Photodex ProShow Producer & Gold v6.0.3410

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Program Name: Photodex ProShow Producer & Gold v6.0.3410
, W) x  T7 E/ V# i& r4 M% XDeveloper: Photodex Corp.0 K' M& a, I% Z; J5 r, z
& {7 y* u, i8 t3 XRelease Date: 07.10.2008 : A, c1 }/ v2 i, J
Language: English ) G* V' c+ h! `' a, w
Platform: Windows Vista, XP, 2000
. F! G# p( J$ u' P0 [( F  g5 \) n' `File Size: 16.3Mb ( l! `8 v' i, v, H8 P8 k
8 N# C, Y# g* e( U* j) a. M, M8 Q
ProShow 6 offers up a suite of advanced creative tools that give you more control over the look and sound of your slideshows than ever before. Music and video clips can be blended to perfection with new advanced audio controls. Text and photo captions get an overhaul with new OTF (open type font) support, caption motion effects and Text Layers. Publish to iOS devices + control show playback with the ProShow Remote app, and much more! ProShow Producer 6 helps you build stunning professional slideshows with unlimited production control, powerful creative tools and time-saving shortcuts. ProShow Producer 6 is a major release that includes significant new features, an all-new remote app for mobile devices, 150+ new effects, and tons of changes, fixes and improvements.
& X/ c3 l' W, }  g, s& R, w8 o4 I& g' A) f- l
/ d- H. z8 W  W% u• Professional slideshows your way.
2 l, e7 ?1 b  m& l! @• Slick, polished shows in minutes., o( C. w! m; N
• Add ready-made styles & transitions…or, build your own custom effects.
0 H6 E6 B4 T( [- m# W2 n9 {• Over 950 built-in effects for your photos and videos./ e* M! G$ k9 B7 P# p
• Just click and drag to create your own motion effects.
/ {; Q: U7 O  |0 m7 d• You set the pace. Set times for slides and effects.6 ?4 t# i; D* {  m
• Let ProShow do all the work with the show wizard.
& {4 C9 L. k! _, Y7 k( s• Create custom effects with keyframed motion and fx.
% [  M2 k5 }% g" P( _• Crop, vignette, blur, color adjust and more.
8 x' M/ I% k+ N' K4 S: ]8 q( n• Get just the perfect part for your slides and sountrack.
! b6 x& s# Y& |• Use masks and adjustment layers for total control.
- {! @8 U; Y7 M) m9 I# Y• Add watermarks and custom icons. Make it yours.
, n6 v. i6 z; d; y' D2 ~• It’s like having a production studio at your finger tips.; b' B( m; n' @0 o
• Customize soundtracks and voiceovers.
; k1 h! v, U# k2 o" }• Create titles that impress.& y* K0 S- G/ v
• Protect your images and brand your business.
( @6 q2 `7 _6 K% q/ O1 _- Q8 C• Publish anywhere3 t9 [7 |/ c$ n+ U) n

