0 k/ Q- Convert 2D video and photos to 3D
7 m+ w) S2 \6 ]) j* Q- 3D picture-in-picture effects
( m4 y' o% k# s( _2 {& k2 B# R- 3D title effects - 3D particle effects
* Z4 v4 O! n  n/ _- 3D transition effect
! i+ L3 G3 z0 W6 z! b# S6 f- 3D video effect
2 J8 x) r) j# ]( g9 @) J2 ] - 3D orientation adjustment " X' ]7 R* i' \0 Y
- TrueTheater video enhancements
. r+ ]4 u" J+ P1 e. L3 g% y- ColorDirector
# y0 ^  L% M4 O  _3 L- Video reverse playback / o, \  j. M3 C! |0 S& o( j# B
- Video speed - frame insertion technology
7 B3 y2 V" Z, z: z8 y; z- Magic Cut - setting criteria6 M8 w. |- w9 Q
- Video stabilizer - fix the effect of a shaky camera
& j- O& Y) ]- a' [+ i7 X- Magic Motion Designer - O, T5 w  p1 p3 O' u
- Magic Style 2D templates
1 M1 y$ P% n/ x* ~/ }" J& R" O9 _- Magic Music SmartSound
% i/ E, J' W2 t$ o- Slide show templates - Keyframe settings panel ! i$ d' B( x( Z* c8 g" a
- Quality preview in Full HD mode ( p; `# w( S/ V/ i
- WaveEditor 3 [  K, o  X% t* \7 ]0 U
- AudioDirector ) l3 K3 [# E6 h. M; }3 _
- Creating a shadow file 8 ^3 C6 U" {# v& K$ Z
- Content Aware Editing
+ w' `- H) e& u# v3 j7 r: x6 J- Video Tracks
% c( }' A- n8 \1 t3 a+ {% a: v - SVRT Track1 Z7 e# R9 P' k
- Slice Track
" w5 ~9 e, H/ l# G2 @; E2 C4 k; V# B- Dual Monitor Support ( d/ O3 p/ [9 _  o9 \8 }
- Preview Window - Scaling
! p& z  P8 w+ T6 ~0 q- Title Templates
: U, q# r* V7 |* X- Multiple Cropping5 n, I. j1 L7 Y# r* s! v  d
- Precise Cropping (Scaling) - Video Effects effects
7 v% c8 ^8 t8 j3 Y# G0 {( T- P- Layers of the video effect on the clip
8 K" ~8 M) a* _8 b0 j, e- Key frames of the video effect 5 p/ ?) l: I! T; U0 R
- Constructors - gradient color 4 6 a. V' c7 t' M0 Y# V7 f4 a
- Objects of the picture in the picture # t2 x! i5 T8 J# q: H: C
- Constructor of the picture in the picture - adjust the movement of the picture in the picture   n5 f/ |0 J+ h+ X, i! F+ Y7 ]8 I5 p! [
- Constructor of the picture in the picture - apply views
- U7 ?8 |# l; q- Paint Designer
+ r: t) J2 k2 ^& o. @! E" l/ a0 w- Particle constructor
+ W! Q: _; H) s# X& |2 _- Templates for particle effects
- I: j2 h% ?8 r0 Y' F; u- Adding fragments ! c) i" g) a. J2 }  [. b0 Y3 d
- Subtitles - import / export
/ U( Q# s) a. F0 w, a+ ^- Create subtitles for a DVD
, m4 L+ `5 b' I  f, D2 e- 3D display support 3 q, G' T- _5 X, d& O4 p" l
- Snap to grid lines + Z; q- v/ a3 [7 W+ C1 J$ `* c. h
- Select range 9 E* b8 h# x7 m# V
5 y# x; u6 Q& J
Functions recording results
5 ^) n0 ]4 U2 M4 T* P# C4 ]3 k$ D- Output to 3D
, M9 d# S1 [/ V% |. D" _- Download 3D-video in the YouTube
, H' b8 V9 l; w  T$ x" @' H- Output to MPEG-2   W1 r; m5 y5 H8 V- u5 e# H
- Output MPEG-2 to give in rzhkoy the Digital 5.1 the Dolby % p, p$ ^5 _3 x1 L
- Output to QuickTime format6 m; j$ @4 O+ a. B7 d! y4 u. S5 R
- MPEG-4 AVCHD format
: S0 p. J. h" }- Output to MPEG-4 MVC, H.264 MVC + |% Q7 y1 u6 W! J" i) T& E4 O, Y
- Recording to HDV tape
! R/ K+ ]& _! J* K7 V- Output to HDD camcorder
0 c- ~; e% p3 j5 B" z# I- 2K / 4K video on H.264 AVC / WMV / MPEG-4
$ P7 V% q+ ]" R; h& V" ?- 2K / 4K video social media sites
/ w# }- ^( o, t. z5 h5 J- AVCHD removable disk
; y. J1 @% D; k& e- Output to mobile phones
* f# U+ ]7 t. e0 E4 z8 K, N/ w. o2 I) j- Output to Apple devices ) K% c% Z. k) b5 S
- Output to Sony devices , J% q' K4 i1 A( q

