Imagineer Systems Mocha PRO 3 v3.2.2 build 8935 (Win/Lin/Mac)

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Program Name: mocha Pro 3 v3.2.1 build 7276' _( Y4 L# r: L7 F$ n4 n+ |5 b
Developer: Imagineer Systems Ltd.
$ M" x, x) m! g! k* i% MHomepage:
& K( D; h7 U5 s3 jRelease Date: 18.01.2014
( C( l& N: a6 _, Q) y# `Interface Language: English
: c1 `& Q) O5 V, ]* _! tPlatform: Windows XP/Vista/7
: K, ~% J  R! C0 w1 ?" p6 Y7 UFile Size: 27.14Mb / 37.26Mb
5 Z! @0 q; o0 M/ U, d' H" g( `# V
; s+ A  |" h4 L6 h9 J$ B# Z& E+ @6 Xmocha Pro - Ultimate VideoFX Utility. mocha Pro delivers all the planar tracking and rotoscoping tools from award winning software, mocha and adds compositing tools for match moving, auto image and wire removal, clean plate generation, lens distortion correction and stabilization, to deliver an all-in-one master VFX tool set. By combining the best of legacy products mokey and monet, Imagineer now offers one product with all the features. mocha Pro's remove module is the industry's most unique alternative to painting, cloning & manual tracking.% C( r3 s9 h7 s& U7 x' o; D

, m7 E7 `7 C( U" gLeveraging more than 8 years of engineering research and development, mocha Pro offers digital media artists a powerful, intuitive and innovative planar tracking-based solution with a streamlined interface, accelerated workflow and the power to easily track and manipulate shots not possible with traditional solutions. mocha Pro is the ideal VFX complement for film/video post production, creative motion graphics and 2D-3D conversion pipelines.  `1 v# w' E1 z* d: D- V& x; p- v) e3 f