/ H" o* f; C% x: g7 N) N. K2 M: t' M9 eSystem requirements for ProShow Producer
! ~3 r& U8 z2 ]+ h: U! oMinimum Requirements:! z6 P5 u3 Y" I/ n& E
• Windows XP, Vista, 7, or 8 (Windows RT not supported, more info)0 m) ]; E9 ~* P: ~0 S
• 1024 x 768 display
3 D4 }( d* F3 l9 v• 1GHz+ processor
5 f4 O  v8 k7 r; o2 ^! `, S• 1GB system memory; (2 GB recommended)
0 p2 H! x9 K# p1 H, g* j• Accelerated 3D graphics – 64MB ram
0 W' r3 D$ U# ^• DirectX 8.0 or better
! w. ~& `& }8 r" Q, c0 s• DVD+R/RW/-R/RW writer
! m9 o' N) E4 [3 C1 ]2 S3 P• 70 MB hard drive space3 w+ I# E( Z1 F( g' u$ T" x' n
• 64-bit installations of Windows are supported, although ProShow is not a 64-bit application so it will not take full advantage of a 64-bit platform.
" z* Y" u: V+ k- X$ J8 M  `! i4 B& }4 R+ c; s
; ~' p! q& T, _# |/ q0 a• Windows 7 or Windows 89 t+ }. v3 p9 F8 w- E% [/ @
• 1920 x 1080 display
3 Z9 j2 H0 a; |8 O0 C' p+ j• 2Ghz, dual-core processor or better9 A9 Y3 N5 W7 m3 u$ p' D1 E1 x3 g
• 4GB system memory or more
- r% d& [$ {: R" u# E) n• Accelerated 3D graphics – 512MB ram or higher
, s6 I4 T, H, h1 G. g• DirectX 9.0 or better
! C" K9 l3 D/ f8 ~; j. f
& @5 ?  D# h2 h4 [& `Changes in the latest ProShow release (since ProShow Producer 6.0.3392)6 N# p  |$ I2 a) K3 p$ k4 P0 v
• Added support for importing photos and videos from Flickr
8 L. J: k7 J- l) y0 t• Updated ‘Text Layer Title’ slide styles to fix audio issue
% W$ F/ f1 J5 g; P• Fixed terminal video output stall affecting some formats: s1 X4 W2 R. g5 m/ O0 ?" x, p0 D* U
• Fixed problems with missing files in default templates. V( s) O3 Q- g  k6 {
• Fixed reset button in Adjustments section of Background tab within Slide Options- E/ w% f7 [' @9 n9 y
• Fixed import problem affecting certain interlaced videos (MTS / M2TS)% C7 O$ w  _" d6 k4 w9 H$ c$ A
• Fixed codec conflict preventing import of certain M4A tracks on some systems
( S  o4 W( s( u+ M  k* T( M• Fixed problems with audio from some video layers in video output% Y( v% B& j2 M. N
• Fixed the Desaturate option for DVD and other video output formats
! I8 F' ?2 E7 q$ f1 @2 w4 \• Fixed crash caused by copying text layer options to other keyframes
) m: A/ k: K6 b8 i7 z: Y% k: G• Fixed application of saturation values from slide styles
. d, `" {/ J1 R- x• Fixed issue where EXIF / IPTC options could fail to appear in caption macro dialog
5 f( b; V1 F! ^3 K( [/ Y8 h• Fixed problems in Slide Options following certain undo actions/ p1 D+ |6 x; b3 G
• Fixed crash in video rendering caused by certain text layer attributes
! R5 p& h; H7 y4 }/ X  S9 j• Fixed issue causing text to be removed when creating a new caption0 k% H! u# U8 V1 n9 B8 q
• Fixed issues with adding new masking / adjustment layers
! o, d, X* `( ^, F/ `3 @2 Q• Fixed rendering crash caused by certain text layer configurations2 W  d0 B5 u! O1 |8 c9 g
• Fixed import problem with videos using the CineForm codec2 Q1 d9 G  g) b0 ]# l: b: X
• Fixed import problem affecting videos with variable framerate' T$ G- M# f  n. c. k; r# w
• Fixed position of video layers during layer transitions in rendered output
' X% y( F3 }, \* n! X% m8 c* y5 y• Fixed typo in the Set Show Thumbnail dialog
" `& N) r8 g" K- O, f• Fixed problem with panes in certain default layouts4 S) n+ ]+ \1 u' D; d+ F
• Fixed rare Presenter playback crash affecting certain systems/ Q; o9 `+ `5 D5 @. w) v
• Fixed caption modifiers in slide styles- j3 l/ v0 H+ q8 R7 w
• Fixed problem where video rendering could fail to complete on some systems% X+ Y5 j9 O; r2 N3 m0 H
• Fixed compression artifacting of AAC audio channel in video output
) p" Z: r7 q5 _3 ~) Q- g• Fixed keyframed soundtrack values on captions in shows created from Lightroom
$ N+ {( Z5 Y2 z+ n• Fixed highlight on interactive captions in Blu-ray menus
7 b0 A+ ]% V* e2 _• Fixed incorrect navigation caused by blank captions in Blu-ray menus- w  z# q) u. ], C4 _8 D  w
• Fixed inability to upload directly to Vimeo/ k7 V8 u: U" t- p2 I9 w1 p
) s0 K4 ?0 p0 E' K' K, `1 d
6 j. _8 W+ @0 ?6 G7 b4 m3 Z
* X2 p1 \* L, C  H
3 Q9 N: o, M7 J/ @  ^Photodex ProShow Gold v6.0.3392.exe
8 O" \5 h2 e+ cPhotodex ProShow Gold v6.0.3397.exe& A; s/ ~( c+ U6 I1 \% L+ u
Photodex ProShow Gold v6.0.3410.exe* m3 T% ?, [8 O0 K1 Y) k" ~5 f
Photodex ProShow Producer v6.0.3392.exe
  J$ ]5 g% w1 G4 O5 g( c+ I4 NPhotodex ProShow Producer v6.0.3395.exe0 F8 m6 W# Z" N, E  P- j
Photodex ProShow Producer v6.0.3397.exe
4 h" w$ w- M8 J6 c- A- r# f' @9 ?Photodex ProShow Producer v6.0.3410.exe
8 b; i* Z- U" X! U& A# N! J1 W
$ I4 C. B# r! E2 O7 c( D6 e
; |* q$ k* J: N. PPatch& d6 L( Z4 h$ q4 Y




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