GoldWave v5.70

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Program Name: GoldWave v5.57
$ C2 G1 }" m, G( \6 B0 {Program Type: audio editor3 ?3 j" c2 a: c# @: }$ q' Y7 d
Release Date: Oct 24, 2013
' y# V7 X/ W& x& z' a5 N! tHomepage:
8 \9 u- {+ g1 l5 @) z+ J. VInterface Language: English
1 J& @; L* Z9 s  z0 H5 p* JPlatform: WinALL: V  K8 w0 N. f" B8 s5 _4 [% m1 j
File Size: 11.44 Mb
2 C3 ]% l' E( B- q* p$ q  $ O0 u+ ~# j7 u0 N7 y
GoldWave is is a top rated, a comprehensive digital audio editor. GoldWave is ideal for people who work with audio for CD editing, archive restoration, speech analysis, radio and TV, Java and Web pages, games, or just for fun. You can use it to make everything from elaborate answering machine messages to professional, high quality CD audio content./ K8 x8 C% m9 g+ p- o

1 h* \0 f. {: _% G5 `( t# SGoldWave can do:7 w6 ]0 \! A" Q8 V, H0 L1 G& g- E
• Play, edit, mix, and analyze audio1 U. s% _% K2 I& K# |+ u$ Y, a
• Record audio from cassettes, vinyl records, radio, etc. through your computer's line-in
( V% v! i( P, F• Record dictation through a microphone or play dictation back at a slower speed for transcription8 w# X; t- A! O$ Z/ S
• Record and edit audio for podcasting% m7 E: Z7 Z# b; n+ k* Q0 k
• Apply special effects, such as fade, equalizer, doppler, mechanize, echo, reverse, flanger, and more+ j9 i0 X) b) G6 d1 c% f+ A2 ]) N: j
• Digitally remaster and restore old recordings with noise reduction and pop/click filters
5 o! D& d6 _& {3 U- r8 C) s2 k4 k• Make perfect digital copies of audio CD tracks using the CD Reader tool and save them in wma, mp3, ogg files7 L- C. F$ U9 @4 _7 Y$ ~1 }2 O  @
• Edit music for dance programs, figure skating, gymnastics5 H0 O- C9 u0 O+ S
• Analyze human speech, bird song, whale song! d  |! k9 ~! Q
• Demonstrate digital signal processing with filter effects and the expression evaluator tool3 g! H  E/ B" M) o- B
• View a variety of real-time visuals and VU meters
- p2 S/ S  Q9 ]+ a5 M. \• Convert files to/from different formats, such as wav, wma, mp3, ogg, aiff, au, vox and even raw binary data0 }) Q& {$ x1 j' H3 K9 U6 H
) U9 [9 C+ o# q; ]. l% \& C. X! O/ `+ u
General Features:! x* q7 A) J/ u* g* a% |& z1 [8 t5 R
• Multiple Document Interface for working with many files in one session
& F6 S9 d' {% j2 t* }7 b9 y• Huge file editing: 4GB and beyond (NTFS only)
2 C9 }, R4 A$ D& j# I' G) p& g• Configurable RAM or hard drive editing
' C& }9 M4 e0 I" l% v- b• High quality: 24 bit, 192kHz- W% S+ M, `  D6 D- V7 z2 p8 q
• Real-time visuals: bar, waveform, spectrogram, spectrum, VU meter, ...
$ e. G* i1 d( x/ O1 p! H4 q6 Y• Fast non-destructive editing. Cut, copy, delete, and undo take only a fraction of a second, regardless of the file size
1 F; W1 }4 u1 g• Multiple undo levels5 e  ]: P/ ~# w1 Q& w( w
• Many effects: distortion, doppler, echo, filter, mechanize, offset, pan, volume shaping, invert, resample, equalizer, time warp, pitch, reverb, volume matcher, channel mixer, ...8 B. \1 _5 @* d
• Effect previewing and presets
) ~( L) e2 y; t' |• Audio restoration filters: noise reduction, pop/plick, smoother3 H1 v  o5 ^9 o( l$ m- z
• Supported file formats (wav, mp3, ogg, aiff, au, vox, mat, snd, voc, raw binary data, text data, and more)) {4 B, J4 G) k, U' o8 d: D
• File format plug-ins for the next generation of audio compression, such as WMA, Ogg Vorbis, and FLAC.
& h7 L6 G8 p3 Y, M• DirectX Audio Plug-in hosting
7 M8 T1 t4 {; V  s• Effect chain editor( [6 M! g0 o! P: |
• Audio CD Reader
2 b, Y- S' ~) t1 \0 z) N' c% ~• Batch processing and conversion
$ _& d- i' o' s5 [/ M+ W& E, ]- ~• Drag-and-drop cue points, with auto-cue and file splitting features.4 Y5 }; m; V% c  r
• Direct waveform editing with the mouse% Y% m  e2 x8 L5 m+ b
• Customizable tool bars  z& D4 ^. F3 j! D6 l
• Customizable waveform colours
8 i0 ?) \9 @* ^6 ^• Several built-in accessibility features and keyboard shortcuts+ y8 g4 m$ ]3 |& P- [
6 R* b5 s& x8 M( j+ e
Update History:0 m2 A* p0 w# L: s8 B" y, I
GoldWave v5.70 is now available.; q4 Z% r, n6 g
Optional audio notification after processing4 p9 ?$ u2 \$ o: M8 U9 D
Support for older VST plug-ins
- s7 q( i: k1 d+ S  hFaster waveform drawing- E- ~9 z  u: P2 f" R" u0 A
Increased recent file history on File menu
& f4 G7 g0 M" \- x7 i2 K$ e$ _Several other improvements and fixes# q7 @  |$ ?: w$ k& U; t4 o
3 w0 ^5 P& @1 ^. `
GoldWave v5.69 is now available.
' J& M" U4 s0 ?1 [Download signed with a digital certificate
! g. {4 q6 B5 S2 XGreatly improved Analog Meter visual
; g/ p7 R# b$ z9 VSupport for sampling rates up to 500kHz
  T; p% A$ x) _. @% @' hProperties for Time and Status visual$ h. j( h2 f: A5 F. R$ ?, ~( M
More options for Split File naming
* S0 o. E2 S2 j' }) ISeveral other improvements and fixes5 f6 X0 J) N9 z) Y( m
5 E" B( I) r: w% z; {
GoldWave v5.68 is now available.
$ \1 q+ q# T: b6 n+ dLoopback recording devices for easier stream recording+ [/ b, g- o  D, f. c( e
Volume modulation in Flanger effect2 X  y6 `) _$ k5 j% E
Improved quality for Similiary mode in Time Warp effect6 m9 V7 F, c1 B3 f2 F2 r* h3 y
Improved volume in Pitch effect+ e, `) v$ ^& M. t* l  |- P
Grid/Snap-to-grid settings+ z7 P  a8 Z# v( C( T0 P- U2 K: |
Opus file format support
) ^7 r1 @8 f! {% {" ?( _# @1 [Improved playback and recording on multichannel devices5 c) c" d  j; _1 j# m
Portable installation option) c9 a; B" X" M* u! @8 O
Several other improvements
7 w/ V6 F& ~% ]Important fixes& S  Y+ `* e8 u

