Steinberg SpectraLayers Pro v6.0.30

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Program Name: Steinberg SpectraLayers Pro v6+ o6 g7 ~# G( ?- B, ^
Program Type: Advanced Audio Spectrum Editor
  D  g' E8 a& C# E  D3 f. wDeveloper: Avid Software Inc.# x- R0 z! e) q2 S3 Z) S$ P6 W
Homepage:, q) A0 a4 G! G: n- S
Release Date: 29 July 2019/ G2 V$ g  A  d; W9 I) x4 a9 U
Interface Language: English
; R+ _+ I3 L/ Q! L3 u+ {5 z" pPlatform: MacOSX- @9 \) p9 M) E) e3 ~$ \& D0 f
File Size: 129.4 MB
* c3 M, V( r9 J  E% Z" l) k" H: W- @3 _( L
SpectraLayers is a new approach to audio editing, with new concepts to transform the way you work. For the first time you can directly edit spectral data, opening advanced sonic worlds, and use innovative enhancements to traditional techniques. Visualize audio in astonishing new ways, including 3D. Work with mixes like they were tracks. Integrate these abilities into your DAW and other tools. And all in a familiar interface that you didn’t realize you already knew.; R2 S. D9 ?% C8 X9 e$ V
SpectraLayers 是一种音频编辑的新方法,其新概念可以改变您的工作方式。首次您可以直接编辑光谱数据,打开高级声波世界,并对传统技术进行创新的改进。以惊人的新方式(包括3D)可视化音频。像混音一样处理混音。将这些功能集成到您的DAW和其他工具中。而且所有这些都在一个熟悉的界面中,您没有意识到自己已经知道了。  l+ z8 [+ T/ h# p$ B) s

