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Release Name: FxFactory Pro Plug-ins fuer Final Cut Pro X# b9 S6 X) [5 v
Type: Tutorial, Training
) [9 s9 F' t% Y' a* N3 ~- M# EReleas Date: 2017-02-24
( T! _4 n# c7 A# CPublisher: FxFactory
0 G8 l- [5 g$ k8 H' o7 V4 ?& OHomepage: [https://fxfactory.com/info/fxfactorypro
! C: ]+ W. I7 j$ Q: W2 NLanguage: English% n* o4 P1 E. Y# ]
File Size: 91 MB9 p, y- Q$ E, ?- N( A
+ S7 Z; o" A& ?. A- E! J. d( E1 d
FxFactory Pro includes filters, generators and transitions for Final Cut Pro X, Final Cut Pro 7, Motion, Premiere Pro and After Effects. FxFactory - first extensible package of visual effects for Final Cut Studio. Unlimited capacity: download additional plug-ins in FxMarket., K, C4 g( \  E
The user can check all the plug-ins and configure them suitably for your project, or create new ones based on existing ones./ b3 [2 \1 `) L4 }- n8 ^% l6 Q

- b/ F+ [0 `( \5 ~Create your own effects for Final Cut Studio without writing code. Seamless integration with FxPlug: once to install the plugin, you can immediately start using them in Final Cut Pro, Motion and After Effects.
7 N9 K* C# n* A* O7 lAn additional advantage is that the Pro Pack plug-ins support the construction of a moving image of 16-bit and 32-bit. FxFactory - it's not just the built-in plugin manager, but also a complete environment for their management. Through it you can connect to the project the necessary modules, apply them to your content, preview and rendering./ y' ]* l  m' W6 T$ {2 T2 T

8 y+ M) \+ K+ c1 |Requirements
: R3 X+ y. e0 b4 Z8 {7 x' j. K; JOS X Yosemite 10.10.24 W3 y2 S, f5 t- B- p) o. r# @
Final Cut Pro 10.2* p4 D% `  m/ C) {; R  ~; ^4 ~" v/ V
Motion 5.2) K1 `+ K! T9 J/ t
Adobe After Effects CC and CC 2014/ [. y- y3 ~: c& o
Adobe Premiere Pro CC and CC 20147 L- ^5 i' L& R! R1 S  h4 g2 G
; x- |' X0 @4 n3 H. ]3 N
& [3 T' C' c% z( b
! s. d0 O7 `" @* ~, l0 V- x

: ~: I- `% t( Q9 }Download:
, i4 {) {) ]" f' \. k- f8 X. V- Y% Shttps://fxfactory.s3.amazonaws.com/FxFactory_500_4426.zip# y: ?, P3 X9 i
https://fxfactory.s3.amazonaws.com/FxFactory_501_4462.zip2 |# S# D! x0 B. c$ s# Z. o
0 y' t" k! K* F7 y: Q) Chttps://fxfactory.s3.amazonaws.com/FxFactory_503_4553.zip- P0 r$ T  {: V' T2 y
https://fxfactory.s3.amazonaws.com/FxFactory_504_4595.zip1 i7 D6 _% e* @. t' f# V
- ?9 _; J% T# d+ B4 K; h" M3 L  y; khttps://fxfactory.s3.amazonaws.com/FxFactory_506_4709.zip
& s) R( O0 J4 x4 M% j* S) Uhttps://fxfactory.s3.amazonaws.com/FxFactory_507_4742.zip
6 [- j& \# t: G' L" H$ y# Xhttps://fxfactory.s3.amazonaws.com/FxFactory_508_4820.zip
4 _( D$ `. l/ k* S: X+ g6 Ghttps://fxfactory.s3.amazonaws.com/FxFactory_509_4835.zip. d6 S5 U4 }% Q) L, J! }4 {4 u
https://fxfactory.s3.amazonaws.com/FxFactory_510_4865.zip! d0 [$ y) O9 O; e
6 {7 G4 `& u; x6 h% \' g4 D- lhttps://fxfactory.s3.amazonaws.com/FxFactory_512_4952.zip  A4 H: L7 v; G$ s




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