Digital Film Tools: zMatte v4.0v6

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Release Name: DFT zMatte v4.0v3
' |6 c: @1 o# N9 u; l0 oProgram Type: Video Editing Plug-in+ p3 |9 s/ ?3 p' ?, ~! x
Release Date: 1/30/2015* L4 Y! }: R9 o3 _% F
7 i* j2 b. [' w/ d# \Language: English
( M$ v  b' i" KRequirements: Win64
+ u) V+ {& Z+ _6 l5 }7 qFile Size: 24.7Mb
2 E; w* E: B& [5 e6 M( U& D( Y; O, z. T+ y6 C
Digital Film Tools: zMatte is a full-featured keyer that is the result of our experience in creating hundreds of successful blue and green screen composites. Using proprietary matte extraction techniques, zMatte quickly and simply creates mattes with minimal parameters even if you are dealing with fine hair detail, smoke, or reflections. It is easy to use, yet provides the needed tools when faced with good, bad, or ugly shots - tools such as multiple matte creation, automatic spill suppression, sophisticated matte and edge manipulation, and color correction.
0 c  w5 ~- K- G3 H! Y/ U$ h
* z) y# V  l& P3 `zMatte includes the following filters to handle keying, matte generation and compositing: Color Suppress, DeArtifact, Edge Composite, Frame Averager, Holdout Composite, Keyer, Light Wrap, Matte Generator, Matte Repair, Matte Wrap and Screen Smoother.
9 |% }6 s! ]7 {+ t3 o
1 ?0 v$ l. `2 U; OzMATTE Features & Z! O& R$ y2 @1 a' }
- Create mattes from blue, green, any color screen
1 ]/ J9 b/ X  T: M/ E/ J: ]- Multiple matte creation 9 L( ]. H1 b( i' P( U# Z) q
- Matte shrink, blur and wrap functions . J1 b8 K8 g! W" G( A9 E5 q
- DV and HD deartifacting
6 A$ {. T( ~; f# \& N- Sophisticated color correction and suppression
8 X& |+ l  q7 e3 e* L+ u- Light wrapping
& t. A' y( q( V6 Z$ s3 j  e) Y- Edge tools to color correct or blur only the edge
2 ~, p0 S. N' \6 I8 [* E- Integrated DVE on After Effects, Avid, and Final Cut Pro Versions . y% i: h" {+ q/ t2 x
- Screen smoothing for unevenly lit blueand green screens
4 ~- m$ O1 b2 _& R2 D' i- Effectively composite fire, explosions and smoke
; k. @: b6 M! f1 D! `- 8/16 bit processing
& t& A2 x0 b( B
( L7 R. D. ?6 ]5 w- p9 ^/ ZLICENSING; J/ r9 U* h) {- ]
The OFX plug-in format is now supported. Specifically, Sony Vegas and the Foundry's Nuke have been qualified. One zMatte license will run in Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premiere Pro, Apple Final Cut Pro, Sony Vegas and The Foundry's Nuke if installed on the same machine.
0 y. }$ ?" z% w* W6 x* x% c) Y$ m2 V/ f+ L9 }4 p# J( h
Color Suppress
8 z+ X* V4 l: JRemoves either blue or green from an image. This is usually used to remove the blue or green light that commonly spills onto objects filmed in front of blue or green screens.$ n& f' s0 T) t. H. i9 I
Color Suppress Before Color Suppress After
0 V1 F4 c1 L) t9 L6 V- w6 }! q/ @8 @$ x% {& ^" o: }
DeArtifact/ p6 @1 ^3 d) z5 j
DeArtifact is handy for cleaning up artifacts caused by DV and HD video footage. In fact, it is useful for cleaning up images that have aliased or jaggy edges.6 @8 Z3 N- M8 w( q/ Q9 v( G
DeArtifact Before DeArtifact After
1 q3 q) @$ P8 Y7 B; o9 w) \+ P5 V' S* j) m* \
Edge Composite, U' ?/ l- t: K6 X* b7 ^% N
Edge Composite automatically generates an edge matte from an existing Alpha channel and allows you to color correct or blur only the edge of the foreground. You can also mix the edge of the foreground with the background. This is very helpful for seamlessly integrating images as well as dealing with aliased mattes.
- U) P5 E' p5 R& _! Q6 `* SEdge Composite Before Edge Composite After
  K3 y! T3 o5 y! \1 D  `0 s& }( L2 Q. k3 b+ n/ Y# ~
Frame Averager, k' ~1 ^; m, B/ n" V% \
The Frame Averager mixes frames together to create interesting motion effects. This plug-in is also useful for smoothing out film grain and video noise which can cause problems when pulling a key or generating a matte." R. J& O. u1 _4 D: Q" P9 F7 `
Frame Averager Before Frame Averager After
" X: c2 ~; C+ N9 x; K1 Y' [! H; y5 `+ y: `
Holdout Composite/ H4 @( x# U" |# j
To add practical fire, explosions, smoke or other footage not containing an Alpha channel is normally a challenge. A normal Math Composite Add function would cause areas of the background to get brighter. This is bad. Using a key of some type would most likely generate unwanted edge fringing. This is also bad. The Holdout Composite is a two-layer/track effect that effectively composites images such as fire, explosions and smoke. This plug-in first creates a luminance matte of the foreground and pastes it as black (or other color) over the background. You then use one of the Blend Modes to place the foreground over the 鈥渉eld out background鈥) B) s: s, U2 |+ d" W

: ]) D7 B3 q; z" ]/ G  C- S* M* V+ N) V$ z* O# j$ m0 T8 w
Download:3 G+ A3 A4 Y5 i8 _
zMatte-' {6 H4 {4 y2 t8 j1 _9 X5 y$ W
9 _, n+ v% _' p0 l+ k! LzMatte-4.0v3.CE.exe
. Q  {  X$ e$ P% g8 A8 _Digital Film Tools zMatte v4.0v6 CE.exe




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