Digital Film Tools: PhotoCopy v2.0v2

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Program Name: DFT PhotoCopy v2.0v21 j3 J/ w. P% R, f: d; T7 K( y
Program Type: Photo/Video, Plug-in
- g& ]! e* V6 |. u0 i  m- SRelease Date: 1/30/2015
0 D, M# z- h2 _8 e! l. U; u- ]; D7 |Homepage:' r. N% L0 @3 _# e: N; |
Language: English
: g/ q/ u9 M4 R* F: O+ J. a+ PPlatform: Win640 i4 S6 x1 \7 p- K( p
File Size: 78.3 Mb
+ U4 W8 Q5 d/ d. S# i# H$ u$ J
8 z2 r9 K; Z; ]+ hDigital Film Tools PhotoCopy - Software that creates a photographic reproduction of a printed or graphic work made with a process in which a new image is formed by the action of proprietary image analysis, color, texture and light. Whether it's still or moving images, the key attributes are copied from one image and applied to another.- u# I* r6 m. [% R. z2 C: A! _

/ ~1 q2 j8 o( j0 v: B; |5 M$ AWe have painstakingly analyzed the brightness, color, tone, detail, grain and texture of some of the world's greatest movies, paintings, photographs and historical photographic processes. The DNA of these masterpieces can now be applied to your very own images with PhotoCopy. The color, tone and brightness of the original work are replicated while the texture, grain and detail are simulated.$ h3 ?8 B4 L9 h8 u3 Q

. v$ J  y8 I& G* d0 bHave some images that you would like to copy and apply their attributes to other images? No problem. Just create, save and apply these custom presets to other images.
1 M* H& x' W# y0 x( D* ?  Z  k0 C1 U" u
Make any picture look interesting. Good, bad, ugly - PhotoCopy doesn't care. You supply the image, we supply the secret sauce. Combine the two and create a new work of art.
. k( R  W9 t. W" I
5 U+ C# c# O, O& k/ |5 ]Features:9 [7 q3 a4 [' h9 K6 ]; x
- Pick from 94 Academy Award nominated movies including Apocalypse Now, Blade Runner, Frankenstein, Gone with the Wind, King Kong and The Lord of the Rings
8 ~# [. @; a) Z7 C- Choose from 72 paintings from artists such as Cezanne, Chagall, Greco, Leonardo, Monet, Rembrandt, Renoir and Van Gogh to name a few* L; x0 o$ n) m! s+ I
- Select from 40 photographs by various masters of photography including Abbott, Andreev, Cunningham, Fenton, Nadar, Outerbridge, Stieglitz and Weston
- t, ?- @8 c$ E9 T- {! n# ?" y- Try one of 30 historical processes, some of which are Ambrotype, Cyanotype, Liquid Emulsion, Kallitype, Palladium, Salt Print, Vandyke and Wet Plate
8 v& m. l7 S$ K) z- Copy the key attributes from one image and apply them to another/ i+ d4 X# {. F2 |- z6 N. c. }4 o
- Create custom presets from your own images
8 C: L: n8 c( f- Color, tone and brightness replication
' E! b, |  L9 k+ S- Texture, grain and detail simulation3 d4 u7 C/ L" k5 d0 {$ ]9 M$ v
- Add a vignette to any preset
1 W6 h( B$ Y, h- v& \# r% F2 O- Modify images with presets or sliders
9 B; R( N; d$ D2 |- Quickly search for presets
, v$ [/ J4 S) G5 {0 J
9 V: S( ]! P9 ]# k7 _VERSION 2.0V2 RELEASED 1/30/2015Bug Fixes
    0 v6 y* ]+ y, Q1 u, M
  • Delete Layer! Q( h: Y4 r& ^, F* m4 f  ]* _
    You can now Delete a layer when multiple layers are present.
  • Nuke Plug-in Naming% d6 l* A4 G3 j1 s1 H- W
    Added prefixes to the plug-in names so as to not create conflicts with Nuke's internal node naming.
  • Custom Preset Thumbnail1 p6 @- T- B6 F9 X( k6 l3 N
    Custom preset thumbnails now use the image that the preset was created from.
    0 l; p: e# `& n, I& q

9 m, o4 X8 f+ ~1 i" ?% r  Y9 _VERSION 2.0 RELEASED 1/26/2015Features

    ! N# |2 ~8 o' X9 P  V
  • Internet Image Search
    1 w% Q$ u7 K: a0 v5 NSearch for images to copy using one of our many preset searches that include famous movies, painters, photographers, historical processes or do your own custom search.
  • Layers and Masking6 Y0 o9 t5 U5 p9 B/ g
    Photo plug-in hosts now have layering and masking. Mask types include: Gradient, Spot, Path, Snap, EZ Mask, Selection and Paint.
  • OFX Host Support
    3 b* z0 c, S0 @6 q, d! |# FThe OFX plug-in format is now supported making it compatible with digital intermediate programs Assimilate Scratch and Blackmagic Design Davinci Resolve, the Foundry鈥檚 Nuke compositing software and the Sony Vegas non-linear editing system.
  • Retina Display Support
    " R. e# r9 R) M2 s. }; MSupport for Mac Retina displays has been added.; U( F& O* }! P, B2 L

0 w/ F' R% P6 h7 ^9 f* {
) S; r, j# o  U8 r6 ORequirements:2 T+ ~, A6 @0 a' u2 _# f
- Windows Vista 64 Bit, 7 64 Bit, 8 64 Bit
; [& g& f3 q% O) L& c9 [: k, y- Photoshop CS5 and up (64 Bit Only)( q/ F& m7 o& s1 O( d' X. V6 ]. X
- Photoshop Elements 13 and up (Non-app store version)  R) \  ?/ w% g, Z" z4 v
- Photoshop Lightroom 3 and up
/ d0 V$ \$ ~3 n- R0 B% \" u- l- Effects CS5 and up
. ~; R1 @( g/ T  C+ b% H) S- Premiere Pro CS5 and up( c  G# ^' `" a( l# h5 t5 C' }
- Avid Editing Systems (64 Bit only)
' t9 n) T8 Q- P+ i1 J0 r
+ W0 f$ M8 d+ ?5 a( i: r6 C& L
" G' k9 j7 f3 k5 I+ [- |1 q  m, EDownload:
0 |3 G: B9 s4 [+ |( yPhotoCopy- J' f8 s/ u# B* K: W, }
PhotoCopy-2.0v2.CE.exe8 ]0 p6 f$ Z0 b. g9 e: z! Z" o

& \1 R9 c0 O8 s7 {$ [4 ]




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