SmartSound SonicFire Pro v5.8.7

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Release Name: SmartSound SonicFire Pro v5.8.7 CE plugin Team V.R private build! i6 N7 ~( g; H2 z0 E% s( Y3 A
Release Date: June 23, 2015
  }) k- m9 d+ G' h; g7 UHomepage:
3 w  t: D" H* G9 P  ]. I6 @+ D/ KInterface Language: English ' q( P  G. Z8 m8 {+ y& I* [# V
Platform: Windows * J6 u( O' v  z1 F$ X
File Size: 163Mb5 N+ R8 ~5 C8 R) E* T  o7 }  _

5 p( L: {; T4 WSmartSound Sonicfire Pro 5 ignites your creativity like no other music solution in the world. Effortlessly mold music from the largest fully-customizable music library to custom-fit any production. The fusion of patented music editing technology, intuitive design and prolific music production makes Sonicfire Pro 5 and the SmartSound Music Library the most innovative way to add a custom music score to your productions.1 E6 _1 X2 k- P) ?9 F

( {- V" q  |8 ~7 q, QExperience the creative power of turning the best library music into a fully-cutomized music score. Sonicfire Pro 5 Scoring Edition offers the most innovative set of features for adding high-impact music to any type of project. Its familiar timeline interface and intuitive access to SmartSound's patented music editing features make it immediately rewarding for video and audio editors alike.
9 N% \" I9 s$ r0 z: B0 u% W9 y7 l# C0 J0 E  z6 B$ n, i' t( z# S
SmartSound SonicfirePro 5 is the first-ever royalty-free music solution with "Mood Mapping" for dynamically matching the mix and feel of music to the changing moods of any production. Built with SmartSound's patented technology, Sonicfire Pro gives visual storytellers unprecedented control and flexibility over their music scores resulting in unlimited creative options right from their video editing workstation.) |* j. d4 }4 O* d! c! M

* Y3 n, K, j$ X* `With a new multitrack mixing interface and added support for the latest SmartSound Multi-Layer Music, editors can orchestrate sophisticated music tracks that would otherwise require a professional music editor or composer. The intuitive design of Sonicfire Pro 5 delivers instant access to professional music mixing and editing results while keeping advanced features easily accessible for complete control of your music score.
: G( t% _$ Q1 H# {# d* N0 @7 i: v1 b  H- Y
Compatible Audio Formats
9 H5 d) X& U( P9 D& a. n7 J- Audio Interchange File Format - AIFF8 U& U4 D3 f0 _
- MPEG layer 3 - MP3& c. [5 `" |/ ^: G' l6 g
- SmartSound Audio File - SDS
; m! ^# R0 s* j0 {1 G- SmartSound Audio Package - SSUP
' \# ~. R4 D; y2 t- WAVE form audio format - WAV
3 K4 [1 R" J6 s. q9 R* C9 ^8 R
! ^6 p* b8 ~) O1 u* X: ^1 y0 gCompatible Video Formats:
+ U  o, M* u' T$ Y( y1 N3 m$ x- AVI
, {! Y/ I) B1 J, L$ w5 e8 r  c- MOV
8 `/ N* q  B3 n$ j1 H: _/ L. z- MPEG-1
' N+ x4 ]4 V0 A% A4 }9 w# w- WMV
& a* i0 s/ z7 M. w& m/ S- MPEG-4
: o5 V/ c  X: ~& t  ?/ o9 a8 C: y/ I" V- H1 R
Compatibility with Video Software:
' M' [3 X8 @. Z- SmartSound is compatible with any application software or system that imports industry standard media file formats. 8 C9 \/ k5 x6 e/ W; N; l* {

. r% r4 y+ ~: \3 Q& W% w: _* ~: e- |8 p; \
System Requirements:" x) j0 V" Y3 v$ O2 k9 d
Windows:# o3 v$ u0 \8 ~
- Windows XP SP1, Vista, 7, 8 (32 & 64 bit)
: a! }+ ^0 j# b8 T# g- Intel 1GHz Pentium processor or equivalent* u! J8 W) @6 {# P! W  j
- Sound Card & Speakers
0 f' T% a: s0 T& K* i- 256 MB available RAM
( e) U3 A! {+ X- 50 MB hard disk space (minimum)
  `7 _  |3 v8 P7 U& T" c- Windows Media Player 11 or newer.( `! v1 _6 w2 `+ I, t
- H) R* V: w4 j, T