) K  j4 [5 S0 s• one tool, all the features - 64 bit optimized- E. r4 B1 d0 A
• object removals & clean plate generation
) p3 D4 |' p1 {/ X% c• lens distortion correction ( f, X  o6 d8 K; O! X/ _) G
• offset & 3D offset tracking " }0 `) [$ L0 s$ }+ s
• insert compositing & mesh warper
3 S2 m3 Y7 d# {• planar tracking & roto export to After Effects, Flame, Nuke & more# S4 L3 a$ T0 {* X& n4 M
3 X5 X) k/ C. D. l5 P$ U
Planar tracking innovation. mocha is a stand alone tracking & roto software designed to complement any compositing and finishing environment. mocha's unique planar tracker and streamlined interface allows artists to easily track shots where point trackers fail: shots with noise, shots with motion blur and shots that go offscreen or are obscured. Artists can quickly and easily solve difficult tracks and export transform, scale, rotation and perspective keyframe data to the industry's most popular packages such as After Effects, Final Cut Pro, Motion, Flame, Smoke, Combustion, Avid DS, Quantel generationQ, Shake, Digital Fusion and Nuke. Tracking screen inserts and stabilizing camera jitter has never been easier!
& a* }, A6 G/ |* k4 Y3 h
* [/ W1 ~$ H5 P3 E& iRotoscoping and matte creation. Isolating and extracting objects is at the heart of all visual effects compositing and 2D to 3D conversion projects. mocha's advanced bezier and x-spline shape creation tools give compositors the tools they need to create highly accurate and realistic roto mattes with variable edge feathering. Linking shapes to the planar tracker allows the artist to create mattes with far less manual keyframes. mocha can render mattes with motion blur for any as well as export shape data for Flame/Flint/Inferno, Shake, Combustion, After Effects and Final Cut Pro.3 k# y8 a- l4 N
: i& X, d( i, v* b/ L8 r, r
Features:) O# P, P* c# T1 r0 g8 B. i; v0 R
- 2.5D planar tracking& F! `5 g1 m; J3 A, F
- AdjustTrack module
- A4 I  D4 Z7 [: r- 64 bit optimized8 t! Y' v; t( o4 s
- Improved user interface- e: f2 v' E9 i8 t$ w& d# F0 r
- OGL accelerated matte rendering with motion blur
1 B5 `  y5 K8 Z, E- X-spline and Bezier roto tools with per-point edge feathering+ L0 I8 x# ~0 Z" l& P$ m
- Stabilize & smooth module with AutoFill render
" I: r0 i& Z: N# Y- Open EXR Support
3 h% K2 d/ p$ w( K/ s- Automatic object and rig removal module with optional clean plate inserts6 |6 ?4 W6 a: Q- R
- Lens distortion analysis with distort & undistort render function
3 e3 n- b9 K  Q- Insert composite module
% B/ N1 j; c3 D& \- Offset & 3D offset surface composting & track export- {2 `3 P5 s' D5 j: a3 R2 h( p
- Mesh warper distortion tool; Z' y; H5 X; [- n
- Multi-pass rendering (render matte, fill, comp)
$ X' |2 u8 C1 o; E. {: h
0 X% R) s+ J- R2 mExport track data to:) N+ n( K. p9 i3 R  g
- Autodesk: Flame, Smoke, Combustion  |, a  z+ Q0 R- e# Z* z2 H
- Adobe After Effects CS3, CS4,CS5
+ R! m! Q8 m" ~: f- Apple: Final Cut Pro & Finl Cut Express
* l3 q9 ?* e: B" S+ d( f- Apple Motion+ ^+ f. g2 N9 f+ s$ z+ v/ r
- Apple Shake5 a6 d# q3 N) v8 s6 ~3 e
- Avid|DS( k: T3 G: v+ D( T
- Quantel generationQ (requires free mocha for Quantel plug-in)
3 H3 J/ P4 Y! h0 Z; p4 H  i% }$ U: J+ \8 j- Eyeon Fusion
7 v* ~/ `3 b7 ~4 p, q( L- Nuke
' V0 K$ \$ R: m3 a: @$ n, B& @7 l9 H; u1 z; }* z! P
Export roto data to:
: A0 P& F+ I5 G- Apple: Final Cut Pro (with mocha shape for Final Cut plug-in)
! W9 ~1 X/ _/ K( a- F- B! n$ G- Autodesk Flame, Smoke, Combustion: GMasks0 ^7 D7 k0 ]% f
- Nuke & Nuke X
7 v8 C; M5 ~. H, g! P( i1 D% M4 K- After Effects CS3, CS4, CS5 (with mocha shape for After Effects plug-in)
1 o( Z6 K6 H: z* r- Eyeon Fusion (via ssf export)
( r1 b4 k- d, b* C- Shake
% N7 ?6 q4 T  b) r- F  M' G( a
% t8 {- }+ U9 ?2 U0 tmocha AE and PRO v3.2 includes significant features and fixes:' s1 v, `& A& }% E/ q
- Support for international file names and directories.  d' T8 t& n# f' C5 w' ~. P
- Support for international layer and clip names.
  k9 d3 g- t$ c' h7 F- Camera Solve nulls now export with names relative to their layers and corners.8 A( f4 Y; |6 }% r. X
- Exported Camera Solve nulls are now suffixed with the word "inaccurate" if the export has not found an accurate solve for the null position.
- J- c# o6 J! g7 n! u6 m" W1 E- Global character & keyboard support: Unicode-enabled, supporting project, footage, layer names and file paths in any language.3 x' t4 e) D! [' F* q/ O0 j
- Fixes licensing deactivation issues related to OS X Mountain Lion.
+ d$ r: L4 H9 q# S$ M, q% V- Fixes tracking export issues with interlaced projects for AE and FCP.
' {& P/ x7 f" D. k- Fixes in stabilized and inverted tracking export.
( m2 |& a* \9 i" j$ n" }- 3D Camera exporter now exports nulls with names and accuracy identifiers to both After Effects and FBX for Nuke, C4D & more.
2 J7 W% M( N% p8 j. U6 }1 u- Updated mocha 3D track import plug-in for After Effects. (v1.1)
# n0 o! `; R& u% n- Many more improvements in all areas of the software.
" J* d+ K4 n) I: `0 I  Y( F. R2 Q! }+ g/ c- ]
What's new in v3.1.1:
7 Y0 d, o9 T7 W0 F+ h) u- A warning message to remind users to load distortion maps when selecting Distortion Map calibration% E$ M# N. B, }
- Added a filter to only show supported Distortion Map clips in the selection dropdown- `" n2 y7 z' A; p: h
- Removed need to use a manual focal distance setting in lens calibration or Insert (Also removed! Q( n' b5 e6 C# h
* d) \) [1 i, w, x' h- Dope sheet frame numbers are now easier to read
9 t! t  Z" F- V' N" E/ v- Added tracking parameters to Dope Sheet5 w7 ^$ i* R+ w' W

6 o# \& g. r2 v8 FNew features in mocha AE 3.0.2: g3 I! a# q' ?) z- ^( N' {
• There is now an option in preferences to switch between directional keys controlling frame stepping' W( S- D( o2 _/ k- V* v
or point nudging( s: S* o' ^3 Y) Y' H& ~4 b
• You can now launch this version of mocha from After Effects CS6 (Set in Preferences)
) P% B8 h( r; M7 c7 q2 O; k• You can now copy/paste/cut and delete all keys and group keys from the dope sheet
- P3 C, Y( a1 S! M) K• You can now marquee-select multiple: B' r7 Y- o; F& i
$ F/ p. K$ U+ t) C2 B
Technical specs:7 G5 B9 t- ?! N5 \# j
Operating System. a% `- {# ^. o" |8 H9 O
Windows: Windows 7, Windows XP Professional SP2 or higher, Windows Vista Business or Ultimate, on x86 or x64.
# K4 c8 q6 S$ ^0 l4 |Minimal Hardware
: Q0 F7 ?1 i! _- g2 SProcessor: At least 1-GHz Pentium IV
  y# t1 k. s" T7 aDisk: At least 1 GB
" v, ]5 Q' E9 T" [* ?: @; _8 KMemory: At least 1 GB
4 p# b( y: s3 T" q' v. iGraphics card: Must support OpenGL$ w. t/ p1 q* @$ g2 J
Monitor: Minimum resolution 1200x800 pixels
' D) ^$ W1 @7 |9 y( }Recommended Hardware4 w) c' \# ]6 E" ^/ o
Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo or equivalent
8 c: v4 U/ \$ @- C% G& w7 ?Memory: 4 GB+
5 B9 ]- b$ T) WDisk: High-speed disk array/ r- R( U* j5 \' P* I. S3 m
Graphics Card: NVDIA Quadro FX 1500 or equivalent  \: K+ r1 o' i) X. Q2 i) Q
Monitor: 1920x1080 or higher" D1 `7 T* M8 q0 f! y. V( |8 m1 w0 Z

