Photodex ProShow Producer & Gold v7.0.3527

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Program Name: Photodex ProShow Producer & Gold v7.0.35275 V  Y, R9 R, T& ^( l
Release Date: June 26, 2015 ! M5 L# ]+ m( u+ x; l6 U
Homepage:$ _7 T( ~5 w, H; J9 N
Language: English 0 t5 I& m! a% a- o/ A: V6 i
Platform: WinALL
; _% m' |1 O) \File Size: 53.5Mb , c1 v* o' w& {% i% k8 D

( R) h* u2 q5 l  h/ @! oProShow Producer - Professional video slideshows on your desktop. Turn your photos, videos and music into totally custom, professional video slideshows for clients, friends and family. With Producer there are no limits; use unlimited photos, videos and effects to turn your creative ideas into reality. Save time and speed-up your workflow with Producer's built-in wizard. Create a show in just minutes with dozens of professional themes perfect for weddings, engagements, family photos, nature and outdoor shots, travel photography and more.) ~" d: R9 B* W! ~& C1 M

# W) d  j- _# p. t% VBrowse hundreds of royalty-free tracks in the built-in music library to quickly find the perfect soundtrack for your show. When you're ready to take total control, ProShow Producer offers up some seriously powerful tools and effects to customize every aspect of your slideshow. 3 d/ |) u' y: m3 I# |1 T

7 _4 I. r7 [' _0 AAdd ready-made styles & transitions. Turn your photos and videos into exciting layouts and polished animations with over 950 effects available in ProShow Producer. Just click to preview and apply to any scene in your show. Simulate everything from page turns and camera flashes to blurs and fades.
. T' u" L9 V, p' S- {
' _( j0 u8 ]: V7 ~. H# j! qBuild your own custom effects. Take the reins and create your own custom effects with Producer's keyframing, masking and adjustment layers. and effects. Create your own slide styles, transitions and show templates. Build a library of your own, custom effects for a streamlined workflow and consistent slideshows. 1 y2 v$ k- o5 H# J
% t! v  D8 y: E1 G" c1 v$ M. {0 R
Add captions and titles that rival Hollywood. Use textures and customize motion to create fantastic animations. Easily create proofing shows with text macros from EXIF or IPTC metadata.
8 K1 z) `2 M% O7 J4 B- H+ ?/ [5 }5 _9 f; R7 q9 S
Protect your images and brand your business. Add a custom watermark to your slideshow to protect your images. Copy protect your discs with password protection, playback security and prevent piracy of your images. Use Producer's branding feature to promote your business. Add a custom startup screen, icons and more.8 ^) C9 O7 r: ^- i

( G9 \8 C: p. g: `5 uProShow Producer 7 makes your slideshows look and sound better than ever. Discover a new dimension of convenience and exciting possibilities for bringing your shows to life, including built-in music, free FX & content, new publishing options & more - right at your fingertips.
! ^4 x+ a% M/ {0 m* Q- G2 `8 U$ }# V9 ~$ \4 k
System Requirements:
6 P# G) x* P8 A2 r- M- U, r- Windows XP, Vista, 7, or 8 (Windows RT not supported)) H2 @2 m3 u5 u* ?
- 1024x768 display, A) V8 ^% t; H7 u0 |+ s5 E: W  o
- 1GHz+ processor or better" S3 U4 C( D& l- @9 {( S* v
- 2GB system memory
+ q. Y6 C5 [9 t- Accelerated 3D graphics - 64MB ram
, Y( v) i( s4 j4 a# a3 I! a' U+ A- DirectX 8.0 or better
! M% x4 D7 Q" }/ b: J$ v  @- DVD+R/RW/-R/RW writer
# [! D+ u& a( ^5 `" v, l4 b' g- 70 MB hard drive space+ c& Q  C. E& x+ i, Q  U3 R) f/ [
- Requires an active internet connection
1 k% l/ d+ ~3 p( E* H(64-bit installations of Windows are supported, although ProShow is not a 64-bit application so it will not take full advantage of a 64-bit platform)
5 [/ m' K0 ^/ t* \9 _6 s8 S! C& O1 ~: U/ Z- @9 T2 z
Supported Media Types: DVD+R, DVD+RW, DVD+R DL, DVD-R, DVD-RW, DVD-R DL, CD-R, CD-RW, BD-R, BD-RE
5 r3 `& J( G+ M1 s
% D: o2 N) ?. }( D7 W9 gChanges in ProShow Producer v7.0.3527 (since 7.0.3518):( }$ T0 i% t& @+ ^( Y
- Fixed incorrect show aspect ratio in HTML5 output
, O7 ]( `& `" Z" V- Fixed rare crash that could occur when opening the Music Library, G+ m3 o5 w) l: l# h3 O% G
- Fixed playback failure affecting longer video layers
) l5 l. l5 j% [8 |, [# }- Fixed issue where Lightbox could fail to show all slides in the show
  u3 s& G" ^3 I8 X2 G- Fixed issues caused by the first track in the Soundtrack having a negative Offset& U% Q* q/ m) O' Q( P( A
- Fixed toggle for Producer-only transitions in the Random Transition Effects dialog
6 k# U( X+ c; \" {, ?" [9 b+ k8 |- Fixed issue in Show Options where the Soundtrack list could fail to show all tracks
: r% j8 u$ |8 x* a- Fixed issue where the Play All action could be incorrect on some DVD menus8 V6 o) W1 ^* g7 r# U3 n; o7 }
- Fixed sync problem affecting trimmed video layers in EXE output
3 Y1 f( y3 i* ~: n- Fixed preview playback of PSA audio tracks
! ^3 i8 O- i* n! ]. i' P+ b) F- Fixed errors caused by automatic selection of DVD bitsetting option9 a8 n% H0 G5 c3 s9 {
- Fixed playback failure affecting Blu-ray output that has no menu
, _4 l1 \; y1 p+ r* H% P/ B6 d7 i( t
) y' U  @6 G4 T! f3 {" D; |8 ]6 w# Z( X; q0 F

( I! F. ?: d& o1 d( m& NDownload:5 y; L# }4 z3 F9 _# Z
Photodex ProShow Gold v7.0.3514.exe5 i% ]2 F# w( k- S3 f0 g* d% i2 S/ |
Photodex ProShow Gold v7.0.3518.exe9 [, t; _# Z* u. e0 J& c
Photodex ProShow Gold v7.0.3527.exe
! D# n, T9 ]0 F$ p0 h9 SPhotodex ProShow Producer v7.0.3514.exe
" R; ?' C- d# Z5 s  YPhotodex ProShow Producer v7.0.3518.exe
& g8 j9 N7 P% nPhotodex Proshow Producer v7.0.3527.exe
5 }0 `8 l2 F3 h2 V8 E  T! s9 y: ]' e" R
Patch2 s8 Y" t+ ~# p
# F- y8 g: G" O3 j7 M. f  \




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