0 S2 A+ W0 h. V" ~+ dNew in Sonicfire Pro v5.8:
0 E* h9 O  k' t- e5 h; a  _Now with integrated web account management:
% {' Z' \0 I/ M# z% X" a7 p2 D. v5 ~- Find the right music faster!  N  l" f' G+ }3 |2 Q8 r
- Download and Install automatically# ~' O1 a; Q4 |& G# ?; x  h) @8 E
- Save Time with fewer steps
$ Z' f# ]/ {! \1 C8 u) k" t9 ?- Get the same features and discounts as the website2 P' ^/ F& }* ^
- Includes the NEW Multi-Layer Core Evolution Album# w' ~/ C9 P# s, U0 ]
6 m. w2 s: r+ e- c6 U6 ~; F
Sonicfire Pro Plugins Host Compatibility:
" F2 F# T5 r& V5 S  L/ _( v- Adobe After Effects CC, CS6, CS5.x" X# w4 J, L( l: ^1 \- @) O9 T
- Adobe Premiere Pro CC, CS6, CS5.x$ @$ Z! j4 n5 L; A& {! c% j
- Avid Studio/Pinnacle Studio 15, 16, & 17
( d: ^% m2 P7 U& f& s+ W; C- v
/ J, ?/ k; m, Y5 O- }/ hSonicfire Pro Plugin for Adobe After Effects - Launch Sonicfire Pro from inside After Effects and send your Customized music directly from Sonicfire Pro into your After Effects project. Support seamless roundtrip workflow to save you time.; ?; H- H/ a* X! U6 N6 R. d

3 [# e0 J+ V  K# R; ISonicfire Pro Plugin for Adobe Premiere Pro - Launch Sonicfire Pro from inside Premiere and send your customized music directly from Sonicfire Pro into your Premiere project. Supports seamless roundtrip workflow to save you time.  o0 |6 [" O3 w, o' [, b: h/ n
' t5 K7 B9 @; s9 T
Sonicfire Pro Plugin for Avid/Pinnacle Studio - Quickly bring SmartSound music into your timeline and even edit the length of the music right in your video timeline. Your changes are updated immediately so you can tailor the music to your video without leaving your timeline.- F9 t, i1 G% d. r& R1 l* h
. k4 N/ R  f" D# L- x
% T1 Y' w* a: o* l1 ^
Download:/ K/ H! G1 g/ L* X* H! r7 k7 {* @
SmartSound Sonicfire Pro 5.8.7, _7 D  C+ R; }( t/ u$ M% r+ J- [; b- i W8 J+ r& V) m; a r  X7 m( l$ j' ~6 E8 V# \

$ H+ R5 t1 }9 e3 N. l7 F' c( t" XSonicfirePro58Full.exe! n) M0 Z  L5 Q+ r: L
SonicfirePro58Plugins_CE_PR.exe& u: B9 ?( u8 q  D% @3 V2 ^
0 `' t5 k* U/ R
Plugin Download0 o. A+ t4 k$ @) A# {9 [- E, W, _% X" y% |  F3 ] M, l0 u2 p8 N& n7 Z0 N) t# j
7 ^: I$ t" g9 |2 [( a8 d9 d4 ^* D
Adobe Premiere Pro Plug-in
, o- N! \+ j/ a6 O& O; M+ f e& I$ [8 n+ o8 ~9 R# r2 L% k
& T1 C2 T1 @( n# P  U ?' s7 ^- ~4 _% |. I0 i" g0 s# i! ]+ S; I0 y4 l- G
) l/ T% d8 ^1 V/ t+ z  E
) i/ c* p# ?6 Z# {: w! v- a" W4 s6 v3 G3 }. R9 B& b, u( [

5 {% k- }$ ~6 z1 e: Y% R2 q7 E* o. ^Adobe After Effects Plug-in2 `& h6 K9 f2 _! s9 S  v( \, y, `1 C6 p+ ^2 i( P Q/ N9 p# I, {$ ]5 H# b
' W- e; X# i5 w7 F5 p/ m% Q5 l) _ S$ e# E" \. H; F @  S) m( C6 r
7 U. ]: R- C5 Q0 ]( O k+ t; \  X  W4 J
9 [4 C' Y% d' s6 r/ t  Z




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