1 }$ D. Q. H/ x! HSpectraLayers is the first completely visual editing system for audio. It extends the traditional visualization of spectral editors to every aspect of editing sounds, including how they mix together. To make this approach intuitive, SpectraLayers employs the model of high-end image editors — not just the interface, but what you can do with sound and how you do it. So, despite its advanced technology, SpectraLayers is immediately familiar and instantly powerful.! H* c9 y$ H3 c1 a
SpectraLayers 是第一个完全可视化的音频编辑系统。它将频谱编辑器的传统可视化扩展到了编辑声音的各个方面,包括它们如何混合在一起。为了使这种方法直观,SpectraLayers采用了高端图像编辑器的模型-不仅是界面,还包括声音的处理方式以及处理方式。因此,尽管拥有先进的技术,SpectraLayers还是立即熟悉并立即强大。
. Q2 |$ Q4 Q$ g
& R; F/ Q/ c( {' ?) j# ~Retouch Audio8 ~- G- N, V3 ?' s& F+ l7 X
The most natural, powerful and precise editing is made directly in the medium. Paint and brushes, retouching and photographs, video and frames. SpectraLayers introduces this way of editing to audio. Start with the spectral domain, where time, frequency and amplitude are all visible. Use the power of 22 advanced tools — modification, drawing, selection, measurement, marking and listening with your mouse, or a pressure-sensitive stylus.4 h5 f4 l1 k& j$ G
润饰音频2 }) n: @0 u3 i# h
2 B0 l# X' j1 D9 ^7 q8 _, L9 L9 ^% A5 w& K
Advanced Selection Engine
( q8 m! O0 \" {" ?Transcend traditional audio editing with the industry’s most advanced selection engine. Create any selection shape — drawn freehand, with geometry-based tools or automatically based on audio features. Add fully visualized crossfade masks and real-time previews. Use selections for spectral playback, selection-based effects, and our Visual Transformation Engine. Alternatively, use selections to protect audio from modification, extract selections to other Layers, and compose 2D soundscapes. Even save and recall them.5 p' a4 @# Q/ _
4 x  y9 C7 y3 v8 e' r0 ]借助业界最先进的选择引擎,超越传统的音频编辑。创建任意选择形状-使用基于几何的工具以手绘方式绘制,或自动基于音频特征绘制。添加完全可视化的淡入淡出蒙版和实时预览。将选择用于频谱回放,基于选择的效果以及我们的视觉转换引擎。或者,使用选择来保护音频不被修改,将选择提取到其他图层以及合成2D音景。甚至保存并调用它们。3 f* `6 o! L, F
' |: m+ p. t2 H9 U
Selection-Based Effects: Re-Imagined: v! k% w6 m# E" S! C! C
SpectraLayers re-imagines selection-based processing, the editing technique most common in other spectral tools. It starts with our Advanced Selection Engine (ASE). Apply SpectraLayers’ industry-standard restoration effects, such as spectral noise reduction and audio healing. In another industry first, you can also use External Editor Processing to use the effects in your other audio tools, such as WaveLab, iZotope RX® and Melodyne® with full ASE compatibility. Undo and redo these edits like any other — instantly.
/ X1 D5 i0 U+ F2 W- _/ X. X基于选择的效果:重新想象7 g/ z- m* n( j6 J
9 c, V& {( @' O: i" i5 P, v& H1 ?2 i4 ^, |$ o
Transpose the Way You Transform  i3 f! K/ J* c' p
SpectraLayers employs the industry’s only visual transformation system for sound. And it’s real-time, with full-resolution previewing. Move, scale and stretch audio as you drag your mouse (or stylus) to align musical features while you transform, and measure your changes with markers and timelines. Of course, you can also do it how everyone else does, using numbers. Either way, all transformations are powered by the Advanced Selection Engine.
/ n4 u0 w7 o+ Y- b! n+ h9 W转换您的转换方式
5 L8 _9 q5 @0 TSpectraLayers采用了业界唯一的声音视觉转换系统。它是实时的,具有全分辨率预览。拖动鼠标(或手写笔)以移动,缩放和拉伸音频,以在变换时对齐音乐功能,并使用标记和时间线测量变化。当然,您也可以使用数字来做其他人做的事情。无论哪种方式,所有转换都由高级选择引擎提供支持。5 y& H& p) k  U) p& q/ L7 m; y  c4 |
1 ]$ a5 ]. z* Y' c* S! J# f5 ]
Tracks and Regions, Evolved+ G* E1 f: z& c% U/ t: C
