Digital Film Tools: Rays v2.0v3

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Program Name: DFT Rays v2.0v37 v# P6 b" F" q1 g1 Y* C0 S& ]
Program Type: Photo/Video Plug-in
! e0 K: E: T. O& F8 M% JHomepage:
& v2 U+ ^# Z% k. b# s- d% xRelease Date: 1/30/2015
0 R  e- @8 Z3 v+ Y0 b) vInterface Language: English
. @: T3 |4 O4 k9 Z3 bPlatform: Win64
3 y# C0 C5 o# c0 d, [! K5 SFile Size: 37.2 Mb
7 g9 ]+ I7 {! Y
2 I- K/ _9 q0 A2 BDigital Film Tools: Rays - Create stunning and realistic light ray effects quickly and easily. Known as volumetric lighting in computer graphics or crepuscular rays in atmospheric optics, this dramatic effect adds polish and style. 2 `$ O8 Y$ d  K, ~9 _- e$ a
' W3 h) m" @; X9 u
Since the rays are only added to highlight areas, they have the effect of passing through objects and add a third dimensional quality. Add shafts of light streaming through clouds, rays filtering through a forest canopy, beams of light on a foggy night or rays shooting out from text. Rays adds a striking and dramatic quality to any image.3 a  }6 f& x! r, q' ]0 g0 g# Y+ `6 N; s
3 Q; L4 L- }( M2 B- ~3 ^' ~' C
Features:( ^' a. O8 R) E: f/ y1 j: n. e
- Set the ray length and brightness' t. |( _) E" Y5 ^, I
- Control ray direction with an on-screen control( Y0 S9 D) l% {
- Customize the color of the rays using a color picker8 Y, Z2 M% ?8 _5 {5 y
- Threshold control to specify where the rays will be visible
1 b7 u: [" l1 G3 G- Add your own light source to generate rays
  c  r! H" \& w+ G0 D9 n0 [) J- Randomize the rays$ n3 s% a# g/ R3 X6 P" a5 e
- Add texture inside the rays for a more natural and organic look
; u% K5 ]# l; q7 }# p+ v8 O9 P- Modify settings with sliders
( x# f6 d2 g7 K  C, i4 }- Sophisticated but easy to use masking tools (Photo plug-in version only)
  F, B2 p. F8 H1 H# w- t7 c0 j2 Z- Layering system for multiple film stock application (Photo plug-in version only)8 b% k% {! u" J4 ]8 ^0 Z
- Modify settings with sliders1 l* A1 K4 @1 s. C  S
: [5 w- F+ N: I, ~& s
Requirements:! i  [) h8 h7 Y8 U* `! Q
- Windows Vista, 7, 8 (64 bit)
: B6 l3 {* i$ L8 i# g5 `- Photoshop CS5 and up (64 Bit Only)
; n8 g5 ~- l" l7 L' u/ ~- Photoshop Elements 13 and up (Non-app store version), K. E; B5 b/ N' E3 U
- Photoshop Lightroom 3 and up/ E" w6 s) g4 S! b- n0 c+ z) @! l
- After Effects CS5 and up6 N2 C+ Y" j6 M$ s! I; N
- Premiere Pro CS5 and up* w9 L1 C0 Z* U+ T
- Avid Editing Systems (64 Bit only), d6 b0 |& U/ w/ }- m. L8 O
- Assimilate Scratch v8 and up$ O3 u; p( n+ C2 e" Y/ D
- Black Magic Resolve v11 and up3 C4 w6 e+ m+ j$ |! a
- Sony Vegas v13 and up
5 u, b; n/ s1 i2 K- The Foundry's Nuke v8 and up
0 i$ f& L( g! |) s0 \VERSION 2.0V3 RELEASED 1/30/2015Bug Fixes
    ! `6 a+ t. h) ^" G$ T- x
  • Delete Layer
    8 ^8 s8 X. \9 `You can now Delete a layer when multiple layers are present.
  • Nuke Plug-in Naming* a2 h8 X4 i- V3 b+ J% _( ?$ W
    Added prefixes to the plug-in names so as to not create conflicts with Nuke's internal node naming.$ h7 X, f  m/ f, I  z% V# S( c

: J4 T1 d" {/ l. g* G/ K9 _- V. bVERSION 2.0V2 RELEASED 12/03/2014Bug Fixes
    # t; B9 R0 e3 D$ k
  • gputool Not Signed on Mac% r' K9 w% i' b7 _* B; P0 i
    The gputool was not signed on Mac.
  • gputool Settings Not Working Correctly6 |4 N# V" g# W; {
    The gputool's settings were not overriding the preferences set in the photo and video/film plug-ins.
  • Mac Pro Dual D700 FCPX Issue
    , t. O! E$ [( ~+ l- S1 Y& Y$ @GPU acceleration was not working properly on Mac Pro Dual D700 graphics cards in FCPX.
  • Windows Installer - Check for OpenCL
    8 P, Z4 B  G) ^! w, H# \4 }The Windows installer now checks for OpenCL before installation.3 `: _% f# S9 M$ I+ S
VERSION 2.0 RELEASED 11/09/2014
    + {+ A9 m1 k& W, }3 J7 Q% F+ I
  • Light Source" t4 F* ?- z* E' G7 D) f
    A circular light source can now be used to enhance the generation of the light rays. It is particularly useful when the image does not have strong highlights.
  • Texture7 i6 k; b) {* S& O8 d  e* D9 m
    Texture can be added to create more natural and organic rays.
  • Blur
    / r5 N$ b% i- ~The rays can be blurred.
  • Layers and Masking3 S  n! V' h: e" k
    Photo plug-in hosts now have layering and masking. Mask types include: Gradient, Spot, Path, Snap, EZ Mask, Selection and Paint.
  • OFX Host Support
    # N- S/ j. N1 cThe OFX plug-in format is now supported making it compatible with digital intermediate programs Assimilate Scratch and Blackmagic Design Davinci Resolve, the Foundry's Nuke compositing software and the Sony Vegas non-linear editing system.
  • Retina Display Support
    + u( t% t% ~2 s7 }7 u! }" P. TSupport for Mac Retina displays has been added.
  • User Interface - New Preview Size+ f: t6 `( S, f/ z, n3 b& J. W$ X2 P
    A 4096 pixel size was added to the Film Stocks user interface Preview Size preference. Images can be now be previewed at 1024, 2048 and 4096 pixels.
    1 W3 X* {/ [0 D! |/ t/ w$ b
7 I) _( {; v+ C: N7 Q) ~

" T5 H# N  {% O  x% A
( t+ E) }0 S2 F# xDownload:
* L# N- c5 {$ M5 }) XRays-
, ~% I4 D  o9 h. i: aRays-' v) e8 r/ S; v: I* f
: R+ W' n' u  A8 {Rays-2.0v3.CE.exe, {! m; y4 q  ^* l5 \

; q7 @) l& k( w




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