Digital Film Tools: Film Stocks v2.0v3

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Program Name: DFT FilmStocks v2.0v3 CE Team V.R private build
' e+ U, A3 X& R+ k0 r5 P4 ~) kProgram Type: Photo/Video Plug-in2 g" v' `  X# y4 m
Release Date: 1/30/2015   e/ T! [" x. Z0 n  `" |
Homepage:! l; I: K) l4 x& X% ^& s
Interface Language: English
$ r/ ]- ^5 I  |: O# sPlatform: Win64 0 X, W) T) k6 W. [0 T2 q9 U
File Size: 39.6 Mb
3 j0 Z3 c& t3 h: s, }3 x
; m2 ]! F. M& H! R+ y3 o+ \Digital Film Tools: Film Stocks is a unique filter that simulates 288 different color and black and white still photographic film stocks, motion picture films stocks and historical photographic processes. Using our experience in creating special effects for hundreds of feature films as well as expertise in film scanning and recording techniques, we have laboriously researched and analyzed different film stocks to come up with a set of interesting analog photographic, motion picture and vintage looks. Make any digital image look interesting by applying some of our film magic.
5 m. P# V( D  c& B; k+ z% J# y& x" I6 I! t+ a% e
Features:; v+ j" c. t5 c, o- D! H# F' f1 o
- 288 analog photographic film presets! b" Z+ K) S0 ]. X4 w0 W
- Select from Agfa, Fuji, Ilford, Kodak, Polaroid and Rollei color and black and white film stocks
9 ^( a. a5 R! ]7 X- Choose from a wide range of historical photographic processes8 K1 l  E: r) ?
- Get the skewed color look of Bleach Bypass, Cross processing and Technicolor Three Strip and Two Strip processes+ Z2 N9 X) G3 i7 x0 X- _! ~
- Apply Lo-Fi photographic looks from Lomo and Holga toy cameras
; l- Z2 _" u# j1 N( i0 P  x/ J- Age your images with the looks of faded films. x  ^& T9 g( }- `
- Simulate film grunge by adding film dirt, hair, scratches, stains, splotches, gate weave, and flicker. a" c% B; k/ @3 w/ L, q
- Create your own film stock presets, a7 u! N& [- Y6 c$ F
- Layering system for multiple film stock application (Photo plug-in version only)
  w0 n, i! v. l# H5 P- Sophisticated but easy to use masking tools (Photo plug-in version only)
3 A; A) l& m. _+ O- z8 O" w- Add a vignette to any preset
5 x$ e9 S6 |" {5 S- Modify images with presets or sliders
8 W) d+ V1 f! L, N$ e1 f% T- Quickly search for presets
# Q" f/ H, a9 D( W  P6 x- 32 bit image processing
# D9 L' B8 f& h" T. J: p% {$ s- Multi-processor acceleration* T9 Q6 N. Y. g
- GPU acceleration
$ D  {$ \' b6 Y9 E+ A- W+ _: ~; c' }; k$ M
VERSION 2.0V3 RELEASED 1/30/2015Bug Fixes
    2 j* C. y% L, \
  • Nuke Plug-in Naming7 v: K  @5 b8 e: C
    Added prefixes to the plug-in names so as to not create conflicts with Nuke's internal node naming.& O4 p: O$ P  h$ W( D$ l5 T