1 V' F1 n0 }5 M3 d5 N7 _$ ]GoldWave v5.67 is now available.
8 {7 P/ W( H" V; `Several improvements
3 `; F2 g: f7 j+ \8 [$ fImportant fixes  F! H8 g. b2 f, ]) H; d

$ g' d" _4 g8 O! |. R, t1 k. a' C. MGoldWave v5.66 is now available./ h7 v% I9 }+ y9 V
Improved audio I/O for Windows Vista/7
( w$ {: [. Z& eImproved support for VST plug-ins*
$ r, _6 V8 A3 o8 Y9 F! r9 {Search box for Keyboard Options
& K9 S8 L. V# hInvert option in Mix edit command7 C/ N0 _7 A, Q, F  b; X: F
Several other improvements and fixes1 y" @, \, u! T. O% t' ?4 B
5 t7 r, X  a4 q8 N, N
GoldWave v5.65 is now available.
! }+ |/ o, P  w- INew audio I/O for Windows Vista/7& p* z2 A' W) Q5 ^, v  s
Improved support for M4A files (Windows 7 only)% x8 J8 y  x- e7 |! p$ c, [7 u
New Open URL command (Windows 7 only)
4 h; U; J; q. _/ B$ }8 _Support for VST plug-ins (still in beta testing)
( C0 @. w/ r- {8 y9 e) U! n" L' sNew Stereo Center effect# b" G' Y+ V1 d& c1 ]* n
Artwork in File Information
$ K. T8 G; ~. q8 c" sRedesigned Batch Processing window
- B1 v" C! I9 j; E  yUSB HID foot pedal support
8 @7 J- G# c( R& VNew Tone Meter visual (audible volume level meter)1 q9 k: D4 K4 |( F! E
New Copy From File edit command option in Batch Processing" q! s5 e) k5 }! n
New recording button for one click recording
# a4 [9 g9 A- K* c, p2 vMany, many other minor improvements, features, and fixes (see WhatsNew.txt for detailed list)
4 G7 t# O1 R! B' {Important notes:6 V0 K. l2 y) J1 d# _* B: I% A
VST support is still in beta testing. More feedback is required.
) z% v6 _6 x1 p7 xWith the exception of a minor update or two, this will be the last version of GoldWave for older versions of Windows (XP and below). Version 5.70 and later will require at least Windows Vista.( x) }5 f! h' Z( b/ x
1 N7 n% w* z$ m5 G
GoldWave v5.63 Beta Released  t" O- ?' ^7 M* E6 j
For more information, please see the beta page. Follow releases on Twitter.) r- t+ a- B* ]/ m4 J