8 d* Y  K9 ]' ^% W) `4 {Disc creation functions - Disc Menu Templates . s5 k( G4 W) |  y
- 3D discs
3 ^% j& T# }7 I+ I7 F) W& P- Stereo creator with Digital Stereo effect for encoding sound 2 * U# w+ v% g7 H3 V* K* B- B% a/ Z
- Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround
/ ]! J! ?6 x2 w# y6 Y- Blu-ray Disc (TM) with DTS sound
4 a" i- t8 L, r% ]4 F% g& x- Burn Blu-ray Disc (TM) (BDMV, BDXL)
4 o% Q' M8 Y) |! i* q- AVCHD : A  {' j) z$ X3 I3 X8 q7 }! J
- VCD Record5 T7 I( |$ h9 Q" A
3 _5 Z; z5 M5 L$ P) M% C% k4 \
System Requirements:) v4 T% F/ v& o" c/ @; M
- Microsoft Windows 10, 8/8.1, 7 (64 bit OS only)
1 F" H+ q, o# |+ o- m- Intel Core™ i-series or AMD Phenom® II and above! j: I4 n. H% A7 f  H  G5 V7 l
- Standard Video: 128 MB VGA VRAM or higher$ ]; _9 ]' |2 j% ~! W) l
- 360-video: DirectX 11 compatible) f0 C8 T, b6 s- d7 n0 V
- AI Plugin: 2GB VGA VRAM or higher
- s- m, ?8 I9 c- 4GB memory required (6GB or above recommended), f! u$ ^! `8 L/ u2 W( [7 M
- 7GB hard disk space
( m2 S: X; K! H- Burning drive is required for disc burning purpose% c2 y* R3 p7 x3 v: b  c; j
- Windows compatible sound card is required
) @7 c! _2 j& b5 G9 Z- ], M! @7 ]  g3 {' T* y5 ]
Language Support:
5 m3 H# A2 n5 w# B- e0 P- g8 _8 c- English5 n$ n. A2 `5 r! G* _$ P& M* Z+ |4 L
- French( }; c( B# P8 j. Y; ], J8 V
- German- K0 n$ T5 E3 ]- U  q
- Italian9 x  _# \1 P+ \8 b: g6 X
- Spanish (European)$ H! c) b; x1 S, w( }( |$ l- ]" ~
- Chinese Simplified
. G5 t: k( U; Z- F* [7 ]% t- Chinese Traditional
" M5 v! Z; Y/ E) E* ~- Japanese. {2 S, {5 S7 Q/ V
- Korean
- Y# X. N' |* q* L  N- G7 ^% v7 S- Dutch8 v1 ]* p8 ?2 w  D' ^! ~! b1 I

5 }+ }9 v3 q) }% B
; G5 B1 `1 k  |; e( N
1 H; M+ x+ C; h: N) x/ J
; b% }/ @- k8 h/ C. F5 ?$ f2 N
  ]/ r, M! Q! |' @  }& G

' o4 `. z# V" d) n, K+ VDownload:
' v/ @% k# y1 p/ E" mCyberLink PowerDirector Ultimate 18.0.2028.0.exe
. W8 _/ I4 b; j2 I4 X) ZCyberLink PowerDirector Ultimate 18.0.2204.0.exe& N8 Q( T/ t  E& g$ z, S- j7 K1 D
CyberLink PowerDirector Ultimate 18.0.2228.0.exe) J1 e/ `4 m( C6 e7 d# I
CyberLink PowerDirector Ultimate 18.0.2313.0.exe
1 W( v+ X7 d5 V  ^/ \9 mCyberLink PowerDirector Ultimate 18.0.2405.0.exe  o# u$ `$ u) Z! [8 B+ R! j
CyberLink PowerDirector Ultimate 18.0.2725.0.exe
7 n" w) R9 x/ U. {7 `; s4 }; L; C. W+ R, x+ f
CyberLink PowerDirector 18 Essential (Trial)
9 c# @# [0 \  }3 S& A
7 f; }2 M" {5 V- c0 f7 r2 }4 D2 Z2 @
CyberLink PowerDirector 18 Standard (Volume License)
. o0 g, j8 }0 v1 h; w D  c, O8 z( w& v2 V, n) n
. Z4 ^3 C  V) E3 k* L8 D% z
CyberLink PowerDirector 18 Ultra (Volume License)% M1 D- u) O( w; @# R; j  D% ~7 ~ _. Z$ g/ f1 x: ^( ^! M  r
5 W' B, `2 X+ p/ G4 b
CyberLink PowerDirector 18 Ultimate Suite with Extra (Retail) -  Ultimate Suite
0 w7 S! j5 s2 h+ Q2 g; Q
' k4 K. ~) e8 y& j! s
8 @: x% V" O8 QCyberLink PowerDirector 18 Ultimate Suite (Retail) - Ultimate Suite
9 b" \+ L' Z# H$ n( X0 L' Y( I5 e
) r2 u( P) D" _+ s! v! @
( t% I+ F# |, H# m9 k, _
, a# v( u3 S/ Y3 u( t7 \; X p4 O) o$ }$ c; }- t" x& _: \' O
2 e  D" f8 K) D& C1 D8 }) f: x3 g! Q5 D% Q4 e- Z8 W5 x7 p$ G
9 `& `+ B/ l3 |- \! Z5 t5 u& J

! r+ W* J+ y- @# `0 m. m" v! u5 d
9 k3 P9 t% o6 A' T$ n
$ R# L" g( d: i( w; Q# c' ~ ~, s% W* _4 z( U9 Y
. m; p& K) ]  c" i

+ {  y# b0 A0 Z. q5 [) t+ P# Q# k


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