1 x. t% Q+ J7 e* n, w# w( [& LVERSION 2.0V2 RELEASED 12/03/2014Bug Fixes
    3 _$ z" I8 |0 t' J8 B3 F
  • gputool Not Signed on Mac$ N! w4 \8 V6 K  }9 S! `
    The gputool was not signed on Mac.
  • gputool Settings Not Working Correctly& }$ `2 a' q) l& S3 e
    The gputool's settings were not overriding the preferences set in the photo and video/film plug-ins.
  • Mac Pro Dual D700 FCPX Issue% X4 f' [5 k7 G5 P. D
    GPU acceleration was not working properly on Mac Pro Dual D700 graphics cards in FCPX.
  • Windows Installer - Check for OpenCL
    ) K) \& y# x/ u& C, aThe Windows installer now checks for OpenCL before installation.
    # b4 U4 r7 l1 W* R& W
VERSION 2.0 RELEASED 11/09/2014Features
    $ Q! J& d7 I: z: _. L, t
  • Added Bleach Bypass Plug-in, q- h% i8 ?6 m4 D) a3 Q/ G- f
    Bleach Bypass is a film laboratory technique where, by skipping the bleach stage in the color processing sequence, silver is retained in the image along with the color dyes. The result is effectively a black and white image superimposed on a color image. Bleach Bypass images have increased contrast, reduced saturation, often giving a pastel effect.
  • Added Cross Processing Plug-in
    8 _( b0 A4 g: U; {& |Cross processing is a photographic technique where print film (C41) is processed in the set of chemicals usually used to process slide film (E6) or vice versa. The final result yields images with oddly skewed colors and increased contrast and saturation. Different film stocks produce different results, so we have created what we feel is a representative look.
  • Added Grunge Plug-in9 f! I9 ?" Z5 U% A6 V4 }9 d' U
    Adds film dirt, hair, scratches, stains, splotches, vignetting and grain--all to make your pristine image look like damaged film.
  • Added Three Strip Plug-in5 S5 u: _9 X- O& o& T+ R
    Known and celebrated for it ultra-realistic, saturated levels of color, the Technicolor® Three Strip process was commonly used for musicals, costume pictures and animated films. It was created by photographing three black and white strips of film each passing through red, green and blue filters on the camera lens and then recombining them in the printing process. Our Three Strip filter was created under the direction of Academy Award Winning Visual Effects Supervisor Rob Legato.
  • Added Two Strip Plug-in3 J8 `) H; X1 y; P
    The Technicolor® Two Strip process was the first stab at producing color motion pictures and consisted of simultaneously photographing two black andwhite images using red and green filters. This look creates an odd but pleasing hand-painted look where faces appear normal and green takes on a blue-green quality, while the sky and all things blue appear cyan. Our Two Strip filter was created under the direction of Academy Award Winning Visual Effects Supervisor Rob Legato.
  • Aperture Now Retrieves Film Stocks Setup Information4 |, R/ n7 v' M/ p5 _) h% l4 H- a& z
    Aperture can now retrieve your Film Stocks setup information consisting of filters, layers and masks. To do this, apply Film Stocks and render. If you then apply Film Stocks to the newly rendered version, your previous Film Stocks setup will be shown and can be modified. This behavior can be disabled via the Save setup with image preference.
  • Lightroom Now Retrieves Film Stocks Setup Information
    . D4 b; ~* v' v' F7 o0 E" _* z5 @Lightroom can now retrieve your Film Stocks setup information consisting of filters, layers and masks. To do this, you need to use "Edit Copy with Lightroom Adjustments" and render the result. If you then apply Film Stocks to the newly rendered version and use "Edit Original", your previous Film Stocks setup will be shown and can be modified. This behavior can be disabled via the Save setup with image preference.
  • New Mask Types& Y% \2 o- I( X/ W6 e2 W$ h
    Added Path, Snap and Selection mask types.
  • OFX Host Support
    2 Z8 k9 O) f  N4 v7 _The OFX plug-in format is now supported making it compatible with digital intermediate programs Assimilate Scratch and Blackmagic Design Davinci Resolve, the Foundry's Nuke compositing software and the Sony Vegas non-linear editing system.
  • Retina Display Support5 f) r9 ]$ l; V' A% |' X
    Support for Mac Retina displays has been added.
  • User Interface - New Preview Size: m8 X2 X2 b" I. c$ l/ r
    A 4096 pixel size was added to the Film Stocks user interface Preview Size preference. Images can be now be previewed at 1024, 2048 and 4096 pixels.
    # {! V6 r! p# k" h