0 W! @5 l  o. m) ^( `4 e6 BGoldWave v5.62 Beta Released
* S9 f5 ]3 A  Z# ]$ m, X* Q# rFor more information, please see the beta page. Follow releases on Twitter.GoldWave v5.61 Beta Released: K; C2 Q& p, e: h6 J
For more information, please see the beta page. Follow releases on Twitter.- g( I6 z5 Q. {$ Q) k
7 ?0 L. e: `* T' X4 h. o- e: h
GoldWave v5.60 New Features, F: N. ^  f; T$ N& l* _4 @6 L
Playback/Recording' z5 Z5 o- a% r% W% K
This version of GoldWave contains significant changes to the playback and recording code. By default, the new Windows Vista/7 Core Audio/WASAPI is used. Previous versions of GoldWave used DirectX (DirectSound) for all audio input and output. However DirectX has been the source of many problems and has been deprecated on Windows Vista/7 where it no longer provides direct access to the audio hardware. DirectSound support is still included as an option in GoldWave and is used by default for Windows 2000/XP.6 W, ]; t. [4 B
Media Foundation
" ?+ v' p% s" qThis version of GoldWave uses the new Media Foundation in Windows 7 to access system decoders to handle a wider range of audio and video files. Previous versions of GoldWave used DirectShow to access system decoders. That functionality has not been removed but it is used only if Media Foundation is unable to open a file or on older versions of Windows that do no have Media Foundation.7 u& E& |, V- I
iTunes M4A
) i* X" L5 |2 V1 ^GoldWave can now open and save iTunes M4A files through Media Foundation on Windows 7. Currently there appears to be a flaw in the way Media Foundation handles cover art metadata. Although cover art can be read from a file, any attempt to write cover art results in all metadata being wiped from the file. To avoid this problem, GoldWave only writes text metadata. Cover art cannot be saved in an M4A file for now.
% J0 C; d/ h6 q# MCovert Art
. ]+ u5 x" p1 J2 hCover art is shown under File | Information. Click on the image to replace the artwork with another image.
* v. w& x! }3 U5 N4 q% x0 h1 DOpen URL
; d' l. I2 ]! c) [# V( S  dA new File | Open URL command has been added to open a file directly from a website using Media Foundation on Window 7.
- h* Y1 T: g7 r! Q0 FWindow Layering
. Z- R# F) e" x& b$ A, E$ xIn previous versions of GoldWave, windows and dialogs could appear on top of other applications. Changes have been made to avoid that. However further testing is needed to ensure that windows and dialogs appear correctly on top of GoldWave's Main window and not behind it, which would make the program appear frozen.
! ?9 C% w2 N/ ZVST
2 P0 o; s  t0 e: k8 P$ DThe first beta version of the VST plug-in is included. However, there appear to be numerous stability issues with VST plug-ins. Many plug-ins violate the VST specification in a variety of ways and the specification itself has issues.
7 y- e0 C# b+ \& \; y8 `, G4 E; a7 v
Changes in v5.58 include:3 y5 l+ A, S$ g/ M. b) |+ C0 C" j4 q9 w
- Slightly reduced size of Control buttons
! a' q$ f9 s) L& t6 ]6 |" N- Noise Only option in Noise Reduction6 `3 A6 K4 j/ n- M8 `# R7 E0 o
- Option to discard cue points when splitting a file5 U# @+ U- @6 I; x
- Several fixes
  W: F$ G0 D" Y! U" `8 E4 c- ~+ D; F$ M- ~
Changes in v5.67 include:
. g8 b5 g; B1 @' L: P# k2 a  Y% f- Several improvements* h  H; {7 d) j
- Important fixes, s. ^9 f$ f- q4 Q# n/ A8 e; |

