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Product Overview   
3 _- L- w- R- L: R% {8 Q! ]+ ] SmartSound Sonicfire Pro 4.5 is the first-ever music solution with "Mood Mapping for dynamically matching the mix and feel of music to the changing moods of any production. Built with SmartSound's patented technology, Sonicfire Pro gives visual storytellers unprecedented control and flexibility over their music scores resulting in unlimited creative options right from their video editing workstation.
8 ]  T% V! O; L  
$ R- T% q( M1 l! k; E) jProduct Features   
) ]/ i5 p  T% U6 |8 x NEW! Smart Recall
. b4 X; G4 k/ I0 m5 xMost audio formats are only saving the waveform data for a given song. That means when editors need to make a change to the music, they are faced with the challenge of manipulating the waveform with basic audio editing tools. Even with the most expensive tools, it can be impossible to do things like remove an offending instrument from the song. The Solution: Sonicfire Pro 4.5 users can now create and modify Smart Recall .WAV and .AIF files. When you export a SmartSound music track as a .WAV or .AIF file using Smart Recall, important SmartSound information is hidden in a safe area within the file. Don't worry, the integrity of the file remains intact so these files function no differently from any other .WAV or .AIF. When a Smart Recall file is opened by SmartSound Sonicfire Pro 4.5 or Express Track, instead of just showing the waveform data, the Smart Recall data is extracted from the file and your SmartSound program brings you back to the project that originally created that file. This makes it incredibly easy to make quick changes to the length, arrangement and instrument mix of the file. This capability is impossible with any other music library solution.
8 B: r; ~% }. R8 Y* x1 ^
# r& S) R6 o. ~% L* q' z/ F; ^/ OMulti-Layer Music+ d6 J6 c7 _7 F4 {! V1 V. [8 l
In the music library business, SmartSound has leveraged its technology leadership to bring the best music solutions to creative professionals. SmartSound invented the idea of customizable multi-layer music with award-winning Mood Mapping&giving intuitive control of up to 8 instrument layers. All new music from SmartSound is in the Multi-Layer format to bring the most creative possibilities to every editor.1 c! m* R- ^( C2 J
, e( Y9 Y# H4 S) r
Professional Quality Music# m8 |9 o/ G. A5 B
SmartSound was founded by professional musicians and composers. All music that gets added to the SmartSound music library is composed by industry leading composers and delivered according to our strict quality standards. In addition to hiring top-notch composers to keep the music coming, they are also making arrangements with award-winning musicians and composers to become a publisher for their music catalog.
" H' ?0 [$ v# e/ \( X1 \3 S6 Z- W( q8 h4 e9 }% \) y7 b
Redefining Royalty-Free Music
0 R+ E: K6 T0 D0 f2 Q: A* o! zAre you thinking "canned" or "cheesy" when you read "royalty-free music"? If so, that's exactly why SmartSounds confidently says that they're "redefining" royalty-free music!. You'll find their music is just as good and sometimes better than the most expensive libraries. As a matter of fact, they're the only ones that offer such incredibly flexible and useful music. So, they'd like you think of royalty-free licensing as their way of making your life easier without making any compromises on quality.0 A8 t( k, n2 N7 ~) N
8 \( D( C; w4 J( H0 n+ E! _
Preview with Timeline* o8 ?1 V7 B, M5 D" e- S
When searching the SmartSound music library with Sonicfire Pro 4.5, the Maestro provides a "Preview with Timeline" option. Since Sonicfire Pro 4.5 can import a reference movie to aid in creating a perfectly fit score, the maestro leverages this feature. When "Preview with Timeline" is checked, every time you sample a music track, the reference movie will start playing. This simple feature gives you an incredibly convenient way to quickly test the music with your video, saving you time and helping you find the best music.
0 j* j( z5 y8 W, F9 ?  a, s7 l  F: q! c9 G" [% |
Cutting to the beat8 o3 G3 P7 A7 ~& _' ?
Whether you're developing animation sequences or cutting picture to the beat of the music, the maestro is there to help. Not only will the maestro help you quickly find the best track to drive your visuals, but it will also tell you the basic editing lengths to keep your visuals in sync with the beat of the music.
8 e) W0 |! I- M3 J6 D
: B: }/ l. @: H& c# i0 v: X# B2 l7 RKeeping track of tracks
5 q: F6 [. n5 D& y4 aFavorites - When you're first presented with a project and you want to scour the library to find the widest array of options to start with, the Favorites button is helpful. When you find a track that sounds good, just mark it as a favorite and continue your search. When you're done, you can set your scope to "Favorites" and only your selected tracks will be displayed for you to more easily make your final decisions. User Notes: The User Notes field allows you to type in your own text for each track. You can add a more detailed description or type in the project name every time you use a track, so it will be each to find the answer to "What was that track we used for the Smith project last month?" Setting your scope to With User Notes narrows your view just to those tracks that you've annotated.
: z- Z4 `9 I# t; D% u6 d6 ^
% Y1 D2 d+ H+ r3 X/ ]7 wChoosing your Scope6 k5 a. t4 _9 `8 }
The Maestro allows you to set the scope of your searches to include the entire SmartSound Music offering, which gets the latest updates via the Internet, or more specific lists based on ownership of music, favorites, annotated tracks, etc. You can first set the scope to the music "On My computer" and expand the scope to "All" to hear all the possible options available for your project.0 E1 Q6 r9 b- q2 P
1 j# P3 P; Y& p0 B0 O7 B. Q
ANY length you say?!?!: R; G5 Q) @1 H, F% v( V# M/ ^/ v5 P
That's right. Are you still manually editing music from other libraries. Even if you've gotten pretty good at editing music, you'll be thrilled to know that every SmartSound Music track can be delivered to you at any length with a perfect beginning, middle and ending every time. Need an 8 second bumper, 23 seconds for a promo or you just want a few minutes of the song to play around with? Sonicfire Pro will deliver it to you effortlessly. This is all made possible by their patented music editing technology (US Patent 5,693,902).
) u; z, p% P3 g  K& X' j/ ~, Z5 s( _  _
No Loops...No MIDI....0 X( o4 i+ b( _, [7 J" U
When you're putting music in your productions it's best to stay away from compositions built with loops or MIDI instruments. While these elements may be used successfully by some musicians, it's a common sign of a low-budget production to have this type of music. SmartSound is focused on creating music that is of the highest production quality, so their tracks are Loop-free, MIDI-free and dolphin-safe., U  r# ^: L* o0 ^
1 B( t- C2 O* w. |5 \; h' z
Variations; ~8 z& \5 c' N8 f* X4 W) t# L0 D
Once you've decided how long youd like your music track to be, you get a full list of variations. Each "variation" is a unique musical arrangement of the same song that fits exactly in the time you specified. Instead of trying to rearrange the song yourself, just sit back and listen to the different variations and pick the one that works best with the flow and timing of your scene.$ i/ D) d" T- ]

