Ashampoo Slideshow Studio HD 3 v3.0.9

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Program Name: Ashampoo Slideshow Studio HD 3 v3.0.9$ ]3 G6 b" I2 S" a5 \
Developer: ashampoo GmbH & Co. KG
  p! y( D! c# G- d( ]Homepage: ]6 _: O# X7 ]# g, w
Release Date: 14.01.2012! Z' l3 i$ d& {/ x4 i
Interface Language: Multilingual
6 s% }# T- q& U/ P0 ~( I) ePlatform: Windows XP/Vista/7
, j& \  _2 X6 |File Size: 44.97 MB: p4 w, P" v1 ^6 L% U( G9 _9 q6 V
8 `& `7 z% O# _( m/ b. I
Ashampoo Slideshow Studio HD - is a universal program that will simplify the work with digital photography . You can create amazing slide show with a single mouse click , add music and animated transitions . It is possible to burn a slideshow to DVD to view on home DVD player . Possible to create a slide show in HD, and then upload it to YouTube or create MPEG2, MPEG4 and WMV formats.3 `) F, ]' h0 E4 d9 w# n# s

1 `3 q8 C' B" r( cFirst, you can record you created a slideshow to DVD disc that can be played on any DVD- player. Secondly, the program lets you create HD- slideshow and save them in formats such as MPEG2, MPEG4, Windows Media Video, or automatically upload the slideshow to YouTube and MyVideo.
. h( G# ^% I/ ~+ }8 e) D0 p3 r% ^9 |/ m. P- j, k+ ]( Z% e, K8 p
Accommodation photos provided by simply moving ( drag -Drag & Drop). Change picture can vary animated transitions . Music ( background slideshow ) can be composed of several music tracks, with the playing time of the slide show will be tailored to the time playback of music tracks . If necessary, slide show added to your text or logos comments . Summarize your work can be burned to DVD, to view on a DVD player . Possible to create a slide show in HD, and then upload it to YouTube or create a slide show format MPEG2, MPEG4 and WMV, which can be played on any computer.4 k* y6 U8 k  ^7 @/ s) P9 l

, z0 N& b! [/ Y9 o4 zSpeed and efficiency :
- R8 u; W7 X; x$ BIf you hurry , you only need to select your photos, select one of the graphic themes that are in the program and click the slideshow . You will be prompted to choose the format in which to save your slideshow as well as image quality - HD or normal .$ G8 G/ q' ^4 ~* v  n) w; T

: V" {7 F- @4 N7 Y& xIf you want to express your creativity , then you will be able to insert as additional background images, text , geometric shapes , text written along a curve , titles , etc. You can also add subtitles and their logo in the corner of each photo. In addition to the background images in the slideshow , you can add background music. Music tracks can be several times and slide show can be aligned with the time playing music.
. W2 x) F, k2 A9 [8 T/ n. O) l, }& a' N( W* x
Slideshow Editor :
: U' R% U1 I+ X' v( d" n* ^: c+ xEditor slideshow , which you will use in the process of creating a slide show, has an intuitive timeline , where you'll see the sequence of your slides in a graphical form. At your disposal will be a preview and a sequence of slides you can edit by dragging them with the mouse . You can rotate and change in the amount of each slide . Or just select a theme and let Slideshow Studio HD do all the work for you.3 Z/ z- ~3 \2 E6 }

9 U$ z. `' e* {# N6 P. d2 t• Editing a sequence of slides by dragging the mouse.
/ Z6 R& Y: w; ^( t6 F$ ^) e• Beautiful graphics transitions between slides .9 [+ f# e3 E% U- Y, `
• Review of all transitions before choosing.
8 ]& i6 C6 g: T• Add background music for the entire length of the slideshow .$ u' l) ~8 y$ I7 q5 |# N: t! n* g
• Add titles , subtitles, artistic text
; X9 @8 P+ O6 S7 a7 X# c• Add images , logos, etc.
' V' Q& {  Z. x• Rotating images directly in the editor .' L4 L* D2 s5 i# B$ H" T

+ N  e* F( y: a/ {$ P- G; ?3 p$ X  E5 p, @0 q( ]- n

4 t' e2 P! O2 U- F& a4 s8 [& o) c  `/ R4 V/ q6 z
Download:, t3 I0 O$ W; D4 S




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