- k6 Q9 p3 O! ^# p1 X) {Changes in v5.65 include:: P( Y- R2 f1 f/ ^+ j/ \  G6 j
- New audio I/O for Windows Vista/79 D$ j  `, a( n/ s3 k
- Improved support for M4A files (Windows 7 only)0 r% A9 u9 l3 W8 k7 U2 k; t" J
- New Open URL command (Windows 7 only)
. L+ f1 b& Q+ f( [& E! g7 i- T- Support for VST plug-ins (still in beta testing)
7 f$ {4 [3 m& W. L6 X( U- New Stereo Center effect  j8 z. o6 Q! R/ E& O  ~
- Artwork in File Information' _6 t* f1 }' p+ Z) q) z1 V2 ~
- Redesigned Batch Processing window
* x) a: l2 H9 H/ d5 n: J. ?& {' H- USB HID foot pedal support
; z2 D1 J; C$ Q$ |' E: [- New Tone Meter visual (audible volume level meter). d& X/ P- t6 p. i$ Q1 T
- New Copy From File edit command option in Batch Processing
7 {/ `8 M8 J2 Q) J4 n/ |. d- New recording button for one click recording& S& x+ g7 S* c9 J1 A
- Many, many other minor improvements, features, and fixes (see WhatsNew.txt for detailed list)
" S( ?6 a7 ]4 r# K3 W7 V! x: p4 b& V/ \  @0 W" J, f6 z
Changes in v5.57 include:
4 F3 S: V* ^" u, ~: B( @- Larger Control buttons
3 {3 t' Y$ F* b* ?. b1 q- A third playback button
8 p2 m' ]+ Q' w9 G- Larger status and level visuals: l, E( W4 Q  ~* u1 S
- New Digital Time visual
2 f) H+ M1 I- z* @; d- Improved keyboard assignments for Speech Converter tool
! }4 J) F3 |$ C5 ~' @0 U4 P; y- Several other improvements and fixes
! y4 H* z- ~9 B, t$ y
9 n9 |! h! p. t# \Changes in v5.56 include:
/ b* A) |; I: x2 p+ |0 J- New Speech Converter tool
& J( R3 Y4 n( }7 ]- Additional Batch Processing settings7 t) j4 D' i! y/ d# H
- Additional Spectrum visual settings2 }8 ~1 N& ]. w1 N  k3 A5 \
- Many fixes and other improvements5 W" Y3 w& @/ C* N, H2 ~/ H

! V; t2 y. a3 X3 w9 K0 A2 b$ YChanges in v5.55 include:
- d* T, ~2 F  w4 _9 H- G- Expanded right-click context menu for Sound windows
8 t. p7 ?  i# I5 j- Added more keyboard commands for changing the selection markers
/ k; q% ^+ P4 |' y. S9 g; U6 X- Preserved cover art when converting file types! L; R$ |6 `2 m( Z: q
- Several fixes - M, j' @4 o3 b
3 N4 |( X1 F- _8 P: ]7 K
Changes in v5.54 include:6 l% Q* F" g5 S5 |& {6 ^6 k
- Some fixes: MP3 metadata, cue points.
. w6 S% R; D2 p5 J2 a8 ~
( {! }1 @, b1 l! S/ iChanges in v5.53 include:4 w- I2 b1 ?. o7 A  Q" d* O
- Up/Down buttons in Batch Processing and File Merger, B. [5 g$ Y1 K  I
- Redesigned file plug-ins to support more forms of metadata' t; u) I8 D+ {1 ]  R% \/ N
- One Year licensing option4 _5 D6 ?8 F/ Q) F, e7 ~: ^
- Range settings for Spectrum Filter
# C& T! i$ M8 ^# l: v) [/ l" b+ L! a- Many fixes and improvements
: j! f# Z& d: H5 l# M- ]
$ r& Q9 P! T# ?2 JChanges in v5.52 include:- x, [" K7 n2 Z' l6 R
- Work-around for Microsoft HHCTRL address range problem." M4 \: |+ C! R4 _' u/ ]
- Fixed cue points. % q/ V" k  K) l8 S& l  Y" ^

