MAGIX Spectralayers Pro 4.0 Build 87

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Program Name: MAGIX Spectralayers Pro 4.0 Build 87
' {; ]) P. T9 uProgram Type: Advanced Audio Spectrum Editor
) B5 c* @6 }& u( {. O" }% FDeveloper: Sony Creative Software Inc.1 E. W2 }/ k. m- b1 f) F+ B
Homepage: _& X4 Q( e% h
Release Date: Jan. 03, 2017) k8 y4 Q5 E! T0 \+ a/ d
Interface Language: English" q+ t2 ?' r- D7 {& t3 L
Platform: MacOSX
4 d$ n9 f& j) I0 |8 uFile Size: 127.45 MB" |" w: z3 k5 u; M/ q+ ~+ }2 M

' W" ^% H) e5 f6 j! ^# }& d, jIn spectralayers pro 4, you can work with the individual sounds in an audio file fully visually. Transpose, extract and optimize sounds in ways never imagined thanks to the unique layers concept for the frequency spectrum.+ d) u* y0 P9 J6 j( W+ A/ U" T
Spectralayers pro transforms sound into a unique visual world of multidimensional audio data.( L; X( _& N; f4 F! j5 h+ j. R1 e
Outstanding program design, a high performance audio engine and seamless integration with other- a' o" {) J, f1 W& C
daws make spectralayers pro one of the world's most revolutionary spectral editing platforms.
: f" [" w: R- a' ]5 }* W* w9 w$ y2 Z" Z+ g
New Features in version 4.0. f+ r  K2 C6 u, ?8 Y6 _
added support for exchanging audio data with pro tools.
- u; X7 _9 [/ _! `0 a7 `Added support for grouping layers.3 G3 O  |8 t4 X5 h$ O0 b
Added a tabbed interface for working with multiple spectralayers projects in a single session.3 i8 k0 |0 B- R* A5 ^3 d1 s
Added support for duplicating a project (layer >duplicate project).' l7 d4 g  H) b4 r" w
Added support for duplicating a layer to another project (layer >duplicate to).* W: J/ F1 G1 u2 m) G
Added support for copy and paste between projects with sample rate/channel mismatches.
! W& f  O9 H% J8 pThe frequency selection and harmonics selection tools now include a lock to clicked frequency
! k2 k, q7 v, H' d/ N5 S, F  E0 bcheck box to allow you to create selections quickly and accurately when dragging in the spectrum graph.. j" D" S1 X  G0 e8 i/ u4 A
The scale on the right side of the spectrum graph now displays an indicator when hovered.
5 E9 x6 l* b5 K, v$ y& A! X- G4 h9 V! k8 C  r4 J# L: W
Mixing with Spectral Casting
4 E2 {' \  }5 O: G/ x( Q5 L7 UUse the frequency spectrum of one layer as a cast or mold for carving an impression directly into the spectrum of a second layer. Spectral Casting/Spectral Molding opens up unexplored new worlds of audio processing possibilities., U. E) S/ p6 g( B" b4 ^; o
3 }4 t7 U7 v7 R* Y* w- o
Sound design with Spectral Molding
: D9 l4 L; k! y: RSpectral molding uses frequencies to materialize crosses between recordings for truly creative sound design. Spectral molding is an unbelievably inspiring trip into a universe of out-of-this-world sounds. For example, imagine a guitar recording with an acoustic texture of vocals!. p* X9 F% q2 b' i
1 P% }3 O% X# p
Cleaning with acoustic fingerprints
; _: e: n4 M1 ]- jPerform noiseprint-based noise reduction using customized noiseprints containing multiple frequency bands of any width.
& N( r0 L0 K; p, @  z: v
: S$ P' Q. z6 ]0 L( m$ L7 b+ ?Audio Mastering3 t# Y  I' A1 {: H3 H
From small fixes to radical, project-wide transformations, use SpectraLayers Pro to repair, filter, and remix audio in ways you never thought possible.  k7 |" c) p( I7 C
; M0 U5 l' g) e
Sound design
$ F- A+ q' j* u5 {! y( }" Z8 p( F* g' eIsolate individual sounds in an audio file, select material by frequency, and construct new music directly on the spectral graph.
/ F* p# {: A" v& x/ n' z, K" L8 y. C6 Q9 g3 M! Z
9 |$ {+ Z# G& D# BApply bandwidth-limited noiseprints across entire files, or perform surgical cuts to remove isolated sonic events.) h2 n( C) V- M
& Q; L7 y+ \. N  z% N
Forensic audio mastering: {) a2 H( g7 ?$ d) O1 n
Audio extraction is a SpectraLayers Pro specialty.$ \7 O. [) J- {
/ i$ M, F( ]+ v% n) v- i6 o* z
Audio archivists! v% T5 u  f! h8 C3 J
Make old recordings sound their best, with technology that transforms historical audio documents into detailed visual documents that can be edited directly in the spectral graph.
- x5 C6 V  I0 |* O) w+ O9 A
$ j8 @; L" M$ Y5 ?$ ]  ^; XRemixing
, c) F. ], G& v; Q9 ]! dDivide an audio file in its individual components for powerful processing and remixing.
- ]/ N1 Z2 E0 a# c; u1 G0 q- J" S+ ^2 L6 {! O4 {
Minimum system requirements:5 u* ?  {8 _  n- B$ f
- Windows 10 | 8 | 7 (64-bit)
% @! z. D5 y" O& V9 u( T- Processor: Dual-core processor (Quad-core processor recommended)
% S& e# S9 X; X1 V7 N- ?; y5 l1 ]- RAM: 4 GB1 i- I  T5 Z( i8 d* _2 l+ w
- Hard drive space: 2 GB for program installation2 t: Q- k# P) t3 P1 i* p" p% `
- Graphics card: OpenGL 3.0 compatible graphics card, min. resolution 1280 x 768  C; ?* L9 l& M4 u" |: N
- Sound card: Windows-compatible audio hardware8 {) {# H7 f% |& Z
- Browser: Internet Explorer 8, Firefox 10 or Google Chrome 13 or higher5 G' G$ S% k# s* B

% a1 \1 {: a/ r0 C& X7 P" `3 D) F, t9 O
% q6 Q( A9 h- w

8 Z' u/ A: k* [" O* ^0 e! R, J8 b" L4 g: P! C. F( G: L
+ g. V/ F. @% b9 PSony Spectralayers Pro 4.0 Build 63.dmg  |# l, j% F3 L; ?% E
MAGIX SpectraLayers Pro 4.0.64.exe
( Z3 m  W  `* g% W( c- q) w( c0 xMAGIX Spectralayers Pro 4.0 Build 85.exe! H) U$ W6 G4 M2 N8 S( U
MAGIX SpectraLayers Pro 4.0.87.exe
# S% N* R( z% `# x% |+ N


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