Photo! 3D Album v1.2

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Release Name: Photo! 3D Album
$ G- Y. X& G) Z7 l0 \Program Type: Photo Editing
, z7 r. v% A1 `7 h9 jRelease Date: September 17, 2008
: x" o& X6 [8 Y. ~) ~. l3 {Homepage: W  w. j' K/ j, A3 C
Interface Language: English
- ^( l- c* w6 @3 ePlatform: Windows
2 H/ M$ O  y0 C* ?4 ^1 pFile Size: 31.5 MB ' H( H, c3 ]& Y+ ~$ K, m2 L

" v9 E5 g  x) [" F) M0 U
6 ~$ ]8 y+ w9 Y3 _Photo! 3D Album gives you an exciting opportunity to create stunning 3D albums where you will see your photos in the dreamlike environment of picturesque 3D galleries. 3D albums can be viewed in automatic mode, when the program itself guides you through the gallery halls. You can also enter the free move mode and wander freely inside the virtual space using your mouse.
* h3 e, M: ~6 Q1 v) m; ], QPhoto! 3D Album offers almost endless opportunities to present your photos in various environments! Imagine your pictures on the walls of a modern Showroom, a fabulous Art Gallery, or even inside mysterious Egyptian pyramids. You can always download more free galleries to use with the software from our constantly growing collection. A pleasing lifelike atmosphere of all galleries is created thanks to amazingly natural-looking graphics and exquisite detail.  ?% x% Z  h8 G% k" O
1 C3 J* _" ]  Y2 \
3D Albums can be easily shared. Amaze your family and friends by sending them your holiday photos in a 3D presentation (a stand-alone EXE file that does not require Photo! 3D Album software to view). You can also share your albums via CD or the net, placing them on your home page.
- V& e$ s# I8 A& [& F5 c; k& K
6 n: n5 T1 ]" }" F7 R$ _& N2 |Feature:" ~( {$ W( ]5 j2 E" E: |  N6 [# O! |
Opportunity to create highly customized 3d photo albums.
3 x# P- U9 c# q; r; M$ oOpportunity to install a created gallery in Photo! 3D Screensaver to be used as a screensaver.
* h/ E/ r5 U$ B$ @% Z) \A wide choice of galleries for album creation (the program comes with eleven galleries; more can be downloaded).* G) f# B* Y$ u* t) l, O
Intuitive drag-and-drop interface.
+ M& E/ e( }5 Q) n' b4 R3 variants of frame layout.
' t- M3 Q9 o& ZFlexible image rotation.
  O* S% \0 D; g( g; _Opportunity to add comments to photos that can be displayed while viewing a gallery in Photo! 3D Screensaver.0 g" L# D# g: ]* l- Z2 S9 O( d
A wide variety of sharing options: save a created gallery as a stand-alone EXE file, a web gallery in Shockwave format, an installable screensaver, etc.6 F( W" Q* b( b0 y8 ^6 \

* K( x/ I& H' T1 wPhoto! 3D Album offers almost endless opportunities to present your photos in various environments! Put your pictures on the walls of a modern Showroom, a bohemian-style Art Gallery or plunge into the atmosphere of a mysterious medieval Castle or an Oriental Palace. We did our best to make the design and architecture of each gallery tasteful and picturesque. We are constantly adding new cool galleries which can be installed directly from the application. The more space to wander through - the more enjoyment you get!  ~8 r7 r% I9 l- M: M
5 t9 U' \. P- i8 g" H( e$ a
Dear all! Now you needn't download design templates from the web site (and you won't find any download links on this page). All 3D galleries can be downloaded directly from Photo! 3D Album / Photo! 3D Screensaver software. See the screenshot of templates panel below:# R8 T# Q  j. l: \
$ r" j# c+ G) H5 e! L2 M

( e* g9 C7 t& I' F0 CSystem requirements:  _" @9 H" I' f1 v& t( P# T: g
• Internet Connection*:
6 a! H7 }8 D: w; o& P• Operating System:   e0 s" k; T, x3 m2 E' H; W" q
• Computer Processor:
; |( s" i8 X, j% `0 U( Q6 y• Computer Memory:
+ d6 }2 s7 S9 d/ S• Screen Resolution:Cable or DSL) b, W2 o2 _  t( O. I
Windows 2000, XP, Vista, or Windows 7
" u, a9 k  {, n% n5 z5 F600 MHz Intel Pentium III or AthlonXP, or better & i. w& }9 a7 p+ Y" W
512 MB or more4 ^  N  z$ N* P6 g# f6 f3 L
800x600 pixels or higher/ v# F1 `: s( ?2 I. \. U; L
Graphics Card for XP/2000:
0 Q0 ^: {* c+ W0 [: f  {& w; j• NVIDIA GeForce 2 or better / v7 h' x- A( z
• OR ATI Radeon 8500 or better . D# a$ Y/ \0 N5 ]; p
• OR Intel Extreme Graphics
! o+ @* N, G8 {- g" n- w4 JGraphics Card for Vista/Windows 7 (requires latest drivers):9 v' ?  Z  a2 l0 Q" _$ s
• NVIDIA GeForce 6600 or better4 [! W' z' S, n3 f7 G: O
• OR ATI Radeon 9500 or better : r$ h8 y) x# n( r8 U
• OR Intel Extreme Graphics
; `* V: O  B+ S) w
; T) t" p/ `  H
  |  J) e$ c/ @% m) N
; K( I# V' l1 p) h; F: BDownload:
4 l1 {7 T' h  R* N8 H# A+ V


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 楼主| admin 发表于 2015-12-10 10:33:34 | 显示全部楼层
5 `# {7 Z0 L/ z8 Y5 k1、打开出现,选择新建。选择一个模板(即画廊)。, {2 g% ~7 W& S/ S% k2 t6 M

7 k* T. L- E7 ~7 j: G
& O" M3 C+ A- ^* E, k, [
+ x4 b# ]  P/ L) D
0 ^: G' P* W6 ]$ ~( f2、在左侧上的资源管理器中选择目录,下面就能看到目录下的图片。
3 r% A$ k# Z* ~; b  D- V8 Y- T% t
" I. `9 K: d$ _2 @3 H6 X0 ~& s+ {7 e( l- |/ s) ?6 H: `5 ^

& ?. `- }) [! R, t9 j- h3、选择图片拖到右下方的空白处,选中图片可在左下角进行粗略编辑(编辑菜单里也是一样的)。0 ?" N- g" l) G" b! z! o
  ^2 Z4 a# Z! C, G2 s; V8 p/ V
2 n' ?7 }0 x* `7 x* s3 b
+ Q; L4 |1 L: m+ S
9 W& `  L* V& H- w% V
4、在右边主窗口,可以使用点击移动模拟相册——箭头代表移动方向,箭头越长,移动速度越快。# ^9 ~7 x; M% q1 l# m& [8 a
  p/ Q4 l; O& Z

) ]1 k; M9 ~+ s/ [$ d  z
+ O- ~9 u! [. `9 |% }4 j) k$ \5、点击分享,选择“独立播放文件(exe)”,选择质量,确定即可。! v! V( Y( H  y: c5 O% n7 s

* E% R2 ]' U1 Q0 M0 K& i* A! f  G5 O2 I! @* @& F$ T0 |- V

8 L! k  G: A4 p- u相册文件说明:  T' P% I" z' S


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