5 P7 @( Q* d$ \& FWorking with high-resolution footage such as 2K or HD is very demanding on system resources; a system with at least 4 GB of system memory and 256 MB of texture memory should be used.
$ d8 p0 i  O9 @
, J+ t" ^1 z( F* }8 M$ Z( M! N& [% P$ v+ d1 W4 D3 x3 i- [: v/ U9 _

: a  }5 i1 K8 b  q# ]4 h3 Z! xDownload:) c1 g+ X& j! r+ w5 l( E/ w' Z  ?2 g0 \. V" t4 U& a# L' B  \
8 ?" l" G% V! h) v0 S$ j: A- C* ]
( T2 R% z- i$ q1 U/ q/ {6 j* H: y, a4 m5 q# b1 B; }" ]$ X" R0 E$ V& R; o, g

% ]$ V* W/ t; w. l; U5 v, d" c1 F5 ?( Z2 }- } d/ ~! }6 ]* m' F. f$ g
6 y. O. S' l5 {7 W) ]( `# E/ g% f
3 J6 i- Y' H, E! J; W4 T/ _
4 M. ?$ ~- @$ k: k8 x1 ^! X  H4 Y  ^/ a+ R$ Q. B0 ]9 p
% x7 u; T2 {, Z+ G1 y Q! Y, R3 L, ]# g& Z* f7 Q' r6 J
8 L/ B% V7 F* k8 E6 Z' k1 k% B  m
6 I" }; R  [: l2 F: W" g0 @; a' ^$ L- w9 N4 R" c' X& k

0 w/ w$ k$ {5 c: K ]% X: ~; q9 H0 i, R( V T6 Y8 d% g5 Z: O
7 n0 S2 D& s7 f p# U. x/ |; G4 y- L Q' k. E5 o; X. u9 S+ v

6 L1 R7 r( y2 k  C' C
; w$ X: D3 r! Y+ v$ I  s! ?; Y2 f2 x0 v
" G  X! r9 H- C2 D" M5 F. m U1 w* X- `3 Z5 P" [0 |# E/ A  L5 b: O

  d" h$ Y% z4 |1 N+ ~! R X) E4 ?( B4 T- a$ Z; c+ Q i- ^$ }: K& {0 @3 N U# U+ e; b* }6 u g4 l; O) F4 S/ \ Q7 U% _$ g1 R3 x' v

! V, Y+ O  z) `- Y- g* g v/ H( u: A9 C! U* N h3 T7 R' y" s/ J! |6 b
2 ?# X& Y  j  a  T7 `( f& Q; e0 R4 h. e: g
$ {5 f6 n1 \1 H1 Q. Y3 h: G
" G1 x  @- I9 V: P: H
* R$ i: _. l9 X) O
& @' d- A9 J0 J6 v2 m* S  _' E; j8 z4 w5 `$ c

) J6 {+ f) ?* |( Z9 S- k' F* F% p6 J: G4 _
' O  C4 c4 G  y+ D) s7 V# f x/ r9 A. w" F2 N* u
# N% C& k3 j2 \1 m* u- g
7 e* K8 d6 ^* {# i. P# _8 Q
* [1 d! \. s* O Z3 ?0 b, ]( `

& H, s2 l. _3 ?) f8 |5 l3 l p* M* D3 n7 k' F+ h; e9 C3 O" A* E; x* I- S
# M( b& J5 i  k) p3 P# k" W' k4 a/ x; M1 ]% B5 k$ i
) p7 K  p( v6 r$ _3 t4 D C) k& H$ {$ {$ u" [9 j6 e R6 e$ m8 P# |( `) P/ R

( q/ z. ?$ L( ]2 D; D$ O3 n
: l1 n% k, l# h1 y4 P! o: G" }  B
/ c" o* ?8 i0 F- z1 L
3 B  R+ o. a( S8 a: G  l+ h  w
- ^0 u- u' X  o7 N) G6 i7 v  ECrack/ U! U6 T. J8 j+ k$ Z' d/ g
Imagineer Systems Mocha Pro v3.x
6 U4 _8 m8 ~8 {0 {4 e+ @




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