: \" n  n1 Z, P6 d, E# D$ E* yChanges in v5.50 include:
' u6 x( B: U( h/ D- Unicode interface3 c2 C6 W  `! Z" u* a3 U$ B& x
- Integrated GWVoice effects
' H5 \) F" h: h! A5 B- Faster processing for some effects using SSE and multiple processors
& c; ?% ?) E9 _/ l% R( o4 B. x- Cleaner polyphase resampling. w1 \( q; s7 e' M  Z
- Higher resolution frequency visuals/ x% k; g/ k2 b- \
- Updated FLAC and Vorbis codecs: q! W! d# y1 H9 |
- Many fixes and improvements 5 s& G2 E6 \5 \
' @. @+ `  ]0 Z! Q0 h; j
+ p/ l( L5 O' Z. M& j/ f

- ]( Y: S5 W; l$ r4 H; h! l$ g  Z6 ]+ x( c8 q
Download:" s& W& N3 i, a) Y" y2 w w/ ?) N0 U( H" O  @ V2 w3 H  M: V% a& N# c
( `- z$ T1 _4 B- f6 s, w$ ~; {$ \) ^8 x/ R5 o! H i6 s7 ]) l, L& }. J4 x0 x
& A: _' Q) I" B, c; [) A2 k0 G# W
# g; i4 x  v$ i& [
; k4 H* A2 y+ t3 h2 s T4 G- v' e9 T" f2 D( c  w4 p! a# ^0 e6 O2 L( {8 C: G _8 x5 N' H' F2 I- x) x' @ K- c/ s% H8 t, _6 D
$ i$ t' Z0 j& v  z
9 b6 F) D4 j  W. F, G2 d8 v/ I
% p: E% ]8 {1 {. X4 f9 C/ E `, w$ _2 H$ @  w' m
1 a- t; y# `5 U" b8 R  [- H( O- R$ c3 c" c+ V7 O
$ M( h3 t5 H6 ~& O& P8 ~
1 W, g$ T3 s: l7 g5 q x& l% B& ?& @; d6 m9 o5 ?1 w$ V
6 P8 F' [# p" S$ u! l2 y2 b; r/ `4 o
9 d' ]( I3 ]9 T' Q. |7 w1 i c  f2 e. o) J  ^$ S( l/ o% d, ^* a$ N- e
' C* d- U/ Q" Z$ }8 u4 _8 ?1 u& e r  q0 V) h& H" f& m
# _) a0 M9 T, F n' l- Z. ?$ O9 S, a- I. ~3 W x+ p# b/ b. _. B+ r% D. D2 i0 W0 p
8 Y9 ?2 o( [7 m/ D! D0 T
# C. @4 y( h2 g' M& |3 j) o% M! ^* _- ~/ Y7 T$ V+ d8 w
1 i$ z* u# R) C1 C7 J# i
" o2 w1 H; S" `3 Z  S5 Q5 H9 D! `( k" I4 G
/ j( V6 P; x5 @5 e
* i& `1 s. K- \9 o7 e g: ], \) j/ H7 D `0 [2 t* G5 q' g! G
* D& o- F: n( b/ V2 o! ~ X! r( V9 N+ \4 Y5 V
0 z' h) n3 i( H! [" o+ [1 H P  \/ N0 C# r, ~ E. ~3 O3 H) q' J1 Y& w
: F7 R1 r8 B1 a: ` {8 I2 o7 Y7 f& J
% |; }3 R$ Y* f% \" t! p K5 v; v4 n, X& w7 ~' }) \+ c& n+ t2 L5 K: w  Y5 J4 v H( v9 f' ]' X# X4 N
" w/ Q* v; n2 S9 Q7 y a, \9 G8 Q) s! k0 f! e" H9 w; m. I: M. m: M1 X
5 c( u6 I) u; Q p8 }5 ]# L' p# f& O) r
. r7 \$ ^0 j9 l r. J0 w* ^+ U+ I" E
! [( d! q1 j( `% \ r1 v9 T& W7 f
* ]- s; C+ [5 q* U7 d0 E C3 W% K( I: V, Q( B/ ^( B
: e9 l6 z0 }7 M* A4 R
, x$ [" r9 [; Z# e. C8 l
# n' D7 K+ x" {1 r9 s& T0 E1 y
' H- c5 U; M  ]
* t  a  D/ _8 Y d3 {7 \* j$ Y$ T! u8 W' W( o) J* s" |, w) F  }- N! v5 t Y& T3 y% D5 Y% ~$ U s4 s9 ^; W  Q! ]- M n4 B# t. T3 ~
* t! W/ Z+ ~8 a* L1 m3 G; o& H




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