Layers are at the heart of SpectraLayers. They’re compatible with regions and tracks, but more powerful. Seeing them shows you how they sound — both individually and mixed with other Layers. You can edit them while seeing how your changes affect other tracks — in real time. Using any editing method, instantly previewed with every tool.
  c% l, X3 t9 Q$ r轨道和区域,不断发展# ~: j  z9 x0 P& t+ f& s  W% ?/ ^
图层是SpectraLayers的核心。它们与区域和轨道兼容,但功能更强大。看到它们,您将看到它们的声音-既单独又与其他图层混合在一起。您可以编辑它们,同时实时查看您的更改如何影响其他轨道。使用任何编辑方法,可以使用每种工具即时预览。1 {" j5 T2 I, C( v, D! j
  H1 T" }4 U' u, n
MAJOR FEATURES(主要特点)6 G! L( B. t! ]% `. C, `7 p0 v2 p, b
ARA 2 plug-in- C# \; E% Y/ A% C* @5 U
In addition to the stand-alone application, SpectraLayers also includes an ARA 2 plug-in. It integrates snugly into your ARA 2 DAW and functions as a native editor. Just assign SpectraLayers to a region, and SpectraLayers instantly opens inside with your DAW’s edit window — the region’s audio automatically loaded. All the other regions you’ve assigned are there too, organized by track. It feels and functions like an upgrade to your DAW, not separate software.
9 O8 m* i2 Z* c  `' mARA 2插件
$ i& Z. c! b- ]0 E# [9 `除独立应用程序外,SpectraLayers还包括ARA 2插件。它紧密集成到您的ARA 2 DAW中,并用作本机编辑器。只需将SpectraLayers分配给一个区域,SpectraLayers即会在DAW的编辑窗口中立即打开内部-该区域的音频会自动加载。您分配的所有其他区域也都存在,按轨道进行组织。感觉和功能就像是对DAW的升级,而不是单独的软件。
% s3 m. t/ K% }. t8 _- f" {8 j; W9 n" Z( ]
Visible fade masks
# N5 }2 u$ w  T) i! vAdding fades to selection borders was one of the best features in SpectraLayers. Now we’ve taken it to the next level. For starters, you can create any fade you want — anywhere in the selection, with multiple fade types. And you can see the fades — with a slider to control the opacity of the preview you can see just the fade gradient, just the real-time preview of its effects, or a combination of both. There’s nothing else like it, anywhere.- l" e3 C/ }; X+ _0 j
可见的淡入淡出蒙版% c6 B: d8 C( D2 d$ y* ^
" U+ Y/ w1 N# g7 k3 M' m
( K* z, k, K1 e1 qAdvanced selection engine
# e! b3 K/ d; ?$ k) [6 K, SSelection is the heartbeat of workflows, and our new engine is the industry’s most advanced. Nine revamped selection tools include the new Transient Selector. Selections can be modified using other selections, including intersections, for unparalleled selective control. Limitations, such as modifying Layer states under active selections, have been removed. And active selections, now marked with animated borders, can be moved independently of their contents — even live, during playback.
% Z5 T% S& \8 b5 b6 I- @高级选择引擎
8 Z! D8 S3 C2 q/ Q# @7 ~, N选择是工作流程的心脏,我们的新引擎是业界最先进的引擎。九种经过改进的选择工具包括新的瞬态选择器。可以使用其他选择(包括交叉点)来修改选择,以实现无与伦比的选择控制。诸如修改活动选择下的图层状态之类的限制已被删除。现在带有动画边框的活动选择可以独立于其内容进行移动,甚至在播放过程中也可以实时移动。
& s% l: `3 B, h7 i3 f3 K8 R
9 ~( X+ w. h1 p/ X% h5 o* U; ^Advanced transformations with the new Move tool0 W% x; z6 g) q! n1 b
We’ve taken audio transformations to the next level, too. The new Move tool functions just like you’d expect: grab Layers to activate them and even move them forward/backward in time. And when a selection is active, use the Move tool to transform the selection in real time — moving the selected audio or scaling it — and visually monitor other Layers to perform techniques such as Spectral Alignment. Or you can transform numerically, using new algorithms such as Frequency Shift.
; R) }3 A$ T9 K. A0 i使用新的“移动”工具进行高级转换
# g$ K+ ^7 f0 A我们也将音频转换提高到了一个新的水平。新的“移动”工具的功能与您期望的一样:抓住图层以激活它们,甚至及时将它们向前/向后移动。并且当选择处于活动状态时,请使用“移动”工具实时变换选择-移动选定的音频或对其进行缩放-并可视地监视其他图层以执行诸如“光谱对齐”之类的技术。或者,您可以使用“频移”等新算法进行数字转换。4 o8 ~9 m9 T3 Z) @" g

