Sony SpectraLayers Pro v2.1 Build 32 (Win/Mac)

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Program Name: Sony SpectraLayers Pro v2.1 Build 32
) }$ x2 v) o3 I; ^  y( GProgram Type: Advanced Audio Spectrum Editor( s& r; ?8 H9 i1 n( m5 t6 d7 i0 g
Developer: DIVIDE FRAME | Sony Creative Software Inc.
2 W8 s' ~+ E3 i4 f6 [+ ?Homepage:
! Y' h2 I( t% rRelease Date: 21.03.2014/ F9 N9 L% y+ T
Interface Language: English0 a( C/ L4 Q9 N* B  ]1 o" D8 K* P
Platform: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1
' G& k" c+ r7 p# iFile Size: 59.97Mb
) W. Q( D1 ]+ m9 |2 D5 p$ W& F: R
SpectraLayers Pro is an extraordinary audio editing platform that features unprecedented sound shaping capabilities combined with a truly unique workflow. Explore audio data on a multidimensional spectral display that reveals time and frequency events in astonishing detail. Reach into and operate directly on spectra using a wide variety of smart editing tools. Unmix audio files into discrete component layers and then process them in isolation, performing time and pitch changes, signal and effects processing with VST plug-ins, ultra-precise error and artifact removal, re-channelization, noise reduction, and much more. SpectraLayers Pro is an essential tool for audio mastering engineers, sound designers, audio-for-video producers, archivists, and professionals who demand the deepest audio analysis tools.' H- Z# L7 Q$ }/ p

2 N) R: e9 s4 k! u" b! L2 E! jSpectraLayers Pro redefines what can be accomplished in the professional audio editor’s suite, bringing today’s most advanced editing tools to an eminently affordable and approachable platform—available for Mac and PC.
7 ^/ f- t% f, @! d- F! K4 C
: u) H3 n/ R- D) k+ s7 zExtreme Audio Editing
! }$ L. Z7 X& f% |: ]7 m% H/ V• Divide audio fi les into discrete, user-defi ned layers that can be processed independently and reintegrated to achieve perfect master files.# ]/ T8 Q  r* I! a  P! f- m
• Remove unwanted noises and artifacts with ease while leaving surrounding audio data completely intact.7 X; @! g3 V! b
• Separate music and dialogue into individual component layers.
# U' ~$ C# @; C" C; O9 `• Perform pitch correction on user-selected components of an audio file.. l# A/ h$ \  ?! x5 K, q$ y) Q5 J
• Employ SpectraLayers Pro in audio mastering, sound design, analysis, and forensics tasks.) j$ v5 _& R2 U! D$ B9 \3 z& P
• All tools are modifiable using a wide range of user-definable sensitivities and tolerances.
! {) x" \$ U/ C* y! L) T0 S9 f8 u$ h8 g9 N9 \% X
Extraction Tools
1 P0 D) G1 d3 E& Y2 U, aExtract audio into independent layers using intelligent, programmable tools:
0 X& z3 i. Z* i0 S6 v; R• Area—select any audio for transfer from directly within the spectrum graph
2 K4 t8 ^  _1 u• Frequency—track frequencies and transfer them directly to selected layers
# _" D9 }0 D+ t0 g• Harmonics—seek and select harmonics in user-defined amounts and orders# d5 x! u6 D# Y4 z- Z
, q1 B! g, A  V! ]* O" _
Modification Tools% T4 m/ z( k+ D# z! o
• Operate directly on waveform spectra to perform precise, creative edits with tools like Amplify, Clone, and Erase.
; n( D. ~- ?- ?5 ~* x  g9 G; p6 r9 a$ W5 Z' k& ^
Creation Tools
! u3 h/ J1 l, g& Q; i• Use the Frequency and Noise tools to create sound directly in the SpectraLayers Pro interface.* O% R" V! k9 J* a
+ t" j' D. v& k9 c
Fidelity/Flexibility; ]5 M  v: y* v
• 32-bit 96 kHz capable." ^9 x9 v! @, E( V
• SpectraLayers Pro provides seamless file transfer to Sound Forge Pro and other audio editing programs.
- p9 f5 _5 B. P+ y" \6 X# |( ^/ _  I  f; P! ]
Tutorials >>
" @6 G1 u3 V) }/ N+ }. e( n; ?9 ?0 M$ q
Supported File Formats4 t6 x* S4 v: [! p4 \# R7 m
/ b5 r+ j8 Z: G8 s; {; J+ f& t4 IAAC, AIFF, Apple Core Audio Format (.caf), Apple Lossless (.alac), FLAC, MP3, RAW/PCM, Real Media (.rm), Sun (.au, .snd), Video (AVI, MXF, MP1, MP2, MP4, MKV, Quicktime, .vob, .wmv), Ogg Vorbis, Wave, WMA) Z2 F  h3 m2 j  ^+ r' U4 K
' y' L6 T+ h! o1 j0 l4 BAAC - 256kbps, AIFF - 24-bit PCM, Apple Core Audio Format (.caf), Apple Lossless (.alac), FLAC, MP3 - 320kbps, Wave - 24-bit, Wave - 32-bit, RAW/PCM 32-bit, Ogg Vorbis - 320kbps, WMA! Z& A9 W$ s" _8 Y7 y

$ Z1 u- h7 y+ C. wWhat's new in build 32:
$ ^$ K2 d  k, C- Added support for reverb removal., v' b2 C! ], i# X1 J( y5 @
- Improved Graph tool: you can now choose from horizontal or vertical layout, display markers, and press +/- to change the vertical scale of the graph.
# t. K7 v4 A( P- When using the Extract Noise tool, you can now choose whether to extract the signal or noise.& ]/ U- h9 T' E* c. c1 l( o8 \; P
- Fixed a bug that prevent Edit in SpectraLayers Pro from working with some files that were edited in Sound Forge Pro 11./ ^3 N  e0 }( w# _' `2 B

: I& n7 Q0 q) O5 f' nSystem requirements
/ x, |% W4 r6 \% W, u* ~; a* K" |- e- Microsoft Windows Vista 32-bit or 64-bit SP2, Windows 7 32-bit or 64-bit SP1, Windows 8 32-bit or 64-bit, or Windows 8.1 32-bit or 64-bit6 z; s" W- n/ b) K9 ~, K2 R
- Intel/AMD dual core processor (quad core recommended)
+ m: z6 C/ W' e; ?' g( m- OpenGL 2.1 compatible graphics card with 256MB9 O3 a3 a" Z5 }
- 1280x720 display resolution# s4 J1 I1 [; }
- Windows compatible audio hardware
, H- Q$ g# v$ r; `. Z0 D2 ^/ y- 2 GB RAM6 P5 `3 M" ]0 F+ e4 l& T
- 2 GB of free hard disk space (for temporary files)+ s# R$ C+ e6 W% `5 A  B

# w1 p0 H; q: o1 Y. m/ M0 V# I. C
" K; S, N! C! G  y
# U& [! ~7 ^: dDownload:
$ ~- V) l1 `3 K8 fsoundforgepromac2.0.1.190.dmg( q  N/ N" L& W9 H
+ L+ w3 [2 o: E( d: c5 N3 v0 O5 P6 sspectralayerspro2.1.32.exe" r! W+ b& X: u. y0 q5 q




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