) J' @! e& c4 v8 ]: KMood Mapping
$ z* P5 T9 F; z6 u/ HMood Mapping is the most award-winning feature in customizable music. It provides editors with a simple yet powerful interface to advanced music scoring controls for pinpoint customization. Through the use of music keyframes (Mood Markers) and intuitive instrument controls (Moods), Mood Mapping turns any Multi-Layer SmartSound Music into a custom-fit music score. This is totally unique to the industry. With SmartSound's award-winning Mood Mapping feature, you can set musical keyframes that change the sound of the track to be a fit that is unique to your production. So if you're concerned about other people using the same music as you, switching to Mood Mapping will eliminate that concern while giving you a much better fitting music score.; i6 O! f/ b; Y# Q; H
7 _& }- m% X. G- V
Transitions. f& P+ u1 T* d4 k, m3 F* l
The ability to change the music from one Mood to another at any exact point on the timeline is a great feature. The Transition field allows you to determine how long it takes to transition from one mood to the next. Whether it's gradual or abrupt, you can decide what's best.
0 i3 R' N1 @1 N) B5 k- z- k. S7 F2 R) n6 V# d' y9 W
Under the Hood
6 H7 [& e$ L0 v! q. l: VAlthough Mood Mapping has been implemented to maximum ease of use, you can still see that the instruments are all right there. The clever design of Mood Mapping gives you full control over 8 instrument layers without the hassle of volume rubberbanding every track. If you want to use volume rubberbanding, it's right there so you haven't lost any control with Mood Mapping.
1 h& w- Y% a3 a' u3 b
- ]: `8 \7 f/ J9 ?Compatible Audio:
% \+ m- Y$ V0 N' I3 z-Audio Interchange File Format - AIFF
! X4 b; z6 \" d  I. a9 x* I3 U-MPEG layer 3 - MP3 - r" q/ o; r3 J. n! l- }( z
-SmartSound Audio File - SDS
4 U8 f$ t- p. y  h5 M# w0 ]-SmartSound Audio Package - SSUP , _3 g3 J/ s% p, A
-WAVE form audio format - WAV# I( P7 d' P: T6 o! b
  |6 J* w. w! ^( i
Compatible Video:
! `. b1 O' F4 X6 t: {-Windows: AVI, MOV, MPEG-1, WMV
% M) Q$ s  H% b% S-Mac: AVI, MOV, MPEG-1, MPEG-4 3 l: ?% z/ M) A- A; I, b0 p

' Y# i3 x7 [4 L& r" ~System Requirements  3 @; m3 o/ `; l* [& g# D
  Windows:$ V; j( v1 K. Z* Q& [5 Z
-Operating System: Microsoft Windows XP SP1 or better
9 k. l$ z4 W2 i( u. d8 Q' d4 }-Processor: Intel 1GHz Pentium processor or equivalent
1 d( e, l4 d6 D) N1 q0 R-Sound: Sound card & Speakers
0 n$ I8 e, M; q) `4 i2 s; Z-Optical Drive: DVD Rom drive
& R  B) u' }( E8 F-RAM: 256 MB available RAM ) j% i' r- s" v( S! m
-Space: 50 MB hard disk space (minimum)
4 S7 d; o( Y$ ~0 x8 n8 c+ z% W-Media Players: QuickTime 6.0.1 or newer (7.0 Recommended), Windows Media Player 9 or newer.( |3 d" I8 \/ ^7 k0 T' v- A
9 J' P) g5 L% a0 H$ h' v, a

, A3 y1 m% f$ W9 i
6 f* Y: r4 U5 O' Q1 d, h; l% m* T* ZDownload:
& C( N! V% f; Q7 G" i% v" M+ z: b. h9 d. G/ t" Q- Z
1 K- `- O6 f& o+ l2 I$ P: V


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