: H  ?" v  t  d9 M" p( y3 t" BRE-IMAGINED INTERFACE AND WORKFLOW, V" f& C0 `+ T3 F8 o* V
All the new features are only part of the story. We’ve re-imagined the entire user experience, building on the original’s innovative use of image editing software. The result is a program that feels instantly familiar, yet immediately more intuitive and powerful.: y- y* W5 ], Z6 M. n8 e) I
8 P+ G% P3 d6 N$ N所有新功能都只是故事的一部分。我们基于原始图像编辑软件的创新用法,重新构想了整个用户体验。结果是一个程序,使您立即感到熟悉,但立即变得更加直观和强大。$ V, b% n2 A( Q" I0 j

2 J8 `7 Q8 r$ ^% }External editor integration
2 }0 S3 D  i# i, d3 kSpectraLayers will always be the most advanced, powerful spectral editor. But wouldn’t it be nice to integrate the features of your other audio software—like the mastering functions of WaveLab or the pitch-correction features of Melodyne®? With External editor integration, you can set multiple external editors in SpectraLayers and process any selection in those programs. When you’re done, the edit becomes part of the history buffer, like any other edit in SpectraLayers.
9 m4 T( J( }# H0 m' a外部编辑器集成
* ~  {& O2 A7 r4 BSpectraLayers将永远是最先进,功能最强大的光谱编辑器。但是整合其他音频软件的功能(例如WaveLab的母带功能或Melodyne®的音高校正功能)不是很好吗?借助外部编辑器集成,您可以在SpectraLayers中设置多个外部编辑器并处理这些程序中的所有选择。完成后,就像SpectraLayers中的任何其他编辑一样,编辑成为历史缓冲区的一部分。, `: F. R& ~2 K0 j' \2 M2 |! b
( F4 r; m6 z* _
An epic new beginning, S/ ^9 L# O3 ~9 {1 F" b3 u) `; f
The new SpectraLayers is powered by a new technical architecture, with one of the most modern code bases in the industry. As result you’ll experience significant speed increases (up to 400%), with all aspects of the program now functioning in real time. The newest OS features are available, such as Dark Mode in macOS® Mojave, the latest multi-touch implementations for Microsoft Surface Pro®, and full HiDPI/Retina support. And this foundation allows for exciting new expansion features, such as SpectraLayers’ new third-party Spectral Plug-in format.
4 {0 {9 a( h, I/ T3 c& y* {3 R史诗般的新开场: B! ], L/ b$ M; T. V" J- [0 M
全新的SpectraLayers采用新的技术架构,具有业界最现代的代码库之一。结果,您将体验到速度的显着提高(高达400%),并且该程序的所有方面现在都可以实时运行。提供了最新的OS功能,例如macOS®Mojave中的“暗模式”,Microsoft SurfacePro®的最新多点触摸实现以及对HiDPI / Retina的全面支持。而且,该基础还提供了令人兴奋的新扩展功能,例如SpectraLayers的新第三方Spectral插件格式。4 n+ j0 \8 c1 q8 b2 W

! x. P' }+ b; k" n8 A7 dINTRO TO SPECTRAL EDITING4 p( U. j% j+ p0 U4 T' R4 c- W
SpectraLayers is an audio editing application that lets you dive deep into the spectral realm, where you can see, explore, select, process and combine audio content in amazing ways and with extreme precision. Perfect for repair and restore operations, sound design work, remixing, music composition, and even audio forensics, this standalone powerhouse also features ARA 2 support, bringing the power of SpectraLayers into Cubase and Nuendo with a workflow that creates a new benchmark in state-of-the-art DAW functionality.
5 j: |' d) j; j1 A! v* vSpectraLayers 是一个音频编辑应用程序,使您可以深入频谱领域,以惊人的方式和极高的精度查看,探索,选择,处理和组合音频内容。这款独立的强大设备非常适合维修和恢复操作,声音设计工作,混音,音乐创作甚至音频取证,还具有ARA 2支持,通过创建工作流程的新工作流程将SpectraLayers的功能带入Cubase和Nuendo,最先进的DAW功能。
5 \( {$ T/ G% Q
7 f# p" K: F+ w; T4 q* ?2 N3 `4 VSampler/remix artists) x' J: D# ^! F$ p/ {) o3 G
Take a sample, break it into individual instrument or frequency layers, and create mixes in the Layers Panel. Split a single beat loop into myriads of layers and perform fast roundtrip plugin processing on individual layers in ARA 2-supported editors—your creative bursts will consistently deliver fresh and inspiring results.9 v- O$ O6 S9 m& P; y+ \
采样器/混音艺术家1 @: U) L4 U, H6 `0 |$ U
取样,将其分成单独的乐器或频率层,然后在“层”面板中创建混合。将单个节拍循环分割成无数个图层,并在ARA 2支持的编辑器中对各个图层执行快速的往返插件处理-您的创意连发将始终如一地提供新鲜而令人振奋的结果。
  y& J2 l7 ?- U1 }; [1 _& T& a: M- s
Experimental music producers
* ?5 ^6 O/ Y9 x; R# P  [Go for the granular approach and mold sound right down to an atomic level in SpectraLayers. Shift and stretch selections on the spectral graph. Split sound into layers using precision selection tools, process the layers independently and remix the results into completely new composite sounds. Use Spectral Imprinting to play layers off one another, generating completely original, highly nuanced tracks.
, @* P: f" _% o实验音乐制作人! H. F; v  d& u( k; H: L- g
0 K: j+ O- l# J: \& c3 s
7 o$ H0 [7 h- [! ]2 A* o1 mEnhance, restore and repair& J: e! W: n& X* t( J( d! f
SpectraLayers is well known for its repair and restoration capabilities. Identify, select and attenuate sounds in the audio spectrum with surgical precision. Divide sounds into layers and process them with external editors. The Steinberg Pro product family is ARA 2-enabled, letting you nondestructively edit audio in different programs, and save all changes with the project.  P! ?7 D1 i3 X) `' J) k: K3 D
增强,还原和修复. d- X, Q+ J3 E, r  h
SpectraLayers以其修复和恢复功能而闻名。以手术精度识别,选择和衰减音频频谱中的声音。将声音分为几层,并使用外部编辑器进行处理。Steinberg Pro产品系列具有ARA 2功能,可让您无损地编辑不同程序中的音频,并保存项目中的所有更改。( D3 A* V- J! [* ?. @3 b
6 v$ h7 r% S+ g+ d
Audio forensics
1 P  t6 g% \7 Q0 K; q1 lSpectral analysis is used extensively in audio forensics labs. SpectraLayers transforms sound into detailed visual landscapes that can be explored deeply and meticulously worked on. Discovery, clarification, enhancement—no other application offers this level of power for finding relevant content within audio source material. In SpectraLayers every picture tells a story, and the deeper you look, the more you'll find.
" Y/ w  l, p( S3 j# X* y8 @2 ?音频取证2 S2 i- _2 ?0 D0 e) D, p/ F
频谱分析在音频取证实验室中被广泛使用。SpectraLayers将声音转换为详细的视觉环境,可以对其进行深入细致的探索。发现,澄清,增强-没有其他应用程序可以提供这种级别的功能来查找音频源素材中的相关内容。在SpectraLayers中,每张图片都讲述一个故事,而且您看得越深,就会发现越多。7 q) _0 F; R: s
. i7 Y' u9 U' a5 N
Musical improvisation
7 y! g& c3 _; B, O8 S) USpectraLayers has intelligent tools that seek and identify sonic targets quickly and accurately, in a workflow that can feel like pure improvisation. If your creative process involves working with a DAW, then you already know that Cubase is an industry standard platform. Now, ARA 2 makes SpectraLayers instantly available in the Cubase editor for realtime nondestructive spectral editing—a game changing level of integration.
/ f: l1 b5 X3 T7 A; g" e音乐即兴演奏6 F& x8 K" x* v7 Y% M
SpectraLayers拥有智能工具,可以在感觉像是即兴创作的工作流程中快速,准确地寻找和识别声音目标。如果您的创作过程涉及使用DAW,那么您已经知道Cubase是行业标准的平台。现在,ARA 2使Cubase编辑器中的SpectraLayers立即可用,以进行实时无损光谱编辑,这是改变游戏规则的集成度。. [  _  o: t; e6 ^6 S