    + f& q, O+ g$ ^' U& s
  • Film Stocks Won't Open in Aperture in OSX 10.10
    " E$ B- R0 ]& e) z1 o- vA problem where OSX 10.10 broke the ability to open Film Stocks in Aperture was fixed.
    * x& I% y) U+ q, j" G8 Z+ h

      i0 Y  t9 x5 W8 }2 W- _1 I
  • Avid Media Composer 8.1 Compatibility 4 b3 {3 ^5 l& R$ g
    Film Stocks is now compatible with Avid Media Composer 8.1.
    & q4 f9 X7 Y7 @, @
VERSION RELEASED 6/19/14Features
    " O1 g  V4 k9 }% s5 j2 I! T
  • Installer - Photoshop Creative Cloud 2014 ( h! x& A4 t& O& `, \  y2 y
    The installer now automatically finds the Photoshop Creative Cloud 2014 install location.
    ) n( t8 {1 d5 y2 P/ `8 e
    ! s% \3 h1 m0 K+ H
  • Activation Problem 6 }/ I2 t) ]+ w
    Fixed the activation window popping up multiple times in FCPX when Film Stocks was applied to multiple clips in a sequence.
    5 S' _& c+ @9 M1 [2 Z
    * _5 f' z2 B; |! R) E( ^+ X- ^
  • Photoshop Hang With Smart Layer . o4 w$ [6 @5 X& _/ d7 Z5 ~: c
    It was possible to hang Photoshop when working on a Smart Layer that hung off the edge of the canvas--such as when shifted up and to the right.
  • Avid Crashed When GPU Rendering Failed
    8 s1 W" y% U9 @& L+ e6 qOn some graphics cards, Avid would crash when clicking the Done button in the user interface.% y, D; w4 C3 H% s, t

    8 N1 V9 V7 V! o1 [: f! d- C
  • Trial Activation Problem - Avid Media Composer 7 $ L3 m4 \- c8 P5 C- h3 v9 }! Y
    The trial activation window on Avid Media Composer 7 would flash on and then disappear.
    0 L1 t# _1 i, O5 }1 V' B6 `$ n
      E5 H) H. Y& b! ~" R, M/ Z: z
  • Activation Problem
    0 L4 w$ g9 d+ i+ m$ f) KIf Film Stocks was not licensed, FCPX would crash when Film Stocks was applied to a clip in the timeline.
    % H$ g) M6 ^- O) E* o' ?' `$ C. e  k
VERSION 1.5 RELEASED 06/11/2013Features

    * N! z3 p9 D3 O6 U0 r: c5 M) |
  • Activated After Effects Render Multiple Frames Features9 b& B# F) o5 W
    Film Stocks now works with the After Effects Memory & Multiprocessing > Render Multiple Frames feature.
  • GPU Acceleration/ p% q4 ?! E# O
    Film Stocks is now accelerated with OpenCL using your graphics card resulting in dramatic speed increases.
  • 32 Bit Floating Point Precision4 b) x. G+ N4 \1 a/ h! r; |/ P
    Film Stocks can now process with 32 bit floating point precision.7 y# Z1 t8 [( B, y
    ; p8 e& J# \7 L
  • Avid 32 Bit No Longer Supported
    & a: Q% b2 x1 @/ _# K& y32 bit Avid systems are no longer supported.
  • Premiere Pro Interface Launching: d! y) G+ X5 Z7 N
    In Premiere Pro, the user interface is now launched using the Film Stocks Interface button at the top of the effect controls.
  • 2048 Pixel Resolution Default in User Interface, r2 ]  Q/ x) J' _
    The Film Stocks user interface now uses a 2048 pixel default resolution instead of 1024. This means you are working at a higher resolution in the Film Stocks interface.
    9 i; I; L6 S. ~$ H$ z
Bug Fixes

