Sony SpectraLayers Pro v3.0 Build 28

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Program Name: Sony SpectraLayers Pro v3.0 Build 27% l  m; D8 |/ v/ ]- \6 d, ]; L2 F
Program Type: Advanced Audio Spectrum Editor
. v" N5 }) y4 {( |& p9 gDeveloper: DIVIDE FRAME | Sony Creative Software Inc.
( a: k* ~/ \+ G4 y/ X+ qHomepage:
8 z: c/ ^: y1 R: RRelease Date: Nov. 23, 2015; z# P7 H7 B# J
Interface Language: English
8 V) B( p; p' VPlatform: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1
) J2 M- ~9 w4 j0 ~! ^/ ]: w: ^File Size: 59.97Mb' n- ]: Y6 d& _* F) f; ?6 {6 {
6 [6 [* g" H+ L

! I' ^( t+ Y" l  `, D: eIn SpectraLayers Pro 3, you can work with the individual sounds in an audio file just as if they were objects in a photograph. Make detailed repairs with precise tools. Move sounds around, reduce noise and clutter, increase clarity, or get totally creative and transform a sound picture into something new and different. The spectral editing experience is, literally, sound as vision. Transcend the waveform display and refine your vision with SpectraLayers Pro 3.   X1 X3 [4 {) U3 x( \
8 d1 e0 w! y. o
Spectral Casting/Spectral Molding   E* {4 `, d: K" ]% G0 O3 Z5 S
Use the frequency spectrum of one layer as a cast or mold for carving an impression directly into the spectrum of a second layer. Spectral Casting/Spectral Molding opens up unexplored new worlds of audio processing possibilities. , m/ v) q) J: S8 T9 k! M! ~: j

1 Y4 I- ]  W+ A& c" LNoise Reduction
5 v  V* x: B: Y, \Perform noiseprint-based noise reduction using customized noiseprints containing multiple frequency bands of any width.
  t4 D, z) D  K) l' a* _7 |4 m) k! ^
4 k0 ^, \+ ]" L, [8 ]: ?Precise repairs 9 i9 T) c2 E) k8 Q( V2 [5 |
Remove unwanted noises and artifacts with ease while leaving surrounding audio data completely intact. 7 e, B  c( g3 G
& O  a( M* v1 V3 a
Isolate events
' p# y" k7 G6 E& V* g( T( J9 cSeparate music and dialogue into individual component layers.
1 A  y4 n7 A7 W! l$ \3 D& Y. T
6 H" q8 R6 g9 O- D5 KPitch correction
4 Q5 N% S8 |% M3 G& mPerform pitch correction on user-selected components of an audio file.
6 I, x" M' T5 D+ H2 E( G5 q% ~* H! Q' K
Remix audio
: }" F! ~) Z3 pDivide audio into component parts for processing and remixing.
! F9 ], R5 @9 I3 Y7 v1 Y# L& U1 h! V- Y
SpectraLayers Pro 3.0 update Notable fixes/changes in build 27! o4 ^# e. f4 p* L; M/ K* O1 R
Added a Layout File box on the Display tab of the Preferences dialog to choose the default window layout that will be used when SpectraLayers starts.
/ y! w  s) G" k4 x3 U- x& dAdded a Layout Mode drop-down list on the Display tab of the Preferences dialog to choose whether you want to optimize the interface for a desktop or tablet computer during startup. When you choose Tablet, the interface elements are optimized for touchscreen editing.
7 Q! W9 ?0 f8 M5 u4 \; j1 m3 wTo change the layout during editing, choose View > Desktop or View > Tablet. (Windows only)' G3 ~2 }5 _1 J/ A2 f! R
Added a DPI Scaling drop-down list on the Display tab of the Preferences dialog to choose whether you want to optimize the interface for a normal or high-resolution display during startup. (Windows only)
* \8 O: p: Y' w- p# `, r0 j1 aAdded an Invert Mouse Wheel Axes check box to the Display tab of the Preferences dialog if the mouse wheel axes are inverted in the waveform and spectrum graph.
' N8 J, t( K) Z7 E( B) K, r& n6 IAdded support for Ctrl+drag (Windows) and ⌘-drag (OS X) for panning the spectrum display.
8 p; T+ q$ S5 |  j! jAdded support for reading and exporting Opus files.& j. }. R) p  I0 \. U, u3 @
Added a Mix All Layers check box in the Sample window. Select the check box to view sample data for all layers as a mix, or clear the check box if you want to view sample data for each layer independently,6 I. w/ Q% x1 g+ H- f5 p
Added a Settings button to the Device tab in the Preferences dialog to allow you to configure ASIO audio devices. If you're using an ASIO audio device, click to display the ASIO Preferences dialog.
- @# j: X6 Y* `4 b+ |  [# VType a value in the Forced Sample Rate box to specify the sample rate for your device.0 U# [: G5 R6 \+ I  ]
Select the Use Preferred Buffer Size check box if you want to allow the ASIO driver to choose the buffer size. When the check box is cleared, the Buffer Size value from the Preferences dialog is used.
$ _) R$ e4 g' q* a8 f1 ]Improved audio device detection.6 x. u( W, G8 e
Improved support for high-resolution mice and and horizontal/vertical scrolling.7 F. _) U/ e! s" g5 `$ @
Improved performance for saving .wav files.' m, G# G4 x8 ~& b1 p
The Reset buttons in the Preferences dialog now reset values immediately.
* ]" C/ ~8 I; {0 QWhen exporting a 16-bit audio, SpectraLayers now prompts you to apply a dithering type for noise shaping.5 g' J0 R- d% a7 X6 U
Removed support for exporting to Windows Media Audio format.- m' y! \5 M9 Y) D
Added Edit > Reinterpret Project to allow you to change the project's sample rate and number of channels without resampling or remixing the project.
  r% k/ w+ d' i- pYou can now click a blank area of the Channels panel to select all channels.$ j8 H0 b/ E/ Y( w: T1 O% T- z* J
Fixed a bug that could cause SpectraLayers to crash after importing a file on some Windows computers.
* i$ Q0 o( h8 ?Fixed a bug that could cause SpectraLayers to crash when double-clicking a layer to rename it.
, ]: X4 a% n7 N" t# @* nFixed a bug that could cause SpectraLayers to crash if no audio device was available.9 O  J& ^; K: u
Fixed a bug that could distort the Display tab after resizing the Preferences dialog.
3 m) ^4 W5 J5 i+ s+ R# }& aFixed a bug that prevented the Sampler and Graph tools from using the Level Multiplier setting.4 d8 I; l( p/ Q8 t, I
Fixed an opacity bug when using the Eraser and Dodge tools.
2 J. N9 {3 \+ e: d/ E5 A- h/ jFixed a bug that prevented the Scale and Move tools from updating correctly when multiple operations were applied." }( ?$ T- I7 t* b+ s. Q
  {. Y: ]" X/ R
: s& c. U- m4 w0 y7 w) A6 i
% ^* Q9 r3 H% B6 A' v6 }- J
' ~3 o) \1 ~, c) Z
  N) ^0 V; O7 [' O  }5 y5 C1 r1 R9 M n5 C' {4 _' ~; |7 z) Q
% a" w$ }1 v  r- q7 q9 D1 z




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