- w0 j1 s) y& ~) F& K7 tSystem requirements1 w0 |5 n, j$ i! K+ i3 ~
OS :Windows 7 (64-bit), Windows 8.1 (64-bit), Windows 10 (64-bit),macOS High Sierra, macOS Mojave, macOS Catalina
2 l3 t# D- w& |! D$ i7 uCPU minimum        ! C' ]# K2 ]* O) b
Dual Core CPU. w* X* I- z9 k/ ?" p  _2 O) h
RAM minimum:4 GB9 M  r3 Z' h2 u
Hard disk free space:4 GB& ]3 H& p& U# H& S" ~5 |
Display resolution minimum:1280 x 720
8 I% X* t" e. P8 SGraphics:OpenGL 3.3 compatible graphics card (DirectX 11 recommended) (Windows only)' G5 ?3 [) T% `. \

6 V) _* V& W2 d4 T3 e4 S
. E  A* [, c4 c0 e+ A4 x) |7 c3 o/ P5 I- u' ^, w
% |3 b2 F7 P& k' t8 w$ S) C+ T

/ `$ o# S: ?" {; m
  i( t( ~1 O+ S4 a( k

" z% z- ?2 ?6 l# V2 l$ D, L" |# F: X
: x# Q! C  ^& d5 A5 n6 Q- j6 x3 D$ W/ l  n5 T6 T* c5 z

' j/ Y1 k, E; A8 Y
/ V: U# x) j: _" Y6 q
* ]' \( X' R$ K2 p' H/ ~9 `" A! q- M
5 A# z: p: w5 n" gSteinberg SpectraLayers Pro v6.0.10.exe# a) W2 b1 D; H' N
Steinberg SpectraLayers Pro v6.0.30.exe
' u' c: A; B# A  J2 |
( Y  t( f% M( f6 o. w1 i# K  R/ G




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