    / L6 L  L. c* ^" D0 x% L# o9 k
  • Aperture > Load/Save Setup Problem+ R/ q4 x4 l5 H7 q6 p. E! X( q% v
    Previously, there was a problem with Aperture loading and saving Film Stocks setup files.
  • Photoshop Elements - Installer
    ( V: K: M7 g, _+ D' a1 EThe Film Stocks installer can now install into the Apple App Store Version of Photoshop Elements.
  • Photoshop Window Priority - Macintosh
    & H9 }8 v8 N( T" p4 ^9 E) j4 _If you turned off the Photoshop "Open Documents As Tabs" preference on a Mac, the Film Stocks user interface would go behind the image in Photoshop.* J6 s$ w; l3 H6 e4 [
    ( x' `  c3 Z0 b! g& t  y
  • FCPX 10.0.6 Compatibility ' ~5 R/ W0 v% ~1 _) S" S
    Film Stocks is now compatible with changes made to Final Cut Pro X 10.0.6. Previous versions of Film Stocks had image orientation problems in the user interface as well as crashing with FCPX 10.0.6.
    " Y, A  ^! D( F
    4 z8 G* r7 Q$ a1 z2 ]# b7 d
  • Apple Final Cut Pro 10.0.5 - Image Flipped in User Interface # @4 Z( w- V7 \- k! R! U
    Final Cut Pro changed its image orientation in 10.0.5 causing the image to be flipped in the Film Stocks user interface. We have worked around this.9 H6 |) m& z+ _! }. I
VERSION 1.0.2 RELEASED 04/25/2012

    ( K) }8 B4 O$ h
  • Apple Motion 5 Supported
    4 v% M" F$ @8 \' E0 }; ?Apple Motion 5 is now a supported host application.
  • FCPX - More Parameters
    9 f, s+ r' H8 x$ r2 [4 p( `All Film Stocks parameters have been added to the Apple Final Cut Pro X user interface.
    ! n" j3 y( K9 H
VERSION 1.0.1 RELEASED 04/23/2012Features
    5 G; ^) p: ?. C0 f6 y- ]) F
  • Final Cut Pro X Supported; W2 p  E; w4 e$ y
    Final Cut Pro X is now a supported host application.
    # w: z/ B" F' K
Bug Fixes
    * i+ R, Z& _  u% x0 z2 v, M2 R
  • Photoshop Video Playback - Mac
    8 D. j3 b3 x* q' VIf you applied Film Stocks to a video clip and hit the play button, only the first couple of frames rendered.* \5 ]' \; a. @3 |

    6 t- W/ o. p5 u+ ^1 g7 X! F% FPremiere Pro CS6 Crash, m+ }( z' |. c$ N  V7 G6 n
    Fixed a bug in Premiere Pro CS6 that caused a crash if the Film Stocks user interface was opened immediately after being closed.
    3 d6 N7 v# w7 i2 B* e
- VERSION 1.0 RELEASED 01/23/2012
    4 C9 \: b# F. b# v
  • Inital Release
    4 U0 M/ y5 y/ |# w  i3 D
/ L4 p* i  s: a
' ^  {% O2 M+ ~' H/ m8 y3 O6 D
Requirements (Windows):4 Y, Q, p5 e" a& T4 @# Y
- Windows Vista, 7, 8 (64 Bit)8 c1 y+ |5 c! j, ]
- Photoshop CS5 and up (64 Bit Only)
( U6 l0 k9 `4 F( O, }* s- Photoshop Elements 13 and up (Non-app store version)
& W0 L* Z/ }) b* M4 ^. R4 [6 z9 P- Photoshop Lightroom 3 and up% V7 [6 `8 q; J! g% V  e' J' N% Q
- After Effects CS5 and up
6 r) E# J" I# ]0 O- Premiere Pro CS5 and up8 m/ t8 ?! G9 z3 F  y
- Avid Editing Systems (64 Bit only)7 Z, ~% J! P# N( E! Q! P: S. L
- Assimilate Scratch v8 and up
+ E( U# X7 e: b! _- Black Magic Resolve v11 and up4 t/ h- ]8 c7 x$ L' H7 |
- Sony Vegas v13 and up/ _9 K8 k0 D0 }  h+ y
- The Foundry's Nuke v8 and up7 N" \1 Q/ Z% R' W, `

3 R" F# A( K% @( Y( v$ P' j! D* \# L( d& l) P

" g& ~/ r9 R% f3 Z" E/ z) jDownload:6 p! O; ?; b0 }
2 A: v8 e3 t+ q, L* S. wFilmStocks-1.5.exe: b5 @2 ~* P5 n% ~1 x7 d. Q# |" r
& V2 ?& ]6 L: A2 Y* bFilmStocks-2.0v3.CE.exe) l5 ?, g) T1 w% g8 w

9 y2 t1 A7 P: C: F5 u$ w) g& _7 @




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